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Hey Kenzie, Amulya tagged us to do a 4th of July tag but we haven’t done it yet and it’s been a month, almost. Haha, I did mine first so I think that means I win here. XD Also, you still haven’t updated your about me page. *pointed look*


1. What do you think of when you think of the Fourth of July?
The Declaration of Independence getting signed, ‘MURICA FREEDOM WHOO, and fireworks.

2. Do you have any special Fourth of July traditions?

I watch the fireworks from my house and manically take pictures.

3. Do you watch any of the Fourth of July programs on TV?

No, bruh.

4. What does the 4th of July mean to you/what do you think of it?

Let’s reiterate: ‘MURICA FREEDOM WHOO.

5. Any Fourth of July/Patriotic songs that stand out to you?
The Star Spangled Banner.

6. What is your favorite type of firework?
Two types: the one that looks like a gold weeping willow, and the one that makes the weird bird-getting-sucked-into-a-vacuum noises that are gold and swirly.

7. Do you think people should continue the custom of fireworks on the Fourth of July even though fireworks can have negative impacts on the environment?
As of now, no. Because ‘MURICA FREEDOM WHOO. But maybe in the future when all of us pesky humans finally realize that we’re treating the Earth horribly, there will be some sort of technology that will still allow us to view fireworks without having to damage our Earth even further than it already is.

8. What do you/your family usually do on the Fourth of July?
Go shopping, eat food at some restaurant, and watch the fireworks.

9. Have you owned any Fourth of July themed accessories or clothes before?
I wore this red shirt with the American flag on it once when I was a kid, but that was when I was unstylish and didn’t care about aesthetics or fashion.

10. Who do you tag?
Anyone who still wants to do this long overdue tag.


It’s your turn, Kenzie.


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In which Jenny learns from her past mistakes.

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Yay for legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states! It’s a good step forward, America. [Check out Kenzie’s post all about that here.]

I wrote a post a few months ago here. It was about how I couldn’t stop thinking about Mint (code-name for one of my ex-crushes) because we didn’t have any classes together in high school. I thought that it was such a big deal. But now that freshman year is finally over, I’ve realized something: I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ANYMORE. Honestly, all feelings that I had in middle school just disappeared. I think that’s a valuable lesson we can all learn from: feelings change. As we grow up, we mature and begin to realize how childish and irrational ex-crushes are, and we move on! I’ve come to realize that I wasted two-thirds of my lowly middle school life liking some douchebag [& other names that are not very pleasant] who wasn’t even worth my time. Something I can tell Kenzie’s grandkids about. XD All in all, don’t make the same mistake I made. Instead, focus on yourself, your friends, your hobbies, and your grades. [Be grateful I put my life experiences on this blog so you guys can learn from my mistakes. …Wow, in a way, I’m kind of like Dan Howell from danisnotonfire on YouTube, I guess. O.O *cue Reasons Why Dan’s a Fail music*]

Eat some celebratory Nutella,


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let’s begin again.

Hey, Kenzie! Long time no write. Hopefully you’ll be able to view this post…Sometime…If you ever get the notification…

A lot of things have changed since…a year? I forget. But obviously, it won’t seem like a lot for you since I see you practically every day. Anyway, I hope we’ll be able to continue this blogging collaboration.

It’ll be fun.


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In which Jenny writes a note to herself and hopefully if you’re having the same problem you can learn from this too.

because of course you know there isn’t a happy is a bittersweet ending.

(Don’t judge me on the pictures, I’m a hipster and I was tempted. When I want to post hipster pictures, I post hipster pictures. XD)

In relation to Kenzie’s post, I’m gonna be talking about high school. Just a quick one, though. Because I am having difficulties right now…About what, you say? Schedules. I’m trying to keep my thoughts away from Mint (we’re calling him that) but it’s not working. And we don’t have any classes together, although I’ll see him during passing time from photography.

Now you’re gonna learn from my mistakes, ladies and gentlemen: please don’t freak out whether you have one class, all classes, or none with someone you like in high school, or your best friend, or your worst enemy. Because the possibility is that you’ll only talk to him a few times, ’cause you’ll have other awesome & amazing friends to hang out with! You’ll also (hopefully) make new friends, so please calm down.

Okay, to be honest I’m writing this post just so I can calm myself down because I was seriously freaking out…I still kind of am. XD

That’s all I have to say.

a part of me is slowly crumbling away, because i’m the tea cookie and he’s the tea.


Getting Things Done vs. Procrastination

Before, when I was about 12 or 13, I was big on procrastination. I would put something off until two days before it was due, or I’d not buy a certain necessity until I felt like buying it. (But that was mainly because I have a really bad memory, and it still happens sometimes but it’s getting better.)

Now, since I’m more mature and I’m old enough to understand the importance of getting things done, I want to perhaps educate people (not naming any names here, even though you’re my best friend) who may still have the tendency to procrastinate.

There’s a feeling that you get when you get something done. It’s called accomplishment. You feel good about yourself, and once you finish something, you can take a step back and admire the work you’ve done. It’s great.

Procrastination…You may be having fun first, but in the end you’ll still have to do the hard work. I think that’s worse. Why not get something done first so you don’t have to worry about it later on, instead of saving it for last?

I’m not saying that I don’t procrastinate anymore. I still do sometimes. But it’s a much better thing to get something done than let it sit around until the last day. You’ll feel much better, trust me.


Welcome to Partners in Crime

Introducing a collaboration blog between me and my very best friend, Kenzie! We’ll be fangirling (both of us), writing poetry and philosophical things (Jenny), ranting about TV shows and their characters (Kenzie), and much more. There’s no telling which paths this blog will take, but we’re on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friends. (TFiOS reference)

Grab a cup of tea and scones and enjoy your stay, because it’ll be worthwhile. We promise.

~Jenny & Kenzie

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Goodbye, Paperclip & Amulya | & EXCITING NEWS!

Open! Heart


We’ve done four continuations of a Warriors roleplay, and now it is time for us to part ways. (Okay, not really. I’ll still see Amulya IRL and Paperclip on Terces. XD)

But anyway, in case people besides us actually reads this blog, we’re letting you know that they will be retiring. (Man, my word choice is really out of shape in this post. XD)

So I’ll be the only one here on this blog. (Lily’s “retiring” too, but Paperclip and Amulya were the ones who actually roleplayed.) I will be keeping the folders with our roleplays/character info/artwork to look back on in case you feel nostalgic one day. :P

Thanks for making this blog a great one, you guys! I had so much fun with all y’all and I hope you guys did, too. (:




KENZIE!!! She’s my best friend IRL (& online) So look out for a new and exciting blog (same site, just a new person and new posts) written by the two of us, coming your way in the near future! (We’re a work in progress.)


Yours truly,