In which Jenny writes a note to herself and hopefully if you’re having the same problem you can learn from this too.

because of course you know there isn’t a happy┬áis a bittersweet ending.

(Don’t judge me on the pictures, I’m a hipster and I was tempted. When I want to post hipster pictures, I post hipster pictures. XD)

In relation to Kenzie’s post, I’m gonna be talking about high school. Just a quick one, though. Because I am having difficulties right now…About what, you say? Schedules. I’m trying to keep my thoughts away from Mint (we’re calling him that) but it’s not working. And we don’t have any classes together, although I’ll see him during passing time from photography.

Now you’re gonna learn from my mistakes, ladies and gentlemen: please don’t freak out whether you have one class, all classes, or none with someone you like in high school, or your best friend, or your worst enemy. Because the possibility is that you’ll only talk to him a few times, ’cause you’ll have other awesome & amazing friends to hang out with! You’ll also (hopefully) make new friends, so please calm down.

Okay, to be honest I’m writing this post just so I can calm myself down because I was seriously freaking out…I still kind of am. XD

That’s all I have to say.

a part of me is slowly crumbling away, because i’m the tea cookie and he’s the tea.