let’s begin again.

Hey, Kenzie! Long time no write. Hopefully you’ll be able to view this post…Sometime…If you ever get the notification…

A lot of things have changed since…a year? I forget. But obviously, it won’t seem like a lot for you since I see you practically every day. Anyway, I hope we’ll be able to continue this blogging collaboration.

It’ll be fun.


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Posting Schedule

Hey guys! I know we haven’t posted in a long time, but I just wanted to ask: Should we remove the posting schedule? I mean, it isn’t much use, and I think we should be able to post whenever we want. The more posts we have, the more active we’ll be and the less boring this blog will get.




As you may have noticed, I have changed some things about this blog. The tagline, the pages (I even added a Warriors Artwork page!), etcetera. (I also decided to get rid of the fresh-kill page in the drafts because let’s face it: Wasn’t much of a help now, was it?)

By the way, have any of you seen the Catching Fire teaser trailer? I’ve seen it like, five times already. It’s awesome: Very dramatic. I am no longer going to hide my opinions: I actually think the Hunger Games trilogy is pretty good.

DFTBA and modest,