The Story of This Blog

‘Ello! A long time ago (maybe not that long), I (Jenny) made this blog called creativeynnej. But the blog started to get kinda lonely, since I started blogging elsewhere.

At that time, I was also really interested in the Warriors series, by Erin Hunter. So I gathered up a few friends of mine: Amulya, along with Paperclip and Lily. With the four of us, we started a Warriors role-play. Eventually, Lily stopped because she hadn’t read the Warriors series yet. (She still posted once in a while.) It was fun, but a phase is a phase. It lasted for a while, and in that while it was fun. But everything  goes on, whether you like it or not.

Shortly after, I decided that I had gotten used to the idea of sharing this particular blog with people. So now, it’s a best friend blog. Welcome to Partners in Crime, two fangirls and a laptop.





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