In Which I Was Tagged For Something, And I Forgot To Do It Until Now: A Novel By Me [Foreword by Jenny]

Amulya tagged us to do a 4th of July tag thing, and I was unaware until today; so let’s do this really, really late thing.


1. What do you think of when you think of the Fourth of July?
America is now going to be unproblematic for 24 hours and then after that I will continue to point how how screwed up our country is.

2. Do you have any special Fourth of July traditions?

Eating a lot of food because of grilling.

3. Do you watch any of the Fourth of July programs on TV?

No, I watch Netflix.

4. What does the 4th of July mean to you/what do you think of it?

The day our country was established. Also, a very special day of playing that one game of figuring out if someone just got shot or if those were fireworks. That’s always fun. *rolls eyes*

5. Any Fourth of July/Patriotic songs that stand out to you?
The Star Spangled Banner.

6. What is your favorite type of firework?
I don’t really have a favorite.

7. Do you think people should continue the custom of fireworks on the Fourth of July even though fireworks can have negative impacts on the environment?
I personally don’t care for fireworks, but I don’t think everyone in America is gonna give that tradition up anytime soon, so…

8. What do you/your family usually do on the Fourth of July?
Stay home, have family time, eat food, etc.

9. Have you owned any Fourth of July themed accessories or clothes before?
Does a shirt that says USA on it count? Other than that, no.

10. Who do you tag?
No one.


It’s done, Jenny.


#lovewins: A Post About Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

I finally remembered how to get back on here. Score one for me. Now, let’s dive in.

THE SUPREME COURT DID AN AWESOME THING. Today, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is constitutional. This resulted in it being made legal that states can no longer ban gay marriage in the US.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re dancing in your room to Tegan and Sara, while wearing plaid, and throwing glitter and rainbows all over the place. Okay, maybe not. Probably not. I’m not even doing half of that. But there’s no denying that this is huge.

The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting for this for years, and now it’s here. Some people, they aren’t that happy about the situation (glaring in Scott Walker’s direction, with side eye), but that doesn’t stop the community from celebrating. We finally did it.

But, it’s also important to remember those who didn’t live to see today. The teenagers and adults that now lie six feet under and never got to see their dreams come true. Those who were treated so miserably that they didn’t hold on long enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But we have not reached the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re just much closer than we were before yesterday. We still have a fight to battle. We still have much to do. We still are yearning for the days where being a part of the LGBTQ+ community is just as important as being heterosexual. Where we don’t get shamed for being who we are. Where people of all varieties are seen, heard, represented, taken care of, and find happiness; instead of worrying about how being themselves may ruin the life they have ahead of them.

But we won. We got a line in the tally marks. But we’re going all or nothing. It’s not over. No, it’s just begun.

Happy last days of Pride Month, America. And for those LGBTQ+ community members, throw your rainbow flags in the air and celebrate for everyone. Show us your pride. : )

Kenzie (aka: a proud LGBTQ+ community member)

High School Never Ends

Or at least that’s how one of my favorite bands, Bowling for Soup, put it.

But really, does high school really last forever? Are you still going to be looked in the future the same way you were in high school Who knows? But this question still lingers in my mind. Who do I want to be in high school? How do I want to leave my mark at that school?

The answer for me is simple: I want to be myself.

The truth is, I’ve worried about fitting in before, but now I have reached the point of not caring about what others think of me. If they like me, that’s great, if they don’t, that’s on them. Everyone is different. I’m not going to hate someone just because everyone else does. I have made that mistake before, and I won’t make it again. I’m going to take the time to know the person before judgement.

I’ve learned a lot about life over the past two years, and I’ll sum it up. Reality is scary. People aren’t always who you think they are. People hurt other people because they can. But there’s people who are ones to lend a helping hand, and help build your true character. I’ve been lucky enough to know a handful of those people, in real life and online, but I want that to be part of me. I want that to be part of who I am, and I’m trying to work on it.

So, if high school in fact does never end, at least I will be seen for who I am, and who I aspire to be. Fangirl, writer, lover (of a lot of things), future teacher, and just me.

Because that’s all I ever want to be. And so should you. Forget the haters, you being you is the best thing you can be.


Hello Everyone!

Hello guys, it’s the newest member of this blog, Kenzie.

It’s about time I made a post telling you about myself. While jamming out to the Arctic Monkeys.

I’m a major fangirl, I enjoy things like shipping, writing, music, procrastination, YouTubers and a ton of celebs.

I love all my wonderful friends (especially Jenny) and I’m going to be a high school freshman this year, so life is getting pretty awesome. My favourite subjects are anything involving technology, choir, and English. I’m not very athletic, and instead of joining a sport I’m going to join drama club instead. I think I forgot to mention I love acting in all forms, and the theatre. More than most things, actually. One of my life dreams is to to go Comic Con San Diego, so I hope I can make that dream come true.

Overall, I’m just a weird fangirl who tends to ramble too much, unless I start being really weird and not talking at all, because anxiety. Whoopsie.

I’m not very good at introducing myself, so I guess that’s all for now.  If you’re curious for more, here’s my personal blog.

I promise I will be better at posting things, I swear.

Until next time lovelies,