About Kenzie

All you need to know:

15 | United States | Female | Complete Dork

I spend too much time on the internet, watching TV (Netflix is bae), ranting about fictional characters, accidentally making dirty humor, somewhat foul mouthed, eating nutella, craving Pizza, jamming to alternate rock music, and laughing at my own jokes.

Feminist, LGTBQ+ community member and mini-activist. Does not tolerate racism, sexism, homo/trans/religion-based/ phobias. #blacklivesmater. Mixed race, (cis) female, has anxiety and an unknown from of depression (TBD), and an aspiring filmmaker/producer/writer/director (in an indie film, television or webseries based portion of the industry, not the huge brand-name movie companies.) in the making. Other than that, I’m kinda just here. I hope you enjoy my existence.


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