Role-Play #1

Here’s the role-play! Please, let’s try not to mess this up!

We’re all in different clans, so when you add something, please write something like: Meanwhile at Riverclan… or Riverclan: or At Riverclan… and so on.



So have fun! If you have any questions, please write then in ( )!!!





I will be starting now:

At Riverclan….

Bramblenose was running away from something…something big. It was charging toward her; whatever it was, Bramblenose was frightened and ran faster.

Suddenly, the monster spoke, “Bramblenose! Bramblenose!”

Bramblenose was startled that the monster even knew her name.

The monster spoke again, this time with more urgency, “Bramblenose! Bramblenose, wake up!”

“Huh?”, Bramblenose said, turning around to face…Silverpool?

“Bramblenose! Finally! You slept like a kit! It took me a long time to wake you, plus you were moving your paws everywhere!”, Silverpool exclaimed.

“Oh…it’s you, Silverpool. I was uh…dreaming”, Bramblenose said sheepishly.

“‘Bout what?”, Silverpool said excitedly.

“Nothing…”, Bramblenose shook her head, as if trying to shake her dream away…


Now it’s your turn to add to the story! But remember, you’re controlling your clan, not mine!

Oh, and sorry if my writing is not written good. I tried. :)


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  1. Mean while in Shadow Clan,

    Hawkheart gathered her strength in her hind quarters and fixed her eyes on the mouse. It was a chilly evening, and Hawkheart had decided to go hunting for a little while. She pounced on the rodent and gave it the killing bite with a swift nip to the back of it’s neck. Hawkheart padded back to the place where she had buried the other two mice she had caught and briskly dug them up. Feeling satisfied with the prey she had caught, she padded back to camp with the three mice dangling from her jaws. As she entered the camp a horde of kits leaped on her and playfully swiped at her legs. Hawkheart purred and shook them off.

    Dawn kit, the smallest, squealed, ” I want that gigantic mouse!”

    Hawkheart replied warmly, “alright, here you go!” and dropped the mouse in front of the little cat’s paws. Dawnkit hungrily wolfed it down.
    She picked up the remaining mice she had caught and dropped them onto the fresh-kill pile.

    (Is this long enough Jenny?)

    • Back at Riverclan,

      “Okay…” Silverpool answered Bramblenose, giving Bramblenose one last worried glance.

      “Come on, let’s go hunting! I bet Whitetail is already out there in the trees with Branchpelt!” Bramblenose exclaimed cheerfully as if nothing happened.
      Silverpool padded after her friend and out of the camp.

      “Hey Whitetail!” Bramblenose called out, seeing his white tail dangling from a pine tree.

      “Oh, hi Bramblenose and Silverpool!” Whitetail called back, seeing his two friends waiting beside the tree.
      “Hold on, let me climb down…” Whitetail said, already half way down the tree.

      Branchpelt gave both of them a friendly nod and climbed down after Whitetail. “What are you two doing here?” he asked playfully to Silverpool and Bramblenose.

      “Oh, is this area only for you two?” Silverpool said sarcastically, her eyes widening.

      The four cats meowed with laughter as they padded over to where they always met, by the stream.

      “When are you gonna teach me how to climb trees as well as you two?” Bramblenose asked Branchpelt and Whitetail.
      As she was speaking, she saw a water vole out the corner of her eye. Without warning, she stopped speaking and watched the vole. Quick as a flash, Bramblenose caught the vole and brought it back with her eyes shining proudly.

      “When are you gonna teach me how to hunt as well as you?”, they said back…

      (Yes, good!)

  2. In Shadow Clan,

    “Moonpaw! Get down here at once,!” Hawkheart called to her adventurous apprentice who was swaying on a branch of an oak dangerously high.
    “Can I PLEASE try to climb up to that branch?” Moonpaw pointed her muzzle up to a thick branch a few fox lengths above her head.
    “Fine!” Hawkheart called back. “But your mother will not be happy with this if she find out!” Moonpaw dug her claws into the bark and heaved herself up the tree. As she reached with her fore paw to pull herself up onto the branch, her hind paws gave in. With a shriek, Moonpaw managed to grab a hold of the branch. She hung on for her life, dangling from a branch.
    “Moonpaw! I’m coming for you! Just hold on!” Hawkheart yelled from below.
    As fast as lightning, Hawkheart bounded up the trunk with her heart pounding.~I will not let her fall~ She thought to herself. Hawkheart kept clawing up the tree until she was a tail length underneath the apprentice.
    “Moonpaw?” she gently called.
    “I’m slipping! Hawkheart!!!! Help!” she wailed.
    Hawkheart started frantically climbing up toward the apprentice, but suddenly Moonpaws fore paws gave in and she plummeted from the branch.
    “NOOOO!” Hawkheart let out a yowl and miraculously caught the cat in her scruff with her jaws. Hawkheart skillfully leaped down to a safer branch with her muscles struggling with the weight of the apprentice. She carefully set Moonpaw down on the branch.
    “Hawkheart!” she gasped. “you saved my life! H-how did you do that?” she stammered.
    “it was all just instinct, Moonpaw” Hawkheart replied. “let’s get you back to camp. I think we’ve had enough training for today. But don’t even think about doing that again!”
    “Definitely” Moonpaw breathed. Her eyes piercing green eyes were still glazed with fear.
    “Littlecloud will give you some poppy seeds, to make you feel better” Hawkheart said.
    Hawkheart nudged her apprentice gently and the two she cats carefully descended down the oak. When they returned they told everyone what happened, and luckily Moonpaw wasn’t punished for her foolish blunder of not listening to her mentor the first time. The fresh kill pile was small, now that everyone had eaten. All that remained were a 2 shrews, a vole and a plump squirrel.
    Blackstar said that the clan had saved them some fresh kill.

  3. Venturing into Riverclan…

    “C’mon, let’s hunt” Silverpool decided, already making her way to the water.
    Bramblenose buried her water vole and after she was done, she made her way to her favorite hunting spot. Immediately, she saw a bird pecking at the ground.
    Bramblenose dropped into the hunting crouch and waited for the right time to pounce.
    Bramblenose was about to pounce when a shadow flew over her and pounced on the bird. Her prey. Bramblenose yowled in frustration and leaped onto the intruder and began scratching the intruder’s pelt.

    “Stop, it’s me, Branchpelt!” Branchpelt cried out. Bramblenose stopped in mid-scratch and backed away, her eyes widening.
    Branchpelt shook himself and glared at Bramblenose.
    “Attacking your own deputy, I see…” Branchpelt said angrily before picking up the bird.

    “I’m…I’m sorry Branchpelt…I was only trying to hunt” Bramblenose murmured, lowering her head.
    Bramblenose heard a noise come from Branchpelt and when she looked up, she realized he was laughing.

    “That was great, Bramblenose!” Branchpelt mewed before going back laughing again.
    Relieved, Bramblenose’s eyes turned a turquoisy color again…

  4. Back at Shadow Clan,

    Hawkheart nudged her brother Rainpelt.
    “Wanna go hunting? The weathers quite pleasant” Hawkheart asked him.
    “Sure, why not? We might as well hunt since we have nothing else to do” he replied.
    Hawkheart and Rainpelt padded out of the thorn barrier into the forest. Hawheart opened her mouth to check if there was any prey around. The scent of a vole bathed her tongue.
    “Stop. I smell a vole” she said to Rainpelt.
    Hawkheart slowly padded toward toward where the scent was coming from and heard little paws skittering among the dead leaves. when she spotted the prey, she dropped into a hunters crouch and crept toward it inch by inch until sh was close enough to pounce. Gathering all her strength in her hind quarters, she leaped forward and landed with her paws squarely on the vole. She gave it a quick nip to the neck and picked it up.
    “nice catch!” Rainpelt called from behind
    “Thanks” mumbled Hawkheart through the fresh kill hanging from her jaws.
    Hawkheart quickly dug a hole and buried her prey.
    “your turn” she said.
    Rainpelt was already creeping toward a plump squirrel chewing on an acorn. The rodent was so intent on it’s nibbling that it didn’t see Rainpelt until he had landed on it.
    “nice! It never saw you coming!” Hawkheart praised.
    “thanks, Hawkheart” he replied.
    In the next twenty minutes, Hawkheart had caught 2 mice and a frog. Rainpelt had caught a mouse and 2 voles.
    “I think this is enough prey for today, don’t ya think?” said Rainpelt.
    “yes, i’m getting hungry my self!” replied Hawkheart.
    With the prey dangling from their jaws, Hawkheart and Rainpelt padded back to camp.

  5. Meanwhile at Riverclan,

    “Come on, let’s go back to camp”, Branchpelt flicked his tail, running off.
    Bramblenose ran off after him and went to get Silverpool and Whitetail.

    Back at camp, the cats were sharing tongues.
    Silverpool dropped a fish in the pile and Whitetail added a mouse.
    Bramblenose put the bird in the fresh-kill pile and went over to join her friends who were sitting in a patch of shade.

    “Branchpelt told me Pinestar’s going to announce something soon” Whitetail said when Bramblenose sat next to him.

    “Why do you get to hear everything first?” Bramblenose teased Whitetail, who was looking very excited.

    “Maybe if you joined us in tree-climbing, you would know” Whitetail teased back.

    “Why don’t you show us sometime, Whitetail” Silverpool asked, finally speaking up. “It could be fun, right Bramblenose?”

    “Yeah, sure! How about this afternoon?” Bramblenose exclaimed, giving herself frantic licks.

    “Why are you in such a hurry, Bramblenose?” Whitetail asked, his tone questioning.

    “You’ll see…” Bramblenose said mysteriously while looking up at the high rock…

  6. In Shadow clan,

    “Hawkheart!” Thistlekit squealed. “take us out into the forest!”
    “wait till you an apprentice, Thistlekit,” Hawkheart replied.
    “but that’s for 2 moons!” the tiny cat complained.
    “I have to go hunting,” said Hawkheart as she padded through the thorn barrier. She continued into the forest until she came to a clearing. Hawkheart tasted the air. The scent of mouse hit her tongue. She dropped into a crouch and tucked her hind legs tightly underneath her. Hawkheart focused her hearing on where the scent was coming from and heard the usual skittering paws of a mouse moving in the undergrowth. She concentrated on evenly distributing her weight to every part of her body and slinked her way toward the noise until the mouse was in sight. Bunching up the strength in her legs, she sprang and landed with her claws on the rodent. She nipped the back of it’s neck and it fell limp in her paws. She briskly dug a hole and sniffed the air for more prey. Suddenly, she heard a yelp from a nearby bramble. Hawkheart spotted a flash of a tabby pelt among the bush.
    “who’s there?” she called. When there was no reply, she cautiously approached the bramble and a little brown ears poked out of the bush.
    “Thistlekit!” she exclaimed.
    “what?” the kit asked innocently as he pulled himself out of the bush.
    “why did you follow me? You know you are not supposed to go out into the forest!”
    “I was curious!”
    “I’m taking you back home.”
    “What, Thistlekit?”
    “my brother followed me out here but I lost him”
    “What!!! You brought Bumblekit too?” said Hawkheart.
    “where did you last see him?”
    “follow me” Thistlekit scampered away and Hawkheart followed behind.
    Thistlekit stopped at a bush near the the thorn barrier.
    “Go tell Snowbird what happened and tell her to come here” ordered Hawkeart. Snowbird was Thistlekit and Bumblekit’s mother. ~The kits must have snuck out when she had her back turned~ she thought. In a few heart beats, Snowbird came bounding out of camp. “Bumblekit!!” she called.
    “Can you pick up his scent?” Hawkheart calmly asked.
    “Yes, but it’s getting stale” the queen replied, trying to stay calm. “C’mon, let’s follow it, she said. She bounded off into the trees, tasting the air every 5 seconds. Hawkheart pelted after her.
    “Stop!!! His scent cuts off here.” Snowbird breathed, her voice shaking.

    ~~To be continued~~

  7. Meanwhile at Riverclan…

    Her friends followed Bramblenose’s gaze and saw Pinestar leaping up on the high rock.

    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highrock for a clan meeting. Berrykit, come here”, Pinestar began, searching the crowd of cats for Berrykit. “This is a proud day for Riverclan, by naming apprentices we show Riverclan will survive and remain strong. Berrykit, from now on until you receive your warrior name you will be known as Berrypaw.” Pinestar said proudly to Berrypaw.
    “Bramblenose, you are ready for an apprentice, you will be Berrypaw’s mentor. I know you will pass on your wisdom and hunting skills to Berrypaw, and teach her the skills that will make her a brave warrior of Riverclan.”
    Bramblenose’s eyes turned turquoise and padded over to Berrypaw. Bramblenose bent down and touched noses with Berrypaw while the clan shouted Berrypaw’s name.

    Bramblenose walked back to her friends, her eyes still shining.
    “So you knew all along, didn’t you?” Whitetail smiled.
    “Congratulations, Bramblenose!” Silverpool said, purring.
    As the cats went back to whatever they were doing, a few came by to congratulate Bramblenose.
    “You’ll make a wonderful mentor for Berrypaw” Berrypaw’s mother, Goldengrass said to her before walking away…

  8. Back at the Thunderclan camp….

    “Ashpaw… Ashpaw, where are you?” Scareyes mewed.
    “Heee-eee-eee-eee-eeee-eee-eeee-re!” Ashpaw squealed as he tumbled down the hill, bumpnig into a few trees on the way. He landed on his head with his legs all jumbled up, right beside a frowning Scareyes.
    “What did you think you were doing?! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”
    ”Just.. er, having a bit of fun”
    “Well, I don’t see any fun in almost breaking your neck. Come on, we’re late for training.”

    A few minutes later, they were both crawling through the forest.
    “Watch where you’re going, Ashpaw,” Scarpaw whispered as Ashpaw nearly stepped on a twig. “Now sniff. What can you smell?”
    “Anything else?”
    “It’s not stale!” he mewed excitedly “They must be nearby,”
    “Well done,” Scareyes praised.
    Between sunhigh and sunset (I am not sure if they call it sunset in warriors) they had caught three voles, and a mouse.

  9. Back at Shadow Clan,

    “where could he have possibly gone?” Snowbird said in a flustered tone.
    “I don’t know, but Russetfur’s the best tracker. I’ll go get her.” Hawkheart bounded off toward camp. As she entered the clearing, she scanned the area for the deputy. Russetfur may be a little old, but her senses are just as sharp as a young warrior. Hawkheart spotted a flash of red moving into Blackstar’s den and pelted toward her.
    “Russetfur!” She called “Bumblekit has gone missing! You have the best tracking skills, so you must help us find him!”
    She stopped in her tracks and said,”Okay, i’ll inform Blackstar about our situation”
    2 minutes later, Russetfur emerged from the den with Blackstar on her tail.
    “Russetfur, take Hawkheart, Tigerheart, Fernshade, Toadfoot and Snowbird. Blackstar ordered. “the rest of us will search around camp”
    Tigerheart was already waiting outside camp. Hawkheart stood beside her brother.
    “Tigerheart and Hawkeart will head search for Bumblekit in the west section of the forest” mewed Russetfur. “Fernshade and Toadfoot search in the east, and Snowbird and I will search up north” With those orders, Tigerheart and I pelted into the pines.
    “Wait! I smell something” I said.
    “What is it?” he meowed.
    “Nevermind, it’s not Bumblekit’s scent”
    “what are those little paw prints?” Hawkheart asked, pointing with her tail toward little scuffs in the dirt.
    “Those are cat prints” he replied.
    Before Hawkheart could answer, Tigerheart had already started sniffing the prints.
    “These are definitely Bumblekit’s. His scent is all over this area”
    “let’s go” I said, and we both padded into the trees sniffing and tasting the air.
    After about ten minutes, we had come to the Thunder clan border.
    “His scent crosses over the border,” said Hawkheart.
    “I think we should wait for a patrol, so we can ask if they can help look for Bumblekit” Tigereart suggested. Soon enough, a Thunder Clan patrol came to the border. Brambleclaw, the Thunder Clan deputy was leading it.
    “What are you two doing here?” the deputy challenged.
    Tigerheart spoke up first. ” One of our kits wandered into the forest”
    “That’s not our problem” interrupted Thornclaw from behind the deputy. Brambleclaw silenced him with a flick of his tail.
    “we tracked his scent and it seems to travel over the border” Tigerheart continued. “Could you help us find him?”
    “ye-” Brambleclaws response was cut of by a yowl. Coming from a distance. “Brambleclaw! Brambleclaw! We found a kit smelling of Shadow Clan!” Dustpelt came running out of the forest with a bundle of tabby fur dangling from his jaws. When the kit complained, he placed on the ground.
    “Bumblekit!” Hawkheart ran across the border and picked up the kit by his scruff.
    Brambleclaw sighed. “i’m guessing that is the kit you were looking for?”
    “Yes” replied Tigerheart. “Thank you, Brambleclaw.” Tigerheart nodded to the Thunder Clan deputy.
    Hawkheart put down Bumblekit and nudged him across the border. “You mother will not be pleased to know where you had gone”
    “all that matters is that he’s safe” said Tigerheart. They padded back to camp with out a word.

  10. Meanwhile at Riverclan,

    Berrypaw came running to Bramblenose, her eyes shining with mischief. “Can we go hunt now?” Berrypaw asked, dancing around the three of them.
    “Oh, sure! Let’s go see what we can find” Bramblenose replied. Berrypaw ran out of camp and the three of them followed her.
    Suddenly, Branchpelt came running toward them in full speed.
    “Stop Branchpelt!” Whitetail said, stunned.
    “Oh, sorry, I just wanted to catch up with you guys” Branchpelt said. As a deputy, he was still the age of a young warrior, so he was always full of energy.
    “You scared us!” Silverpool said, her eyes widening. Silverpool got scared very easily, and her friends always made fun of it.
    “Where’s Berrypaw?” Bramblenose asked. Suddenly without warning, Bramblenose ran out of camp, chasing after her new apprentice. The rest of her friends followed behind, looking worried.
    They found Berrypaw next to the water, and just as she was about to put her paw in, Bramblenose caught up to her. “Berrypaw! Come here immediately!” Bramblenose said sternly.
    “I wanted to catch fish” Berrypaw said softly. Suddenly, she mewed frightfully. “Look Bramblenose! Big cats!” She said, terrifed, she ran next to Bramblenose.
    Indeed, there were cats from a different clan.
    Branchpelt stood next to Berrypaw and tasted the air.
    “Shadowclan cats” he murmured.

    (Amulya, can you play the Shadowclan cats next? If you don’t want to, I can change it to Thunderclan cats.)

    • “Blackstar!” Littlecloud, the Shadow Clan medicine cat called. “Toadfoot has white cough and i’m out of cat mint!!!!!!”
      “Didn’t you try to find some in the forest?” Blackstar asked.
      “yes, but I couldn’t find any. If Toadfoot isn’t treated at once, he might get green cough! You have to let me ask River clan for some of their supply! They are the closest clan.”
      Blackstar nodded. “Very well. But I want you to take a warrior with you. Hawkheart!?”
      “Yes, Blackstar?” Hawkheart came bounding out of the warriors den.
      “Littlecloud needs catmint and I want you to escort her to River clan and back”
      “okay, Blackstar!”
      “C’mon, Littlecloud!” said Hawkheart excitedly as she headed into the forest. “This is my first time going to River Clan! I wonder what it’s like! Except it might small fishy” Hawkheart said making a face.
      “This is my second time going to River Clan. It does smell a little fishy, but it isn’t too bad” replied Littlecloud. Soon they reached the edge of Shadow Clan territory and could smell the freshly marked borders.
      “should we wait for a patrol?” asked Hawkheart.
      “No. We don’t have much time. Toadfoot is going to come down with green cough if we don’t hurry” said Littlecloud as he padded across the border.
      Hawkheart followed him until they reached a river. On the other side, an apprentice crouched over the river with a group of cats standing near by. Hawkheart immediately recognized Branchpelt, the River Clan deputy. As they came closer, the apprentice spotted them and let out a yelp.
      Hawkheart snorted. “huh. That’s the usual reaction we get from River Clan cats when they see us” The apprentice was now standing beside one of the other warriors.

  11. On the border of Riverclan,

    Branchpelt squinted his eyes when he saw two cats coming closer. “Littlecloud!” Branchpelt said to the others, recognizing the Shadowclan’s medicine cat.
    “I wonder what they’re here for.” Silverpool quietly said, coming up to stand next to Bramblenose.
    “I think they’re here for medicine since the medicine cat is with them” Whitetail exclaimed. “Want me to go get Streampelt (Riverclan’s medicine cat) and bring Berrypaw back to camp?” Whitetail offered, cocking his head to the side.
    “No! I wanna stayyy!” Berrypaw begged, leaping in front of Whitetail.
    “Just let her stay, Whitetail. It’ll be a good experience for her” Branchpelt said while Bramblenose nodded in agreement.
    “Let’s wait to get Streampelt until we figure out what they want first” Bramblenose added.

    (For the conversation, just write what you say and then I’ll write my lines and then you and then me and so on.)

  12. “Littlecloud! Hawkheart! What brings you to River clan?” Branchpelt called as they approached the deputy.
    “I needed cat mint and couldn’t find any to cure my clan mate of white cough. We were hoping Streampelt would be willing to share some of her supply with us.”
    “C’mon, I’ll tak pe you to camp.” Branchpelt replied. With a flick of his tail, he headed away from the river into the trees. Hawkheart and Littlecloud followed with the others tagging behind. Soon, they pulled themselves through a tunnel and stood in a large clearing.
    “ugh! This place reeks of fish!” Hawkheart whispered to Littlecloud. He gave no response. In a moment, Streampelt came padding out of the medicine den.
    “greetings, Littlecloud, Hawkheart. She nodded to us. While the two medicine cats discussed the matter, Hawkheart padded over to Bramblenose. They had interacted at gatherings before.
    “hey” Hawkheart greeted the River clan warrior. “did you get an apprentice?” Hawkheart asked casually.

    (sorry for making the river clan cats say a few things. It just wouldn’t seem right if they didn’t talk)

  13. “Yes, I did” Bramblenose replied, while watching Streampelt and Littlecloud.
    “I need to tell Streampelt about my dream…but it was just a dream…was it?” Bramblenose thought in her mind, cocking her head to the side.

  14. As if on cue, Littlecloud came back with a bundle of cat mint.
    “Bye Hawkheart. I hope to see you soon!” Bramblenose whispered.

  15. “same here!” Hawkheart whispered back. “But don’t say that in front of anyone else. Then they might try to make us stop being friends”
    Hawkheart briefly touched her muzzle to bramblenose’s then padded off.

  16. After Hawkheart and Littlecloud were long gone, Bramblenose went off to meet her friends.
    “Hey, you promised to teach us how to climb trees well!” Bramblenose said, coming up to Whitetail and Silverpool.
    “Oh right! Let’s go then! I’ll get Branchpelt” Whitetail said.
    Silverpool and Bramblenose ran out of camp and to the clump of pine trees.
    Suddenly, Bramblenose’s ears pricked up. “Mouse” she whispered before crouching.
    The mouse was only a few fox lengths away, nibbling on a seed.
    Bramblenose suddenly pounced on it, killing it with a swipe of her claws.
    At that moment, Whitetail came back, with Branchpelt, looking at the mouse in Bramblenose’s jaws.
    “Wow, you caught one already?” Whitetail purred.
    Bramblenose’s eyes shined as she buried it.

  17. (don’t River Clan catch fish? In the book 80 percent of what they caught was fish from the river)

    As Hawkheart padded across the border, he spotted a mouse darting in between leaves. She dropped into a crouch and in a moment, it was laying limp on the forest floor under her razor sharp claws. When she saw Littlecloud looking down at her claws, she said, “I sharpen them regularly”
    On the way back to camp, Hawkheart had caught 3 frogs a mouse, and a squirrel. It was getting dark so Hawkheart had found hunting much better. (Shadow Clan is known for hunting at night) When they got back to camp, the fresh kill pile was already stocked and her clan mates were munching on prey. She dropped her fresh-kill on the pile and picked up a mouse. She padded over to her friend Nightwhisper. He was clearly very fond of her, so she had accepted it. But she did not have the guts to tell him that she had no desire to have a mate or kits.

  18. (Ehem. We are capable of catching mice too, ya know. LOL, just joking, but yeah. I just felt like catching a mouse.)

    Branchpelt ran up the side of the tree, perching on one of the great pine tree branches.
    “Hey! You’re supposed to teach us, not do it yourself!” Bramblenose called up to him.

    Suddenly, she saw one of her sisters, Graypaw bounding toward her.
    “What are you doing here, Graypaw? Aren’t you supposed to be in camp helping the elders?” Bramblenose said kindly.
    “Mousepelt is sick and she wants to see you, Bramblenose!” Graypaw said frantically, pawing the ground with her tiny paws.
    Everyone gasped. Mousepelt was one of the elders. When Bramblenose was just an apprentice, Mousepelt always told Bramblenose tales of the old clans.
    Branchpelt jumped down and ran quickly to camp with the others following.
    Bramblenose reached down and grabbed Graypaw, knowing her sister wouldn’t be able to catch up.

  19. Meanwhile in Thunderclan…
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath High Rock!” yowled Featherstar.
    “I wonder what’s happening!” whispered Scareyes to Runningheart and Tigerleaf.
    “This moonhigh, we gather together to name an apprentice” Featherstar began. “Come forward.” A brown tabby kit bounced towards her. “From this dat forward, until you have earned her warrior name, this apprentice will be called Mosspaw.”
    Mosspaw’s tailed swished and her green eyes gleamed. “Runningheart will be her mentor. I hope that everything our lost friend Mintleaf has taught you will be passed on to Mosspaw.” Runningheart gave a little start at her name and walked over to touch noses with Mosspaw.

    Later, when they were sharing tongues Tigerleaf was quieter than usual.
    “What’s wrong?” Scareyes asked him.
    “Really? It doesn’t seem like it,” mewed a concerned Runningheart.
    “It’s just I’m the only one who doesn’t have an apprentice!” he mewed quietly.
    ” is that it? But that’s alRight! You are the youngest warrior there is plus none of the kits are old enough to be apprenticed. Only one moon until Moonflowers kits are old enough and anyway, Featherstar couldn’t have apprenticed another of Indigofoot’s kits to you cos Mosspaw was the youngest!” Runningheart nodded her agreement.

  20. (It’s okay, Lily. We’re all in different clans, so it doesn’t really affect anything)

    At Riverclan,

    They got back to Riverclan camp, breathing heavily while scanning the camp for Mousepelt.
    Bramblenose carefully dropped Graypaw and watched her scamper off to join the apprentices.
    She saw Branchpelt with Pinestar, whispering in worried voices.
    When she saw Mousepelt in the elder’s den with Streampelt, Bramblenose took off running.
    “I’m here Mousepelt” Bramblenose said while trying to catch her breath.
    “Is it Bramblenose?” Mousepelt meowed, struggling to stand up.
    “No, don’t move, Mousepelt” Streampelt said calmly.
    “I need to talk to Bramblenose in private.” Mousepelt rasped, her good eye on Bramblenose. (Mousepelt’s left eye was blind)
    “As you wish, Mousepelt. But don’t take too long. You still need to take your herbs” Streampelt nodded, backing out of the den.
    The other elders sat patiently, as if knowing what Mousepelt would say to Bramblenose.
    Mouspelt flicked her tail impatiently as Streampelt padded out.
    When Streampelt was long gone, Mousepelt sat up and motioned for Bramblenose to come.
    “What we are about to tell you” Mousepelt began, flicking her tail at the other elders who nodded their heads in agreement, “Should not be spoken to anyone. Not even Pinestar or your friend…what’s her name…Silverpool.” Mousepelt whispered, her amber eyes fixed on Bramblenose’s…

  21. In Shadow Clan,

    Hawkheart took a bite of her vole. Her friend Silvermask was next to her wolfing down a frog.
    “well someone looks hungry today” Hawkheart said while watching a Bumblekit
    and Thistlekit argue with their mother about staying in camp.
    “I had to go on Dawn patrol! Of course i’m hungry!” she replied through a full mouth.
    Suddenly, Hawkheart heard a squeak from the fresh kill pile. Her whiskers twitched with amusement as she saw a plump squirrel fall from the pile and flatten Bumblekit to the ground.
    “ha ha, that’s the first time I’ve seen a kit attacked by fresh kill” joked Echomist.
    Everyone snickered playfully.
    “I bet you guys couldn’t reach that squirrel when you were kit either!” retorted Bumblekit.
    “I’m gonna go for a walk” she told Silvermask.
    “Sure” she replied.
    As Hawkheart exited camp, she caught a mouse and buried it for later. She padded into the forest, enjoying the cool breeze on her pelt. She had relaxed her senses, so she barely saw Moonpaw pelting toward her with he eyes glazed with fear. But Hawkheart saw her too late. The apprentice was not paying attention to where she was going, so she ended up slamming head first into Hawkheart’s flank and bowled her over.
    “What in the name of Star Cla-”
    With a startled screech, Hawkheart lost her balance and landed with a thump.
    Moonpaw lay on top of her. Hawkheart wriggled from underneath her.
    “I-I saw a b-badger!” Moonpaw stammered.
    “What?! Where??” demanded Hawkheart.
    “It ran away when I scraped it’s muzzle. I got scared there might be more so I ran back to camp” she said, still gasping for air.
    “Okay, we should tell Blackstar. Come, are you wounded?”
    “No, just a scratch” said Moonpaw.
    Hawkheart padded to the spot where she had buried her mouse and dug it up. With Moonpaw on her tail, she padded back to camp.

  22. In the Riverclan’s Elder den…

    “I swear by Starclan I won’t tell anyone. Not even Pinestar or Silverpool” Bramblenose said solomnly. Mousepelt nodded and relaxed her shoulders when Bramblenose said this.
    “Remember when you were only an apprentice and you told me you wanted to travel everywhere and go to other clans?” Mouspelt said while the others meowed with laughter. “Well, the time has come.” Mousepelt said gravely and the others nodded, not saying a word.
    “Wh…wh…what do you mean?” Bramblenose stuttered, pawing the ground nervously.
    “You must go to each clan without being seen…” Mousepelt began, but stopped after she saw the horror in Bramblenose’s face. “All the elders in each clan know about this and they are expecting you” Mousepelt whispered.
    Bramblenose was shocked. “But what am I supposed to do?” She whispered back.
    “You must recruit 3 other cats from each clan, and they will go on the Old Clan Journey with you.” Mousepelt said, yawning.
    “But what about Silverpool? And Grasswhisker and Graypaw? And Whitetail and Branchpelt?” Bramblenose said, her eyes widening with each name she said.
    “They won’t know. They will have thought you ran away.” Mousepelt said, looking at Bramblenose as if this were the most obvious thing in the world.
    “Can I think about it?” Bramblenose’s mind was turning and she felt dizzy.
    Mousepelt nodded. “You have until tomorrow at sunset” Then suddenly, she said loudly “It has been a pleasure to talk to you, Bramblenose” and Streampelt came padding in, while Bramblenose brushed past her, still deep in thought.

  23. “ouch!” Hawkheart stumbled and fell in a thorn bush. Hawkheart groaned. “I tore a pad!” Blood welled from the wound.
    “Are you okay?” asked Russetfur. She didn’t wait for an answer. “Kinkfur? Take her back to camp. Leafdapple and I will finish the patrol”
    “alright!” Kinkfur replied. The she-cat looked like a spiky ball of fur. Several strands of her fur stuck out in odd angles, no one knew why. Hawkheart licked her pad to clean off the blood. Hawkheart flinched when she felt the pain of putting wait on the gash in her foot. Brushing pelts with Kinkfur, she slowly trudged back to camp.
    “Thank you, Kinkfur” Hawkheart thanked the warrior.
    “No prob!” she replied. Hawkheart limped her way to the medicine den and poked her head inside.
    “Littlecloud?” she called.
    “What?” he said in a grumpy manner.
    “I tore a pad in a bramble bush. Can I have some ointment or cob web for it?”
    “of course, come in” he replied in a less harsh tone. She awkwardly padded in and sat down in front of him. She held out her paw as he pulled out a piece of Mary gold from a stack of herbs and chewed it up. Next, he spit the out and spread the juice over the cut. It stung, but she knew it would feel better in the long run.
    “i don’t want you to go on any patrols until that’s healed” he ordered.
    “okay” she replied, padding out of the entrance.

  24. “I can’t go. I..can’t. I’ve just started training with Berrypaw. I can’t.” Bramblenose murmured to herself, shaking her head.
    “I can’t leave. Not now. I just…I dunno…I’ll go hunt and dig up that mouse…” Bramblenose decided, running out of camp.
    After hunting, Bramblenose still didn’t make up her mind. “I can’t leave Graypaw…she’ll be on her own…and Grasswhisker…who will talk to her when she’s upset? And Silverpool…who will swim with her? And Whitetail? And Branchpelt? They’ll all be worrying…”
    But Bramblenose knew she had to go. She can’t let Mousepelt down. Mousepelt even told her that there was a special flower out there that would heal her.
    Bramblenose dropped the mouse and 4 fish in the pile. She looked around and saw other cats talking and having a good time. This was her home. It will always be. Bramblenose was about to go over to her friends when Branchpelt came over.
    “Bramblenose, would you mind going on a patrol with me, Morningdew, and Spidertail?” Bramblenose sighed. She might as well go since she’d be too sad to think about anything.
    “Sure. Let’s go” Bramblenose ran off, knowing the place by heart.
    “Are you…okay?” Branchpelt asked, concerned.
    “Oh if only you knew…” Bramblenose thought. “Yeah, I’m fine” Bramblenose lied.
    Branchpelt looked at Bramblenose with a worried glance. He knew something was up. But he didn’t ask questions.

    After the patrol was done, Bramblenose went to visit Mousepelt again. “There is a certain warrior out there who knows about this. He has the same name as you” she said mysteriously, her eyes twinkling. Suddenly, Bramblenose knew the answer. “Brambleclaw” she whispered. Mousepelt nodded and Bramblenose said “So I have to ask him? Now?” When Mousepelt nodded again, Bramblenose took off, running to the Thunderclan camp.

  25. “Blackstar!” Hawkheart shrieked as she pelted toward the Shadow Clan leader. They had been on a hunting patrol and Blackstar had told them to split up.
    “Dogs! they’re heading this way!”
    “Okay. I’ll lead it away from camp. You make sure the others are safe.”
    “No” interrupted Hawkheart. “I’m smaller than you. I can run faster. I don’t want to risk losing you”
    The dog came bounding out of the trees and reached with it’s paws for Hawkheart. She slashed it’s muzzle and then ran off. Her heart pounding, she pelted toward the farm. She could hear the dog an inch away from her. Then she remembered what her name meant; Hawkheart. For speed, strength and intelligence. She felt a burst of energy. It exploded into her muscles and lungs, letting her run like the wind. Suddenly, she snapped around and faced the dog. It skidded to a stop in front of her. It looked at her with curious eyes. Then it started barking.
    “such a dumb animal!” she growled as she unsheathed her claws once more. Hawkheart landed a hard blow on it’s cheek. Blood spattered her muzzle. The dog yowled in pain and ran off with it’s tail between it’s legs.

  26. (You’re quitting? Did you read the book yet?)

    Thunderclan. Bramblenose always admired the cats from Thunderclan; brave, clever, loyal, always ready for battle and yet polite. When she was an apprentice, she even thought she was in the wrong clan and wanted to be in Thunderclan but she didn’t tell anyone except for the elders. Now she was traveling to Thunderclan.
    On her way, she saw Hawkheart standing still, looking tired.
    When Bramblenose got closer, she asked “Hawkheart, are you okay? What happened?”

    • Hawkheart gasped for air. “I did it!” she thought. “I actually beat a dog all by my self!”
      She froze when she saw a cat coming toward her. Suddenly she realized, THAT IT WAS BRAMBLENOSE!
      The she-cat said, “Hawkheart, are you okay? What happened?”
      Hawkheart replied,”I’m fine, thanks. I was luring a dog away from clan territory” “What are you doing here so close to Shadow Clan territory?” Hawkheart questioned.

  27. (How can you be behind? It’s not like we are all in one clan. You make up what happens in Windclan. And Jenny, who’s roleplaying brambleclaw?)

    Runningheart, Scareyes and Tigerleaf were hunting in the woods near the Riverclan border. Scareyes had caught 2 mice and Tigerleaf had caught a fat rabbit. Runningheart was burying a chaffinch when suddenly she mewed, “Hey! There’s Mosspaw! What is she doing here?”
    “Hunting!” Mosspaw replied as he came out of a bush.
    “You can’t be!” laughed Tigerleaf. “You haven’t even started training yet. Alright, let’s see what you caught.” They padded over to where Mosspaw had buried a mouse, but as Scareyes examined it she found no signs of being killed. She sighed.
    “Oh, Mosspaw, no-one could possibly eat this mouse! It died of a disease!”
    Runningheart suddenly went serious. “Do you think the mice have a disease? We have to alert Featherstar!”
    “You’re right. But the mice I caught are fine.” Scareyes mewed.
    “But still. We have to tell her.” Tigerheart agreed.

  28. (@violinplayer10101: No, I didn’t have time to yet, but I might. @paperclip123: I know but everyone else has contributed, Amulya and Jenny a lot, except from me. So I am a bit behind.)

  29. At the border fo Shadowclan…

    “I have to talk to Brambleclaw”, Bramblenose replied, looking nervously at Hawkheart.

  30. “okay. I have no right to know about your clans private business” Hawkheart said, feeling puzzled. “But don’t come close to Shadow Clan territory again, or you will be in serious trouble” she warned.

  31. “Okay, I won’t. Bye Hawkheart.” Bramblenose said, relieved. She raced toward Thunderclan, leaving Hawkheart.

  32. As they were about to turn back, Scareyes suddenly stopped. “Wait! Is there a Riverclan cat in the territory?”
    His hair raised, Tigerleaf said “The scent is strong. And fresh.” Then more quietly he asked “Should I quickly take Mosspaw back?” Runningheart agreed and told him to hurry, since they would need him. Scareyes sheathed and unsheathed her claws.
    “Let’s go, Runningheart!”

  33. As Bramblenose was getting closer, she saw a cat looking at her.
    When Bramblenose was finally at the border, she spoke “I need to see Brambleclaw. Will you take me to him? I just want to talk, I won’t do any harm” Bramblenose asked, cocking her head.

    • Scareyes stared at the strange cat steadily. Her shyness among strangers was creeping up on her but she tried to shake it away.
      “Runningheart!” she called. Runningheart came out from behind a bush where she was waiting to attack in case. “This is a Riverclan cat who wants to see Brambleclaw.” Then, so only Runningheart could hear, she whispered “But taking her into camp will be too risky. She might be a spy. Should I go get him?”
      “I’ll go. I’m faster. Anyway, you’ll be okay. Tigerleaf’s back” she said, looking toward Tigerleaf who was crouching near the Riverclan cat, eyeing her suspiciously.
      “Okay,” Runningheart announced to the stranger. “I’ll bring Brambleclaw.”
      Scareyes pawed the ground nervously.

    • “Scareyes. That was Runningheart, and this is Tigerleaf. Oh look! Runningheart’s already back with Brambleclaw” Scareyes backed away, relieved, but still curious.
      Suddenly, Tigerleaf jumped up and growled “Waaaiiit a second. How did you even know Brambleclaw’s name? Are you a Spy?”
      ” Tigerleaf, it’s okay. They might have met in a gathering.” Runningheart mewed.

  34. Bramblenose was shocked by Tigerleaf’s response, but she stood calmly, and answered “Yes, we have met in a gathering before. Plus, he’s the deputy, who wouldn’t know?” She ended, staring at Tigerleaf in a look of annoyance.
    Brambleclaw padded forward, nodding at Bramblenose as if he knew she would be here.
    “You three should be heading back to camp. I need to talk to Bramblenose. Alone.” He said, looking meaningfully at the three warriors.

    • (I thought is was Stormclaw who was deputy??!! It doesn’t matter. I changed it in the post.)
      Tigerleaf immediately headed away. Scareyes gave Brambleclaw a look of longing while Runningheart whispered in Bramblenose’s ear “Don’t mind Tigerleaf. He’s always like that with strangers.”
      “Well,” Scareyes mewed with an overly dramatic sigh, “I guess we better go….” Runningheart rolled her sapphire eyes and mewed “We have to tell Featherstar about the prey. Come on! Bye, Bramblenose!”

  35. In Shadow Clan,

    Hawkheart settled down in her nest beside Tigerheart. She closed her eyes and dozed off, soon entering deep sleep.

    “Hawkheart!” a paw nudged her flank.
    “what?” she groaned.
    “Your on the dawn patrol” it was Russetfur speaking.
    “Oh!” Hawkheart got up with a jolt. “I’m on my way”
    Hawkheart padded out of the warriors den.

  36. “See ya!” Bramblenose called out, grinning. Atleast they’re friendly, Bramblenose thought.
    “So you have agreed to it.” Brambleclaw said, pacing around her.
    “Yes. At first, I was hesitant. But then I realised I had to go because of Mousepelt” Bramblenose said, looking at Brambleclaw.
    “Good” He nodded in approval. “We need you. I assume you had a dream…?” He asked, in which Bramblenose nodded furiously.
    “How did you know?” Bramblenose asked, amazed.
    “I’ve had them when I was about to take a quest. It’s supposed to mean something” He murmured.

  37. Hawkheart opened her jaws and let out a long yawn. Her apprentice Moonpaw was next to her.
    “I thinks that’s enough training for today, Moonpaw”
    “Really? We just started!” she complained
    “I’m tired, okay?”
    “Let’s go back to camp” mewed Hawkheart. “I promise we’ll train twice as much tomorrow. But don’t say that your tired when we do a lot of training!”
    “okay!” Moonpaw squeaked, and bounded off to camp, with Hawkheart following more slowly behind.

  38. Bramblenose thought back to her dream. She shuddered at the thought of it. Bramblenose noticed Brambleclaw inspecting her. “So it wasn’t good” He said nervously. Bramblenose shook her head, her eyes wide with fear.
    “Don’t tell me what it is. You’re supposed to figure it out yourself. That’s why we want you for the quest. I’ve already talked to the elders and they want Scareyes. We’ll choose the rest next gathering which is soon” Brambleclaw looked up at the sky which had gray rain clouds.
    “I’d better head back” Bramblenose muttered. “Thank you, Brambleclaw” she murmured, bowing her head in respect for the deputy.
    Brambleclaw nodded and Bramblenose bounded back to Riverclan.

  39. Back at Shadow Clan,

    Blackstar stood near four trees with the rest of Shadow Clan behind him. It was finally full moon, which meant it was time for a gathering. Hawkheart stood beside him with Moonpaw practically leaping for joy beside her.
    “Stop tittering!” Hawkheart hissed in Moonpaw’s ear. “You look like a kit that just saw a flying hedgehog!”
    “Sorry” she peeped. “I just love gatherings, and this is still my second one! I can’t wait to tell Berrypaw about how I caught that huge squirrel!”
    Hawkheart just looked ahead. “Isn’t Berrypaw Bramblenose’s apprentice?” Hawkheart finally asked.
    “Yeah, I think so. Why?” said Moonpaw in return.
    “Nothing, just curious, I guess” Hawkheart replied casually.

  40. (Jenny can I RP brambleclaw sometimes? For in-clan discussions i.e. with Scareyes, featherstar, etc.)

    Back at Thunderclan,

    Featherstar stopped by the ridge that lead to fourtrees and let the other cats catch up. She wanted to find out whether the other clans’ mice were sick as well. Brambleclaw stood beside her. His head was held high and he thought back to the moment when he was made a deputy, and to his first gathering. He had been so intrigued at how completely hostile cats could stay in peace once every moon. He had hung on to every word the leader had spoken. He had been so young. But now it was different, he was second in command, if Featherstar wasn’t there, he was the one cats looked to. It gave him a sense of pride.
    Featherstar meowed and all the THunderclan cats filed into the gathering.

    To be continued, no time now..

  41. Scareyes, Tigerleaf, Runningheart and their respective apprentices entered the gathering with excitement. Scareyes and Runningheart padded over to Bramblenose. Tigerleaf tried to walk over to russetfur but Scareyes and Runningheart yanked him over to sit with them “you are going to apologise! Ok Tigerleaf? Now come!! ” whispered Runningheart. Tigerleaf looked at his paws and meowed grudgingly “hi Bramblenose. I’m sorry.”

    Meanwhile, ashpaw and Mosspaw had left them to join berrypaw, their new riverclan friend.

  42. Shadow clan followed Blackstar into four trees, which was bustling with cats. Hawkheart could smell the mingling scents of River Clan and Thunder clan.
    “Where are wind clan?” thought Hawkheart. As Moonpaw bounded over to a group of apprentices, Hawkheart padded over to Bramblenose and Scareyes.

  43. (Yes, of course you can, Paperclip)

    At the gathering, Bramblenose looked around and saw cats of all clans talking. “This is how it’s supposed to be” Bramblenose thought. She always wanted peace between the four clans.
    “We’re going to go walk around, okay Bramblenose?” Silverpool and Whitetail said, already walking off.
    She saw Scareyes and Runningheart drag Tigerleaf to her. Bramblenose tried to stiffle a laugh when they came.
    “Hi Bramblenose. I’m sorry” Tigerleaf said, looking down at his paws.
    “It’s fine, Tigerleaf” Bramblenose waved it away, surprised by his apology. “Maybe he isn’t so annoying after all…” Bramblenose thought in her head, observing Tigerleaf.
    Soon after that, she saw Hawkheart padding toward them.
    “Hi Hawkheart!” Bramblenose called out cheerfully.

      • “Hello, Hawkheart! I’m Runningheart, this is Tigerleaf, and that is Scareyes.” mewed Runningheart, then she whispered in Hawkheart’s ear “She has a little stranger problem…” Scareyes looked up and batted running heart with her paw “I heard that, Runningheart! Who’s this?” She said, nodding to Hawkheart. “That’s Hawkheart.”

        (Who will RP windclan without Jenny?! should we split it between us?)

  44. (I’ve got a plan. Our quest will also be to rescue Windclan)

    “Obviously” Bramblenose muttered, rolling her eyes. “Windclan is still nowhere to be seen” Bramblenose pawed the dirt nervously, looking around her. Out the corner of her eye, she saw Brambleclaw talking with all of the elders in whispers, occasionally glancing their direction.

  45. (I thought Bramblenose was in river clan!?)

    Hawkheart shot an irritated look at Bramblenose and said,
    “what’s wrong with you? Have you got ants in your pelt? It was only 2 sunrises ago that we came to riverclan. Now, you act as if the two clans just fought a huge battle”

  46. (Yes, I know, I was just answering Thunderclan for them)

    “Nope. But I do know something…” Bramblenose said mysteriously, looking at Scareyes. “So has Brambleclaw talked to you about anything lately, Scareyes?” Bramblenose asked casually, looking at Scareyes.

  47. “ummm, yes, actually. Runningheart and Tigerleaf know. I’ve told them. I tell them everything.” replied Scareyes uneasily, unsure about how much she should say in front of Hawkheart.
    “Yeah it was really wierd, wasn’t it Scareyes? Something about missions and prophecies and drea-”
    Tigerleaf cut in “Some very private, clan stuff. He mentioned that you know, Bramblenose. But only YOU ” he said, glancing at Hawkheart.

  48. Bramblenose was surprised that Scareyes told Runningheart and Tigerleaf. “I thought we were supposed to keep it to ourselves!” She hissed. Bramblenose was annoyed by Tigerleaf all over again. “Did you have to say that, Tigerleaf?” Bramblenose muttered, giving Tigerleaf a sharp look. “Now Hawkheart just walked off!” Bramblenose was getting irritated. “You mousebrain…” Bramblenose hissed at Tigerleaf, frustrated. “I shouldnt’ve asked. I’m a mousebrain myself.” Bramblenose said to herself, clawing at the dirt ground. “Now what?”
    (You’ll get to know later in the gathering.)

    • Scareyes glared at Bramblenose and hissed back “Brambleclaw knows they know. If you think they’ll give something away, you’re wrong. I know you might not be sure about runningheart, but she can keep a secret, you know. I would trust these two with my life. As would Featherstar, I’m sure. Come on, Tigerleaf, Runningheart. Let’s see what Ashpaw and Mosspaw are doing.” Scareyes stalked off with Tigerleaf close behind. Runningheart lingered for a while, whispered “Sorry” and ran to her friends.

  49. (ok, thanks Jenny)

    As Hawkheart padded away, she noticed Moon paw arguing with another apprentice.
    Hawkheart padded over to to them and let out an irritated hiss.
    “What in the name of Star clan are you two bickering about?”
    Moonpaw froze and stared up at Hawkheart.
    “well?” Hawkheart prompted.
    “umm, nothing….” Moon paw stammered.”It wa-was about”
    “who had the better mentor!” interrupted the other apprentice.
    Hawkheart didn’t believe it one bit. “It was probably something mouse brained” Hawkheart thought to herself.
    Hawkheart snorted. “Apprentices. Star Clan knows what goes through their heads”
    She padded away.

  50. “It’s fine.” Bramblenose said, amused by Scareyes. “She can be so moody…” Bramblenose thought in her mind, bounding off to find Silverpool and Whitetail. She found them walking along the border. Bramblenose stopped short, looking at the two cats who looked like they were deep in thought about something. Bramblenose cocked her head, examining them. “They look good together…” She thought. Silverpool’s pelt was light gray while Whitetail’s was dark gray. “They look happy together. Bet they’re going to end up together someday.” Bramblenose smiled at the thought, her eyes turning turquoise. As she watched the two cats, her friends, her heart filled with happiness. Bramblenose decided not to go bother them and silently walked off. As Bramblenose examined the gathering from a far distance, she noticed the leaders getting ready to start the gathering. Windclan was still nowhere in sight.

  51. (“She can be so moody..” lol, when I was writnig her, i was thinking of a quick to anger quick to forgive personality)
    Scareyes, Runningheart, and Tigerleaf sat by brambleclaw and the elders. Tigerleaf was immediately drowned in storied, since the elders knew he loved to listen. Scareyes, meanwhile, had taken Brambleclaw aside and narrated her encounter with Bramblenose. Runningheart sought out mosspaw and ashpaw and told them the names of all the cats she knew. She also answered their childish question, which amused her, because she always tried to think of equally childish answers.
    A few minutes later, when the three friends and their apprentices were reunited, they sat near the centre of fourtrees, eagerly waiting for the beginning of the meeting. They saw Bramblenose far away, by the Riverclan border. Tigerleaf held his head high, but Scareyes had already seen how moody she had been, and she was ready to forgive and apologize, if Bramblenose would accept.

  52. Hawkheart approached Russetfur and asked her, “why hasn’t the gathering started?”
    “the leaders are discussing whether to start with out Wind clan or not” she replied. “my guess is that they will start in a few minutes” she continued.
    “Russetfur, have you noticed that Wind Clan have not been marking they’re borders?” asked Hawkheart.
    “of course. Blackstar knows about it. I just hope his hunger for more territory doesn’t cloud his judgement.” “For all we know he might try to expand our territory onto Wind Clan’s. If he does, we can’t stand up to him. The leader’s word is law.”
    “He still acts like Tigerstar” Hawkheart stated.
    “yes” Russetfur sighed.

  53. Suddenly, Pinestar jumped on to the rock along with the other leaders. They were going to start without Windclan. They talked about their clans and such while cats listened intently and a mouse could be heard skittering across the gathering.
    (Talk about the mouse with the disease now, Paperclip..or do something, Amulya)

    • “And one more thing. This has been concerning me since some Thunderclan cats reported it to me.” Featherstar began, looking briefly down at Scareyes and her friends. “They were hunting in the forest when they found a dead mouse that seemed to have died of a disease of some sort. We have been careful about the mice we eat, and one or two more sick mice have been discovered since. Have the mice in your territory also been dying of disease? We’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of mice in our freshkill pile.”

  54. “Blackstar leaped onto the rock and narrowed his eyes. “Shadow Clan does not have any diseased mice” “I hope you all have not been suspecting that we have been eating crow food. After all, you do call us crow-food eaters”

    (in the book, everyone calls shadow clan crow food eaters because once they starved and had to eat it)

  55. “We have not had any sick mice, but a lot of our elders are sick so that is why many could not come to the gathering.” Pinestar started, looking at the elders from other clans before continuing, “I wonder if it is the same disease as the mice. Nobody has heard from Windclan either…they probably ran away or something.” Pinestar said, finishing.
    “The gathering is now over. Riverclan, let’s go.” Pinestar said, flicking her tail, motioning for her cats to follow her.
    Bramblenose knew exactly why the elders were sick and knew that they had to rescue Windclan. “The sick mice must be something to do with all this too…” Bramblenose mumbled.
    “With what?” Branchpelt asked, making Bramblenose jump.
    “Oh…nothing!” Bramblenose stuttered, running away. Branchpelt immediately caught up with her. “You’re going the wrong way. We’re heading back this way. Do you need to go back to being an apprentice?” Branchpelt teased.
    Bramblenose scowled at Branchpelt and brushed passed him. “I need to talk to Brambleclaw. It’s important.” Bramblenose said.
    “Can’t you talk to your own deputy?” Branchpelt asked, making Bramblenose stop.
    “No, I can’t…” Bramblenose hesitated. “Scareyes told her friends. Why can’t I?” Bramblenose thought in her mind. She shook her head. “No. I have to talk to Brambleclaw. It’s something that has to do with…the sick mice! Yes, that’s it.” Bramblenose lied.
    “Oh, okay…hurry back, though. We need you for the hunting patrol.” Branchpelt said, walking away. Bramblenose stopped, hearing the hurt in Branchpelt’s voice, she decided to tell him. “He’s a deputy anyways. He ought to know…but…he might not let me go. No. I can’t tell him.” Bramblenose decided, shaking the thought away.
    “Wait. Branchpelt. Stop.” Bramblenose turned around, and after Branchpelt turned around to face her, she continued. “I might…I think I won’t be seeing you in a long time. So…I just wanted to say good bye. Take care of the clan and Pinestar. Keep Silverpool and Whitetail company. And train Berrypaw for me, alright? And try to keep the other apprentices from bullying Graypaw and make sure Ashnose takes care of Grasswhisker. (Ashnose is Grasswhisker’s mate) Talk to her because she can be real gloomy a lot. Do that for me and we’ll meet again, Branchpelt.” Bramblenose said in a hurry, her eyes misting.
    “What are you talking about?” Branchpelt asked. “You make it sound as if you’re running away.”
    Bramblenose shook her head. “You don’t know how close that is to the truth.” She whispered, running off to talk to Brambleclaw about the quest. “But it’ll all be for a reason. I’ll come back. I know I will.” Bramblenose yelled behind her. The last thing she saw before turning around was Branchpelt standing there, looking at her with that confused and sad look on his face.

    • (Jenny! You said that you would tell Hawkheart about the prophecy at the gathering! I feel left out all over again!:(

      Blackstar’s yowl rang out over the clearing. “Shadow Clan! Return to camp!”
      Hawkheart padded through clearing, and notice Bramblenose sprinting through the bushes.
      “Bramblenose!” she called to her.
      “When the she-cat didn’t hear, she thrust herself forward and landed beside Bramblenose.
      Bramblenose glared at her for a moment.

  56. (Be patient! I have this all figured out!!! Geez!)
    “Oh, hi Hawkheart. I need to go talk to Brambleclaw about something important. What’s up?” Bramblenose said, keeping an eye on Brambleclaw who was slowly walking away with the rest of Thunderclan.

  57. “I was just making sure you were okay. You looked a little flustered, and you ran away from Branchpelt when he said something to you”

  58. “Ohh…I see. Yeah, he was just telling me to get back because I needed to talk to Brambleclaw. You’re coming with me.” Bramblenose decided.

  59. “why? I have to go back to my clan. I can’t just abandon Shadow Clan to run off with you somewhere” ” and also, who are you to tell me where to go?” hissed Hawkheart, her lips drawn back in the beginning of a snarl.
    (now that just added a little spice to this role-play!)

  60. Bramblenose rolled her eyes. “Fine, whatever. See ya.” Bramblenose ran off, trying to catch up to Brambleclaw before he left.

  61. “Thunderclan! Come on, we have to get back to camp.” Featherstar yowled.
    Just as Brambleclaw was about to turn, he saw a turquoise flash behind him. Only one cat had eyes that colour. After a quick “I’ll be back” to Featherstar, he waited for the clan to leave. When the final stray apprentice was gone, he meowed “Bramblenose!”
    Back in Thunderclan camp, Scareyes was worried. The gathering was over and she still hadn’t apologised to Bramblenose. “Should I go back?” she wondered. One thing about Scareyes was that she was quick to anger, but quick to forgive and always ready to take the blame. And if she didn’t apologize, she felt terribly guilty.
    “I’m going out to get something” she told Featherstar.
    “Alright, Scareyes, you go if you want to miss the meeting about the mice” Featherstar replied, with more than a hint of worry in her voice.
    “And all the troubles she has are about sick mice” Scareyes grumbled as she walked away. She paused at the ridge, seeing Brambleclaw and Bramblenose talking. She hesitated, wondering if she should interrupt. So instead of leaping over the ridge, she took a more stealthy route, around it instead of over.

  62. (I’m going to be role-playing Brambleclaw in this conversation, okay?)
    Meanwhile, Scareyes wasn’t the only one listening. Branchpelt was hiding in a shadow, listening to every word they were saying.
    “Brambleclaw. Who will be joining me on the quest?” Bramblenose asked, panting from running.
    “Scareyes will represent Thunderclan and Hawkheart will represent Shadowclan. Tigerleaf and Runningheart are also joining.” Brambleclaw said.
    Bramblenose was about to say something about Tigerleaf and Runningheart but got cut off by Brambleclaw’s glare. “I know what you’re going to say. Tigerleaf will join you, no matter how annoying he is.”
    Bramblenose bowed her head respectfully. “I will try to talk to him.”
    Brambleclaw nodded. “Good. Tomorrow, you will wake up before anyone else and travel to Thunderclan. You will go to the elder’s den where Scareyes and the rest will be waiting. Then, you four will travel to Shadowclan and retrieve Hawkheart. She will be waiting with the elders, too. After that, go towards the moonstone. Then you will be on your own. I only know that the quest will be in the direction of the moonstone. You may stay with Barley and Ravenpaw if you have to.” Brambleclaw said, making Bramblenose feel nervous. She slowly nodded. “Okay. I will try my hardest.”
    (Come out, Scareyes?)

  63. (how do you know that Hawkheart will be waiting by the elders? I don’t get how you predicted that. Hawkheart doesn’t even know about the prophecy!)

    The next day at Shadow Clan,

    Hawkheart stirred in her nest. She hauled herself up on her feet, and padded out of the warriors den. ~why did Bramblenose want me to come with her?~ she thought. ~Perhaps she’s just a little mouse-brained at times~
    Hawkheart let out a long yawn and went over to where Russetfur was organizing morning patrols.

  64. (No, Brambleclaw knows. And the elders. Not Bramblenose. Gosh, be patient! It’s not even the next day yet!)

    At that moment, Branchpelt came bursting from the shadows. “No. Bramblenose. You can’t go.” Branchpelt hissed, glaring at them both. “I am not going to let you go. If you go, I’ll go with you.” Branchpelt said, unsheathing and sheathing his claws.
    Bramblenose and Brambleclaw were both in shock. Bramblenose managed to speak first. “Branchpelt! What on earth are you doing here?! Did you follow me!?” Bramblenose hissed, her eyes narrowing. Branchpelt did the same. “I was worried about you. How can a deputy let a warrior run off like that?!” He snapped back.
    “I don’t care if you’re deputy or not. You’re the same age-” Bramblenose was cut off by Brambleclaw’s tail flicking in front of her face. Bramblenose stopped talking.
    Branchpelt’s gaze softened. “Sorry. I was just worried, that’s all. But are you seriously going? Who will hunt for the clan?”
    “I’m sure Grasswhisker and Silverpool and the rest of the good hunters will be able to supply for the clan. You know that. You’re just making excuses. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be back soon.” Bramblenose promised.

    (I didn’t have time to finish the rest of this. I’ll do it later.)

  65. Scareyes crawled out and made a more stealthy appearance than Branchpelt. Instead of speaking, she just sat with her tail swishing behind her waiting for someone to notice she was there. She listened to the two Riverclan cats arguing and then meowed suddenly “No, Bramblenose. You can’t tell Branchpelt that we’re going to come back soon, because we don’t know. We could be gone for two days, or two moons, of for the whole of greenleaf, or half a year, or we might not ever return. The point is, Branchpelt has to understand that we’re not gallivanting off on a nice trip to see the sights!! We’re going on a mission, and we must go. Don’t try to hold Bramblenose back, Branchpelt. The elders need us to go.” Scareyes was shocked at her sudden reckless speech, in front of Branchpelt. a cat she hardly knew. She started talking again, this time more calmly. “I came to say sorry Bramblenose. I kind of… lost my temper in the gathering. And I’m sorry on Tigerleaf’s behalf as well.”

  66. Scareyes wasn’t the only one who was shocked. The rest of them stared at her in awe.
    “It’s fine, Scareyes.” Bramblenose spoke up. “You’re right…about not ever coming back.” Bramblenose finished.
    “You’ll understand, right Branchpelt? Please don’t tell anyone about this. We should going, anyways.” Bramblenose said, noticing it was getting darker and darker.

    • (I’m going to add alittle more, okay?)

      “Good idea. I need to go to Shadowclan to tell Hawkheart about the quest. See you tomorrow.” Brambleclaw nodded at the three cats, heading off towards Shadowclan. Bramblenose, Scareyes, and Branchpelt watched him until the darkness swallowed him up, leaving the air with his scent.

      (Good that, Amulya?)

      • “I guess I should go too. When do we… leave?” She mewed. She felt guilty about leaving her apprentice, and for some reason, even more guilty about Mosspaw, Runningheart’s apprentice, who had only just started training. “I’ll get Brambleclaw to deal with it” she thought. She then realized she had been flicking her tail and shuffling her paws, just as she did when she was around strangers.
        Meanwhile, in camp, Runningheart was worrying. She hated worrying, she absolutely despised it. She always said “If you have a problem, it is a problem, and a problem was a problem so you should leave it as a problem. “When she really meant “Don’t just complicate things, they’ll work themselves out.” But this prophecy mission problem was annoying. It wasn’t working itself out, so she had to worry. What would Mosspaw do? He would be so upset…. He was only just an apprentice! And Rosepelt, her mother? She always was the first visitor when she was in the medicine cat den. And Tanglepaw, Lilypaw and Creampaw? What about them, her littermates?

  67. Hawkheart bounded away from four trees back to camp. As she entered Shadow clan territory, she scented a mouse. Hawkheart pinpointed it’s location and crept toward it. When she got close enough, she leaped and landed with her claws on the mouse. She swiftly killed it and picked it up by its tail. With the juicy prey swinging from her jaws, Hawkheart ran back to camp.

    (finally! The moment has come!)

  68. Tigerleaf was excited, ready for anything. He had no apprentice, and no littermates, and both his parents had died in battle. The only people he would miss were the elders and Featherstar, who had been his mentor. But then, he wasn’t very close to them. He had had a tragic life, which explained his annoyingness. Only Featherstar, Brambleclaw, Scareyes and Runningheart knew about it. The two cats he cared about most were going with him, and so in his point of view, the mission was perfect. Of course, there would be that annoying Bramblenose character and her friends, along with some shadowclanners, but that was ok.

  69. Hawkheart was waiting at the camp entrance with her tail tucked neatly around her paws. She was for her apprentice to catch up. Within a few heartbeats, she saw Moonpaw bounding through the pine trees. She skidded to a halt, and started panting.
    “why did you run back so fast?” Moonpaw rasped.
    “I needed to stretch my legs” replied Hawkheart.

  70. “Tomorrow morning.” Bramblenose said quickly, eager to get back to camp.
    Branchpelt and Bramblenose bounded off into the darkness.
    Soon, they reached Riverclan camp, where cats were milling about.
    “Where were you two?” Silverpool asked with worry in her voice. Berrypaw bounded up to Bramblenose.
    “Bramblenose, come see what we found!” Berrypaw shrieked with delight, bounding off towards the apprentices. Bramblenose followed, deciding to be extra nice to everyone because who knew when she would be back? She saw Berrypaw’s mother Goldengrass sitting with the other apprentice’s mothers, watching the apprentices carefully.
    “We found a snake!” Berrypaw’s shrill voice said. Bramblenose’s eyes widened.
    “Where? Who found it?” Bramblenose inquired.
    “I did. It was lying dead on the grass near the river.” An apprentice shyly said.
    “And you’re…” Bramblenose was trying to figure out his name.
    “Sootpaw.” He added.
    “Oh, right. Sootpaw. You’re Berrypaw and Graypaw’s best friend, aren’t you?” Bramblenose cocked her head to the side, getting a better view of the snake. Suddenly, Bramblenose froze. “Wait…did you say it was…dead when you found it?”
    “Yes…why?” Sootpaw said with worry in his voice.
    “Oh Starclan…Pinestar!” Bramblenose shouted, bounding off into the distance.
    The apprentices looked at each other with worry.
    “Pinestar, an apprentice…Sootpaw found a dead snake near the river. A dead one!” Bramblenose panted, digging the ground with her claws. Pinestar’s eyes glistened with fear. She lost her most recent life by a snake bite and must have remembered the event at that moment. “Take Sootpaw and a warrior with you. Go see if there are any more snakes.” Pinestar commanded while Bramblenose nodded, running off.
    “Are you sure it was here, Sootpaw?” Bramblenose asked while Silverpool searched the grass.
    “Yes, I’m sure! I just don’t get why a dead snake is such a big problem!” He protested, searching along with Silverpool.
    “Sootpaw. Look at me.” Bramblenose said, making Sootpaw look at her. “Dead snakes may carry disease or it might mean another animal has been invading our territory…oh Starclan, we forgot to check if the snake had claw marks.” Bramblenose finished.
    “Don’t worry. I’ll go check and I’ll bring Whitetail over to check if there are any more snakes.” Silverpool quickly ran off, leaving a confused Sootpaw and a worried Bramblenose sitting in the darkness.

  71. When Scareyes returned, the cats were separating. With a smile, she realized she had missed that TERRIBLY important mouse meeting. Really, sometimes she thought Featherstar was slightly pathetic. She was a great leader, and she was wise, but sometimes she lingered on the most insignificant things.

  72. In the end, they found out that the snake had died from disease. They also found 3 more dead snakes along the river. “It’s hard to see, but there are probably more dead snakes. We’ll look for them in the morning.” Whitetail said, walking back to camp with Bramblenose and Sootpaw. At that thought, Bramblenose’s heart felt heavy again. “I’m not going to be here tomorrow. Good luck.” Bramblenose thought sarcastically in her mind.
    Back at Riverclan, Bramblenose decided to spend the rest of the time with her friends. After all, when would she ever see them again? Since both of Bramblenose’s parents died when she was little, Bramblenose often counted on her friends a lot. Of course Bramblenose spent time with Graypaw and Grasswhisker, but it wasn’t the same. Graypaw was too young to understand things and Grasswhisker had her own friends and was very moody a lot. Besides, Grasswhisker complains and talks about things to Bramblenose whenever she feels like it. She shook her head. “I don’t get how Ashnose can stand Grasswhisker.” (Ashnose is Grasswhisker’s mate)

    Finally, the time for sleep came. Bramblenose dreamed of the dream she had again, except this time, the images were more vivid than last time.

  73. That night, Scareyes and Runningheart were restless. They knew they had to get some sleep but they couldn’t, unlike Tigerleaf, who was fast asleep.
    “Psst! Scareyes? Are you awake?” Runningheart mewed.
    “Did you think I would be able to sleep??” Scareyes’ voice came in reply.
    “Let’s get out of the den, we’ll wake up the others.”
    Once they were out, Runningheart started walking around the camp, memorizing the scents.
    (to be continued)

    • “Runningheart? What are you doing?”
      “Getting a last sniff of everything….”
      “Don’t be silly. We will be back you know!” Scareyes exclaimed.
      Shaking her head sadly, Runningheart said “Maybe not. I had a dream. Mintleaf- (if you look up to Mosspaw’s naming she was Runningheart’s mentor) she said that one of the chosen few will not…”
      “Will not what?”
      “That’s the thing! I didn’t hear the rest! Tigerleaf woke me up.”
      “Pffft! Tigerleaf! Always interrupting important dreams!” Scareyes said with a hint of laughter.
      “Not funny, Scareyes.”
      “Come on, let’s go hunting.” Runningheart suggested.
      Once they were out of camp, they separated. Scareyes heard a rustle in the bushes beside her. Dropping into a hunting crouch, she watched a mouse appear with a nut in its forepaws. She waited, her ears twitching. It turned around just as she pounced, but it was too late. The mouse was over in a bite.
      When they got back with 2 voles, a mouse, and a pigeon, it was nearly dawn- the night patrol had just returned with a couple of squirrels and a shrew for the fresh kill pile

  74. Hawkheart and Moonpaw padded into camp, with their pelts brushing. The clearing had an eerie silence, until the eager voice of Tigerheart broke into it. “How’d it go?” he asked.
    “good. Nothin’ worth sharing. Just some diseased mice in Thunder clan. As long as there are no sick mice here, i’m fine”
    “oh, okay” replied Tigerheart.
    Hawkheart let out a long yawn. She slowly headed toward the warriors den. When she got inside the den, she curled up in a soft nest and drifted off to sleep.

  75. *In the dream*
    Bramblenose ran through the trees with the monster right behind her. (This was what happened after Silverpool waked Bramblenose up) Bramblenose saw something shiny up ahead. Getting closer, Bramblenose noticed a huge lake. Her friends looked up and their expressions turned to pure terror. “BRAMBLENOSE!” a cat yelled out, but Bramblenose didn’t know who cried out for she had just jumped into the lake, cutting off all sense of smell and hearing. She stayed in the water, not coming back up until the sound of the monster cut off. Bramblenose popped back up and saw a cat dive in the water, plunging in after her.
    *back to real life*
    Bramblenose suddenly sat up, her eyes wide with fear. She shook her self and started pacing but stopped after realising that she would wake the other cats. “Who would jump in a lake to rescue me? Stupid…I’m a Riverclan cat, I know how to stay underwater. Mousebrain…if only I knew who it was, then I could warn them. Well, I can’t exactly blame them…it must have been a natural thing to do with monsters behind and a cat in the lake.” Bramblenose snorted, walking out of the warriors den. She tried not to disturb the other cats and walked towards the elders den. She went in and saw Mousepelt’s amber eyes stare directly at her. “Good luck Thunderclan apprentice.” Mousepelt said, making Bramblenose feel embarrassed.
    “Mousepelt, I was little, alright?” Bramblenose whined, wanting Mousepelt to stop calling her that. Mousepelt meowed with laughter.
    “You didn’t seem to mind when you were little.” The elder said.
    “Okay, fine, I still kind of want to be apart of Thunderclan…but Pinestar would kill me if she found out.” Bramblenose admitted.
    Mousepelt nodded, looking amused at Bramblenose. “You must get going now, Bramblenose. Get there as fast as you can. Scareyes and her friends will be waiting for you. Now go.” Mousepelt commanded. Bramblenose didn’t need to be reminded twice. She bounded out of camp, running as fast as she could.
    (Just in case you were wondering, me and Amulya planned that someone would fall into the lake and I would have to rescue them. So that scene will happen sometime during the quest, if that’s alright with you, Paperclip.)

  76. (Sure)
    It was past dawn by now, and the other cats were about to wake up. The dawn patrol had already left. Brambleclaw had arranged it so that Scareyes and her friends would not be needed for any patrols before they had left.
    “Tigerleaf! Tigerleaf! TIGERLEAF!” Runningheart whisper-screamed.
    “mmmmhhh…. I don’t wanna go.. mouse so close…. almost caught it..” Tigerleaf muttered in his sleep.
    “Tigerleaf! Come on! Bramblenose will be waiting!” Scareyes meowed.
    “Who cares about Bramblenose. She’s a mouse-brained-”
    “TIGERLEAF! GET UP!” Scareyes was almost shouting by now.
    “OK, ok, I’m up!”
    They bounded over to fourtrees, where they had decided it would be easiest to meet undetected, and also because that was where all of the borders met so they wouldn’t have ot walk far to meet the Shadowclanners

  77. Hawkheart arched her back in a long stretch. Careful not to wake any of the others, she padded out of the den. Russetfur was already organizing border patrols. When the deputy saw Hawkheart, she said, “I want you to lead the border patrol with Tigerheart, Snowbird, and Tawnypelt”
    “okay” replied Hawkheart.
    “oh yeah, and get something to eat before you go. You must be hungry after last night’s gathering” added Russetfur.
    Hawkheart nodded and padded toward the fresh-kill pile. She picked up a plump vole and settled down with it in a corner.

    • Bramblenose was getting closer to four trees and noticed three cats waiting. She squinted her eyes and noticed it was Scareyes, Runningheart, and a tired looking Tigerleaf. Bramblenose smiled and raced towards them, eager to start the quest but sad at the same time.
      “Hi guys!” Bramblenose said cheerfully, trying to lighten up the mood.

      • Scareyes looked up and her eyes brightened. “Hi!” she mewed.
        Runningheart replied “Hey, Bramblenose!”
        Tigerleaf just grunted.
        Scareyes glared at Tigerleaf and said “Look, if you want to come on this quest, you have to co-operate with Bramblenose. This is, after all, mainly Bramblenose’s quest.”

  78. Bramblenose didn’t want to start an argument with Tigerleaf because, after all, they were going on a quest together and that would result in some issues.
    “I don’t mind.” Bramblenose said simply, grinning at them. When Scareyes and Runningheart weren’t looking, Bramblenose gave Tigerleaf a meaningful look, that meant “I don’t want to argue with you, but you better cooperate with me if we want to succeed this quest.”

    • Tigerleaf made a face and turned away. “When are those lazy Shadowclan cats coming? I thought we were supposed to meet at dawn not sunhigh!
      Runningheart looked at him disapprovingly “Really, Tigerleaf, I wonder if we should leave you in camp! You co-operate, or you leave. Is that clear?”
      “You sound like Rippleflower!” he growled, referring to the queen who had taken over his care in the nursery.
      “I don’t care how much I sound like Rippleflower, the point is that you are being an annoying stubborn mouse-brain, and you being an annoying stubborn mouse-brain makes things no easier! So, just Shut UP!”
      Scareyes’ eyes were wide. Runningheart never loses her temper. Something must be wrong…
      “Call me when the Shadowclanners arrive, okay Scareyes?” she grunted, (kind of a long grunt though) as she left fourtrees.
      A while later, before the ShadowClan cats had arrived, she returned with a few mice and a chaffinch. “Here.” she meowed. Evidently she wa still in a mood.

  79. Hawkheart padded through the forest with Tigerheart. They were supposed to be patrolling the border near four trees. As they headed toward the border, Hawkheart scented something.
    “River Clan!” she exclaimed.
    “What? Where?” asked Tigerheart.
    “Near four-trees. Why are they here?”
    “Starclan knows what goes through their thick skulls” growled Tigerheart.
    They kept walking until they approached four-trees. Suddenly, Hawkheart stopped.
    “River Clan and Thunder Clan cats!” she hissed, dropping into a crouch.
    “Stop wasting time! Let’s go talk to them” said Tigerheart, flicking his tail.
    The two cats slowly slunk towards the other cats.

    • “Oh look! Shadowclan has finally arrived!” Tigerleaf mewed.
      “Hawkheart! What took you so long?! I though brambleclaw told you to meet us here at-” Runningheart stopped when she saw the other Shadowclanner.
      (@hawkheart23 Aren’t you suuposed to know that you have to meet us here at dawn?! I thought Brambleclaw told you already!!!
      I am bringing Brambleclaw in to see us off)
      Back at Thunderclan camp, Featherstar noticed that Mosspaw and Ashpaw were still skulking about the apprentice den.
      “Brambleclaw?” she mewed. “WHere are Scareyes and Runningheart? Why aren’t they training with their apprentices? They weren’t sent out today yet, and none of the cats have seen them. When the dawn patrol left, they were still asleep. So was Tigerleaf.”
      Brambleclaw was ready. “I sent them hunting. I told them to let their apprentices have a break for the day. A holiday-type thing.” This, however, was only a short-term explanation. When he was newly taken into the clan, and the elders chose him for a quest. His runaway was easy to explain. He had gone to find someone from his previous life and he had found them dead. Come back to thunderclan in grief. That sort of thing. BUt for cats like those three warriors…. they were clanborn. Where could they go without betraying the clan? The elders would know… but that cuold come later. Now he had to make sure they were safely gone.
      He left Featherstar and went to fourtrees.He found them still there, with the chosen Shadowclan cat and her friend keeping a distance.
      “Bramblenose! Scareyes! Why are you still here?!”

  80. Bramblenose was confused by this series of events. She was amazed by Runningheart’s attitude. “She always seemed so calm…” Bramblenose thought to herself in her mind.
    “You didn’t need to yell at Tigerleaf, Runningheart.” Bramblenose said to her when she came back. “We don’t need to get into any arguments if we’re going on a quest together. Don’t let Tigerleaf bother you. You needn’t get upset over such little things.” Bramblenose calmly said, trying to reason things out.
    “And maybe you can be more considerate and think before you open your mouth.” Bramblenose said to Tigerleaf who had a smirk on his face. His mouth dropped open when she said that. (Sorry I wrote what Tigerleaf was doing, Paperclip. It would be awkward if you guys just stood there)
    At the sound of her name, Bramblenose turned around.

  81. (Sorry! I thought Jenny was going to play Brambleclaw and make him tell us about the quest! I got confused!)

    As Hawkheart approached the group of cats, she said, “what do you mean I was supposed to meet you at dawn? We never discussed any of this!”

  82. (tis okay. brambleclaw will explain something now)
    Brambleclaw looked at the shocked cat. “I know we didn’t. There was a problem crossing the thunderpath.” he paused nd glanced don at his front left leg, which was swollen near eh bottom.
    (there! that settles it! This will be continued, I have got to go to sleep)

  83. Hawkheart glanced at Tigerheart and narrowed her eyes.
    “I don’t care what your planning here, I just want to know why your so close to the shadow clan border!” She hissed.

  84. Brambleclaw nodded. “Yes. You will need to join Bramblenose, Scareyes, Tigerleaf, and Runningheart for a quest to rescue Windclan and this quest” He paused, staring into everyone’s eyes “Might change the clans forever.”
    Bramblenose shuffled nervously, glancing at Hawkheart. “What if she doesn’t join us?” Bramblenose thought in her head. “And what about that other cat? Will he come too?”

  85. Hawkheart’s head was spinning. “B-but, I have to stay with Shadow Clan.” she stammered.
    Then she regained steadiness in her voice “How do you guys expect me to leave Shadow Clan? That is where my loyalties lay, not with Wind Clan.”

  86. Runningheart hissed “You have no rspect for what a deputy tells you. If we don’t go on this quest, there’s a good chance that this will include Shadowclan. and it won’t be
    very fun when it does. Like Brambleclaw said, it might change the clans forever.” SHe glared at Hawkheart.
    “Runningheart! If Hawkheart prefers a horrible destiny, then we can let her have what she wants!” Tigerleaf said sarcastically.

  87. “I have respect for what the SHADOW CLAN deputy tells me to do! You can’t tell me what to do!” Hawkheart snarled, ignoring Tigerleaf’s comment. “you Thunder Clan cats act as if you are the most important clan in the forest, always telling others what to do!”

  88. Bramblenose was quiet, watching the others argue before her. Bramblenose bristled at the last comment, glancing at Hawkheart with annoyance. “Thunderclan cats do not act as if they are the most important clan in the forest, Hawkheart.” Bramblenose calmly said, swishing her tail back and forth. “Brambleclaw is a deputy and you should listen to deputies no matter what clan they are in. If you don’t want to join us on this quest, then it’s your choice like Tigerleaf said. We can’t make you choose, Hawkheart. But I say you consider it. Brambleclaw went all the way to Thunderpath and he even got hurt from it.” Bramblenose paused, trying to sound calm like they weren’t in the middle of four trees where any cat could hear them. Her eyes turned turquoise like they always do when Bramblenose feels relaxed and continued, “If you don’t accept, then I say we should get going before the other cats start wondering where we are.” Bramblenose simply said, looking at Scareyes, Tigerleaf, and Runningheart.
    She slowly got up, giving one last glance at Hawkheart before walking off. In Bramblenose’s mind, she was stalling, wanting Hawkheart to go with them.
    (Now’s your chance, Amulya. Take it or leave it. ;) )

  89. (Ya I know! I’m just making this role-play a little more interesting. K? Just to let ya know, in the book it didn’t matter if someone was a deputy or not. Each cat only takes orders from it’s own deputy)

    Hawkheart closed her eyes. Finally she said, “I need you guys to wait here. I must discuss this with Blackstar. I promise it’ll only take a heart beat! Tigerheart, I want you to stay here” With that, she bounded off toward the camp.

    When she reached the camp, she trotted to Blackstar’s den and poked her head inside. “Blackstar?” she called.
    “Yes, come in” came the low voice of her leader.
    Hawkheart padded in and sat down in front of her leader. Before he could say anything, Hawkheart said, “This is really important, and I need you to listen to me”
    Hawkheart briefly explained the situation. Blackstar just calmly listened. Once Hawkheart was finished, Blackstar said, “and you expect me to allow you to go?”
    “well, i’m kind of torn between clan loyalty and-” Blackstar cut her off “What do you think is important here? Really. Just think about it”
    “I know that my loyalty must be to Shadow Clan, but Wind Clan is missing. If someone doesn’t bring them back, Star Clan will be angry because we have refused to keep four clans in the forest”
    Blackstar didn’t say anything. After a long pause, he mewed, “this is your choice, Hawkheart. You may go with them if you wish. But I would prefer you take another cat with you”
    “Thank you. I think I will take Tigerheart with me” Hawkheart dipped her head and mewed her farewell. As she padded out of the den, she heard Blackstar’s voice behind her,”This must be kept secret! I shall tell the clan that you have been sent on a special mission by me”
    Hawkheart pelted toward four-trees, to find the cats waiting for her.
    “I have made my decision” she meowed. “I will come with you on the quest. But, I request of you to let Tigerheart come”
    “what?” replied Tigerheart. “Did Blackstar seriously let you decide? Well if you are going, i’m not letting you go alone” “I guess i’ll come with you” he finally agreed.

  90. (Oh, okay.)

    Bramblenose was shocked that Tigerheart was coming along with them. “It might slow us down…but he could be useful.” Bramblenose thought in her head, slowly nodding her approval.
    (Now we need Paperclip’s cats to say something or it’ll be really awkward…)

  91. (Nooo!! I’m gonna reply anyway)

    “good. When do we leave?” “oh yes, I think we should get some herbs for Brambleclaw’s leg. Marygold and a few poppy seeds will do”

  92. (sorry!. )
    “Thanks, Hawkheart, but I’m not coming. I’ve been on my quest already. Tangleclaw will heal me just fine back at camp.” Brambleclaw replied.
    Scareyes had just been watching everything like a tennis match. Runningheart had been sitting with her back to the group. As for Tigerleaf, he had left in pursuit of a water vole from the stream.
    “I say Tigerheart can come.” Scareyes mewed. “Also, I say we should stop arguing and leave NOW. We’ve spent half the morning over here.”

  93. (it’s alright. Sometimes I just call Jenny and ask her to get on the computer)

    “okay. But I think we need some traveling herbs to keep us from getting hungry. Littlecloud taught me which herbs to use, so no worries” Without waiting for a response, Hawkheart padded deep into the forest and started collecting the herbs. Once she had returned, she said, “eat these. They will not only keep the edge off your hunger later on, but they will give you strength” Hawkheart dropped a bundle of leaves in front of each cat. “I only put in Sorrel, Chamomile, Burnet and Daisy”

    • Bramblenose did as she was told and hesitantly ate the herbs that Hawkheart dropped in front of her. She quickly swallowed, afraid it would taste bitter. Bramblenose stood up quickly after hearing what Scareyes said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. “Okay, then let’s go.” Bramblenose said cheerfully, giving everyone a look. She noticed Tigerleaf’s water vole, thinking “He’s a good hunter. He’ll be good for catching prey when we need it.” Bramblenose thought, half impressed and half-annoyed by the fact that he actually tried catching something while Bramblenose; one of the best hunters in Riverclan just sat there waiting.
      (I think I’m going to make a post about the quest and when to start using Role-play #2. :) )

  94. Tigerleaf looked smug when he noticed that bramblenose had noticed his water vole. He crunched on it ravenously before swallowing hawkheart’s herbs. (I’m in the school library! I thought it would be blocked but it’s not! TBC)

  95. (I like how you used the word ‘ravenously’. I’ll have to use it more often during writing.)

    “We’re heading towards the moonstone and we’re just going to keep on going straight afterwards. I guess we’ll just have to try to survive while keeping an eye out for Windclan.” Bramblenose announced, her mood dropping after realizing that they don’t really know where to search.

  96. “I think..” Scareyes meowed “We should go towards the Windclan camp on our way to the Moonstone.”
    “Yes,” agreed Runningheart. “That way we will be able to guess the direction they went in.”
    “But I’m no good at hunting rabbits!” came Tigerleaf’s wail.
    Runningheart rolled her eyes.

  97. This will be continued in Role-Play #2 if that’s okay with you guys!!! And check out my recent post if you want information!!!

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