High School Never Ends

Or at least that’s how one of my favorite bands, Bowling for Soup, put it.

But really, does high school really last forever? Are you still going to be looked in the future the same way you were in high school Who knows? But this question still lingers in my mind. Who do I want to be in high school? How do I want to leave my mark at that school?

The answer for me is simple: I want to be myself.

The truth is, I’ve worried about fitting in before, but now I have reached the point of not caring about what others think of me. If they like me, that’s great, if they don’t, that’s on them. Everyone is different. I’m not going to hate someone just because everyone else does. I have made that mistake before, and I won’t make it again. I’m going to take the time to know the person before judgement.

I’ve learned a lot about life over the past two years, and I’ll sum it up. Reality is scary. People aren’t always who you think they are. People hurt other people because they can. But there’s people who are ones to lend a helping hand, and help build your true character. I’ve been lucky enough to know a handful of those people, in real life and online, but I want that to be part of me. I want that to be part of who I am, and I’m trying to work on it.

So, if high school in fact does never end, at least I will be seen for who I am, and who I aspire to be. Fangirl, writer, lover (of a lot of things), future teacher, and just me.

Because that’s all I ever want to be. And so should you. Forget the haters, you being you is the best thing you can be.



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