Getting Things Done vs. Procrastination

Before, when I was about 12 or 13, I was big on procrastination. I would put something off until two days before it was due, or I’d not buy a certain necessity until I felt like buying it. (But that was mainly because I have a really bad memory, and it still happens sometimes but it’s getting better.)

Now, since I’m more mature and I’m old enough to understand the importance of getting things done, I want to perhaps educate people (not naming any names here, even though you’re my best friend) who may still have the tendency to procrastinate.

There’s a feeling that you get when you get something done. It’s called accomplishment. You feel good about yourself, and once you finish something, you can take a step back and admire the work you’ve done. It’s great.

Procrastination…You may be having fun first, but in the end you’ll still have to do the hard work. I think that’s worse. Why not get something done first so you don’t have to worry about it later on, instead of saving it for last?

I’m not saying that I don’t procrastinate anymore. I still do sometimes. But it’s a much better thing to get something done than let it sit around until the last day. You’ll feel much better, trust me.



Hello Everyone!

Hello guys, it’s the newest member of this blog, Kenzie.

It’s about time I made a post telling you about myself. While jamming out to the Arctic Monkeys.

I’m a major fangirl, I enjoy things like shipping, writing, music, procrastination, YouTubers and a ton of celebs.

I love all my wonderful friends (especially Jenny) and I’m going to be a high school freshman this year, so life is getting pretty awesome. My favourite subjects are anything involving technology, choir, and English. I’m not very athletic, and instead of joining a sport I’m going to join drama club instead. I think I forgot to mention I love acting in all forms, and the theatre. More than most things, actually. One of my life dreams is to to go Comic Con San Diego, so I hope I can make that dream come true.

Overall, I’m just a weird fangirl who tends to ramble too much, unless I start being really weird and not talking at all, because anxiety. Whoopsie.

I’m not very good at introducing myself, so I guess that’s all for now.  If you’re curious for more, here’s my personal blog.

I promise I will be better at posting things, I swear.

Until next time lovelies,


Welcome to Partners in Crime

Introducing a collaboration blog between me and my very best friend, Kenzie! We’ll be fangirling (both of us), writing poetry and philosophical things (Jenny), ranting about TV shows and their characters (Kenzie), and much more. There’s no telling which paths this blog will take, but we’re on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friends. (TFiOS reference)

Grab a cup of tea and scones and enjoy your stay, because it’ll be worthwhile. We promise.

~Jenny & Kenzie

post written by jenny

Goodbye, Paperclip & Amulya | & EXCITING NEWS!

Open! Heart


We’ve done four continuations of a Warriors roleplay, and now it is time for us to part ways. (Okay, not really. I’ll still see Amulya IRL and Paperclip on Terces. XD)

But anyway, in case people besides us actually reads this blog, we’re letting you know that they will be retiring. (Man, my word choice is really out of shape in this post. XD)

So I’ll be the only one here on this blog. (Lily’s “retiring” too, but Paperclip and Amulya were the ones who actually roleplayed.) I will be keeping the folders with our roleplays/character info/artwork to look back on in case you feel nostalgic one day. :P

Thanks for making this blog a great one, you guys! I had so much fun with all y’all and I hope you guys did, too. (:




KENZIE!!! She’s my best friend IRL (& online) So look out for a new and exciting blog (same site, just a new person and new posts) written by the two of us, coming your way in the near future! (We’re a work in progress.)


Yours truly,


Change of Appearance

Hi everyone, I kind of forgot about the role-play, and I have decided to make more of an effort to participate.

I feel that I have to start clean, because I don’t think that I am completely satisfied with my character’s appearance and personality. Therefore, I am going to change it. I can do that, right?

Hawkheart will look like this from now on:



I think the only thing which I will add to her personality would be that she is confident.




YO, I was thinking of relaunching this blog, sprucing it up a bit, adding effects, posting more, recruiting new people, making it nice and shiny…So we can all be more active. These are my plans:


1. Paperclip, if you want to post a notice on Terces, that’d be great.

2. I can perhaps look for a new blog design, and edit all the pages.

3. Amulya, you can think of ideas and post about them.


We can still continue the Warriors Roleplay, but if we added more roleplays on different fandoms, I think that’d be much cooler, and have more variety. You don’t necessarily have to participate in all of the roleplays, obviously, but I think that that way, everyone could fit in.


Do you guys think this is a good idea, or not?



Spindle’s End

Long time no post, hm?

Well, it seems I have taken the first post of the year 2014.

Happy new year, everybody!

So there’s this book I’m reading called Spindle’s End. It’s a re-telling of sleeping beauty, and it’s by Robin McKinley, who also wrote Beauty, a re-telling of Beauty and the beast.

 It’s so awesome, and not like, typical at all.

I really like her writing, though it can be a little ramble-y sometimes- like, page long sentences and whole chapters without any speech. And I’m only exaggerating a little bit. 

But still, it’s nice.

See ya (Type ya?)