Role-Play #2

Here’s the role-play! Please, let’s try not to mess this up!

We’re all in different clans, so when you add something, please write something like: Meanwhile at Riverclan… or Riverclan: or At Riverclan… and so on.

*Since we’re on a quest, you do not have to do the above^.*



So have fun! If you have any questions, please write then in ( )!!!




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  1. “Good idea.” Bramblenose responded, nodding. She started padding towards Windclan, motioning with her tail for everyone else to follow.
    “Oh, and Tigerleaf? Rabbits aren’t that hard to hunt. They’re just fast. If you can hunt a water vole, I’m sure you’ll be able to hunt a rabbit. I’ll show you someday if you want.” Bramblenose called back, picking up her speed. She congratulated herself for being nice to Tigerleaf. So far no arguments.
    (I do hope Tigerleaf wasn’t being sarcastic about not being able to hunt rabbits. :D )

  2. Hawkheart obediently followed Bramblenose with Tigerheart flanking her. Overpowered by curiosity, she bounded up to Bramblenose’s side and mewed, “How did you come to know about this quest?”

  3. (He wasn’t. I would’ve said.)
    “Good luck” meowed Brambleclaw as he left, limping.
    Scareyes lingered at behind with her friends at the back of the group. “Guys,” she whispered, so the others wouldn’t hear. “Listen. Runningheart, you shouldn’t be grumpy. You’re never grumpy. Ever. I know this quest is bothering you and you miss them all back at camp. i do too. But be your normal bubble self ok? please? And as for you, Tigerleaf.. try to cooperate with bramblenose! She’s not that bad at all.” And with that she scampered ahead.

  4. Bramblenose cocked her head to the side like she always does when one asks her a question. “Mousepelt told me. One of the elders. When I was an apprentice, Mousepelt and the elders were people I talked to a lot when I didn’t feel like talking to other apprentices.” Bramblenose said, thinking back to when she was an apprentice. She thought of the times Silverpool and Whitetail talked about the stupidest things with the other apprentices, about who could hunt the most prey and who had the courage to talk to a warrior. Bramblenose would roll her eyes and quietly walk off to Mousepelt and she and the other elders would always have a new story for Bramblenose.
    After coming from her thoughts, she squinted her eyes, seeing that they were almost to Windclan.

  5. “I’m sorry about how I acted back at four-trees” apologized Hawkheart. “I guess I was just a little flustered” she continued, staring into the depths of Bramblenose’s green eyes.

  6. “It’s fine.” Bramblenose said, wondering why everyone was apologizing to her recently. “It’s not as if I’m Pinestar.” Bramblenose thought.
    She saw Windclan and burst ahead, stopping shortly after she saw the mess it was in. Blood was scattered everywhere like dandelions and leftover fur from cats were found here and there. Bramblenose shivered while examining the mess.

  7. “What in she name of star clan has happened?!” Exclaimed Hawkheart, staring in awe at the catastrophic mess layed out before her. “something must have attacked. Perhaps it was a group of badgers!” she ventured.

  8. “I hope they’re alright…” Bramblenose murmured to herself, walking off.
    She wanted to think. Hunting always helped. Bramblenose froze. “What am I doing? This is Windclan territory, not Riverclan territory…but Windclan’s gone…” Bramblenose said, eyeing a rabbit run past her as if taunting her to go hunt it. Instinctively, Bramblenose dropped into a crouch. She immediately stood up again, shaking her head at herself. “Will you stop hunting and actually think?” Bramblenose scolded herself. She made her way deeper into Windclan territory, forcing herself not to look at the dead bodies of Windclan cats. “It couldn’t have been a badger…we would have scented it already and would have seen dead badgers.” Bramblenose said slowly, trying to figure out this mess.
    “It couldn’t have been cats from the other clans…that would’ve been obvious.” Bramblenose stated, sitting on a rock to think.
    “Monsters? No. We would’ve heard the noise and why only destroy the Windclan cats?”
    “It…can’t be other wild cats…though there’s a possibility…” Bramblenose shook her head. “No. They would’ve also made a lot of noise.”
    Suddenly, Bramblenose got an idea. “I’ll just see what kind of cuts one of the dead cats have.” She cautiously walked over to one of the cats, trying not to vomit. Immediately, she saw two small holes in the back of a cat’s leg. “Snakes? Rats? Yes. That was probably why we found the dead snakes!” Bramblenose announced, happy with herself for finding this out. She sprinted back to the others, ready to tell the news.

  9. Hawkheart stared down at the body of Heathertail, her friend from Wind Clan. There was lump of grief in her throat, and she tried to push it down. “She’s in Star Clan now” she murmured. Carefully she bent down and rested her muzzle on the dead she-cat’s head. It was drained of all warmth, and all was left of her was the cold limp shell of her old self. Hawkheart lifted her head as she heard Bramblenose calling out happily. “what is making you so happy?!” she growled as she saw Bramblenose bounding towards them. “Aren’t you the least bit sad about this?” She felt tears well up in her eyes as she saw a scrawny kit lying near it’s mother. It was terribly battered, with it’s fur slicked with blood.

  10. “I found what caused this, that’s what. Snakes. It’ll help us on the quest.” Bramblenose said, still oblivous to what was lying around on the ground because she kept trying not to look at the dead cats. She stopped, noticing that Hawkheart’s voice quivered when she spoke. Bramblenose slowly looked down and saw a dead kit. She quickly fastened her eyes ahead again, not looking at anything but the distance. She felt bad for the kit, having to die at such an early age. Bramblenose would be crying but she couldn’t–she had hunted too many animals to cry at this situation, even though she wanted to. Bramblenose thought back to when she first successfully caught her first piece of prey-a water vole. She cried because she felt bad for it. Hearing Bramblenose cry, her mentor came and explained to her the process of hunting prey and after a few more times of hunting, she finally got used to it.

    Bramblenose took another quick look at the kit before trying to pinpoint where Scareyes, Runningheart, Tigerleaf, and Tigerheart were.

  11. Hawkheart looked at Bramblenose and said, “What if the snakes make they’re way to the other clans?” Hawkheart felt bile rising in her throat as she thought about what could happen to her clan.

  12. “Well, we did find a few dead snakes along our border. They probably died off or something.” Bramblenose answered, “Don’t let that bother you. They’re strong enough to fight them off if there are still snakes left. But I’m sure there aren’t any left.” Bramblenose knew that Riverclan would be able to fight them off if there were still a few left. Pinestar was a clever leader and had her ways. She also knew that all of the warriors would be able to help. Riverclan cats were clever.
    (Where in the world is Paperclip?)

  13. (God knows)

    Hawkheart felt reassured in by bramblenose’s words. She turned to Tigerheart. “Do you think our clan will question our loyalty when they know where we have gone?” She murmured
    “I honestly have no clue” he replied.
    Hawkheart sighed. “Sometimes I don’t why I make such impulsive decisions”

  14. “Hawkheart, this quest is going to help our clans. Of course they aren’t going to question your loyalty. Plus, you talked to your leader.” Bramblenose said. Bramblenose didn’t want anyone to back out and she made a personal goal to keep everyone alive. But the more Bramblenose thought about what lies ahead of them all, she got more and more nervous. “They’re going to count on me to get them to saftey. After all, they did say this was mainly my quest.” Bramblenose thought, now realising what big responsibility she had.
    (I think we should wait for Paperclip, Amulya. Maybe we can take a break on the role-play until she comes back.)

  15. I been realllllllllllllllly busy and I have also got guests and everything! I was also feeling a little squeamish the past few days. So boo hoo. I ‘ll try catch up later! doing hw was checking my email

  16. Scareyes looked around at the devastated scene. She flinched at the sight of the kit and its mother. She padded over to the mother and touched her nose to the queen gently. She recognized one apprentice as Dawnpaw. As a younger apprentice she had strayed into thunderclan territory. Runningheart had noticed her stuck on a tree branch, but since Runningheart was not the best tree climber, she had asked Scareyes to rescue her.
    “It’s horrible.” She heard Runningheart meow. She sounded distant, even though she was just behind Scareyes, gazing at the apprentice as well.
    “Terrifying.” Tigerleaf agreed. Scareyes could smeel his fear scent.
    “If they were snakes, how could they kill fully grown cats? Where was the Windclan medicine cat?”

  17. “just a single snake bite is enough to kill a cat within a few moments, Tigerleaf. I’ve seen it happen myself” she flinched at the memory of her former clan mate Honeyfern writhing on the ground shrieking. Hawkheart had been an apprentice then, but the memory was still fresh. Hawkheart sighed. “Unfortunately there isn’t a herb to cure snake bites”

  18. (that was tigerleaf talking. He’s the stubborn ignorant annoying one with a good heart inside.)
    “I’m sure Tigerleaf knew that.” scareyes said.
    “Of course! I was just.. ehem… expressing my shock!” meowed Tigerleaf.
    “YOU GUYS!” runningheart cut in.
    They both stopped immediately.

  19. (oh sorry, I got confused and thought that you were talking. I’ll change it)
    Hawkheart just watched as Tigerleaf tried to defend himself. Her whiskers twitched with amusement as the three cats argued.
    “Do you guys always argue this much?” she asked.

  20. Meanwhile, Bramblenose was thinking, pacing around before finally sitting on a rock. “I’m sure there are more Windclan cats…Starclan couldn’t have let the snakes kill off every single one…we’ll have to search for them.” Bramblenose murmured to herself, eyeing the Thunderclan cats who were arguing over something. Suddenly, Bramblenose felt a strange sensation as if someone or something was watching her. She smelled the air and immediately knew who it was. “Graypaw. Berrypaw. And your other friend…what’s his name…I keep forgetting…Stonepaw? No…Sootpaw. Yes. That’s it. Come out.” All at once, Graypaw and Sootpaw tumbled out from behind the trees, landing in a heap of fur in front of Bramblenose. “Yes, even you, Berrypaw. Come out or I’ll have to tell your mother.” Out came a frustrated looking Berrypaw, looking very annoyed.
    “I told you to be quiet, Sootpaw. And Graypaw, you kept falling behind. Now look what just happened.” Berrypaw scolded her friends.
    Sootpaw glared at Berrypaw while Graypaw just stood there, whimpering.
    “It’s not her fault that she cut her foot on a rock because you were practically running like a mousebrained cat, not even letting us pause for a second!” Sootpaw spat, glaring angrily at Berrypaw. Bramblenose stood in shock, looking amazed at Sootpaw.
    “Wait…Graypaw’s hurt?” Bramblenose hesitantly asked.
    Sootpaw turned around. “Yes, and it’s all because of Berrypaw’s mousebrained plan to spy on you–” Sootpaw was interrupted by Bramblenose shouting “You guys! Come here! Hawkheart! Scareyes! Tigerleaf, whatever! Just stop arguing and get over here!” Bramblenose shouted impatiently, her tail swishing back and forth.

  21. “Oh, Great queen and almighty leader of this quest, we are coming to join you, you need not be awaiting your humble servant!” Tigerleaf meowed (very un cat-like, but in my head, that’s just the kind of thing Tigerleaf would say!)
    “Tigerleaf! Stop annoying all the cats in the forest that you possibly can!!” Runningheart meowed. Scareyes kept silent and padded over to Bramblenose.
    “More Riverclan cats?” She asked, before she could see them.
    “What are they doing here?” Runnigheart asked.

  22. When Hawkheart saw the apprentices, she snorted. “Apprentices. Always have to get their paws in other cat’s business”
    Tigerheart just gazed at the little cats. Finally, he meowed, “this is your responsibility, Bramblenose. You were supposed to keep them at camp”

  23. Bramblenose tried to hold back her laughter when Tigerleaf said that, trying not to smile. (Yes, I was cracking up when you wrote that, Paperclip. XD)
    “They decided to follow me and now Graypaw is hurt. If we send them back to camp, they’ll probably blabber it to the whole clan. What should we do? Can someone get some cobwebs or whatever to help Graypaw?” Bramblenose said in a rush. Berrypaw faced Bramblenose. “We are NOT going back to camp. Well, atleast I’m not. The others can go.” At this point Berrypaw snarled at Sootpaw and Graypaw while Sootpaw glared back. “I want to come with you, Bramblenose! Please?” Berrypaw bounced up and down around the warriors while Graypaw just sat there as still as a rock, her eyes never leaving the ground. Bramblenose thought for a moment. “Let’s try to sort this out first. We need a plan.”

  24. (thankydoo)
    “I say we swear these apprentices to secrecy- that is if Bramblenose thinks tey’re trustworthy- and send them back with some fresh-kill, so they can say they’ve been h. Oh, and they better get rid of the Windclan sent somehow.” suggested Scareyes.
    Tigerleaf snorted “They’re Riverclan! I don’t trust them!”
    “Tigerleaf!! If you don’t trust Riverclan you don’t trust Bramblenose, and if you don’t trust bramblenose, you can’t come. It is bramblenose’s quest, after all.” Runningheart scolded.

  25. “I say we just send them back to camp!” Hawkheart snapped. Turning directly to Bramblenose, she said,”May be if you had at least thought of telling your clan leader a bout this, we wouldn’t be in this mess. We’re wasting precious daylight here!”

  26. “We were never meant to tell our clan leaders about this. I’m surprised Brambleclaw didn’t stop you. Though I doubt you would have listened to him.” Scareyes hissed back at Hawkheart.

  27. Bramblenose was deep in thought. “If we send them back, they’re bound do cause suspicion. I mean, who in their right minds would send three apprentices out hunting without supervision?” She said slowly. “If we let them come with us, they’ll slow us down…”
    Berrypaw cut in, “We will NOT slow you down. I am capable of hunting for myself. And I’m sure I can take care of Sootpaw and Graypaw.” Bramblenose shot Berrypaw a glare and continued talking to herself.
    “Well, Berrypaw is able to hunt for herself…but…then if we send them back…we could get Silverpool to pretend…no…to much work? I dunno…” Bramblenose muttered, thumping her tail.

  28. Hawkheart just kept quiet while Bramblenose sorted everything out. While she was waiting, a familiar scent hit her tongue. She mewed to the others,”hey guys, I scent something funny over here. I’m gonna go check it out” With that, she turned away and started tracking the strange, but familiar scent. Suddenly, there was a rustle in a clump of heather near by. The bush rustled again, and a pair of silver ears popped out. Hawkheart crouched a tail lengths away from the bush, ready for a surprise attack. A heart beat later, a silver tabby pulled itself out. “Moonpaw!” Hawkheart exclaimed. Her apprentice looked slightly embarrassed about being found. She shifted her paws and looked at the ground.
    “What are you doing here?” Hawkheart demanded.
    “Blackstar told me about your quest, and he said that I should come with you”
    Hawkheart just stared at her for a few moments.
    “I knew Blackstar was going to do something crazy like this”
    “Does that mean I can come?” Moonpaw pleaded.
    “WelI I can’t send you back, that would be defying blackstar’s orders”
    “Does that mean I can come?” Moonpaw repeated.
    “Yes” Hawkheart conceded. “Let’s get back to the others”
    They padded back to the spot where they’re companions were standing.

  29. Back at the Thunderclan camp….
    “Thank you!” meowed Brambleclaw, leaving the medicine cat den. He padded over, limping only slightly, to Featherstar’s den.
    “Come in, Brambleclaw.” Featherstar meowed, scenting him before he even spoke.
    “Featherst-” Brambleclaw began.
    “Brambleclaw, why would three faithful warriors leave us? We need them. They showed no sign of disloyalty before! Maybe Tigerleaf’s annoyed he’s the only one without an apprentice. But Runningheart? And Scareyes? Who will mentor their apprentices? They left everything!” Featherstar was genuinely distressed.
    “On the subject of apprentices, I think Lilypaw is ready for an assessment. I could take on Ashpaw’s training and you could take on Mosspaw’s.”
    “Very well.” Featherstar replied. “The ceremony will be at sunset if you think she’s ready.” Bramble claw dipped his head respectfully and left to tell Lilypaw the news.
    “Are all the cats in the forest coming to join us now?!” Tigerleaf meowed irritably.
    “You know, I think he has a point.” came Runningheart’s mew. “If we take all these apprentices along, there’ll be ten of us on this quest.”
    “I don’t think apprentices should come either. This will be dangerous, and apprentices are important- they’re the future warriors of our clans.” It was Scareyes who spoke this time. She thought to herself If they come, they’ll just make everything more depressing for Runningheart- she barely mentored Mosspaw for a few days. Unconciously, she edged closer to her best friend.

  30. Bramblenose watched the Riverclan apprentices. “I think we need help. We could send Sootpaw and Graypaw back to Riverclan by using Silverpool as an escuse. And Berrypaw…do you think it’d be alright for her to come? Or we could send her back. What do you guys think?”
    Berrypaw looked pleadingly at the others. “I’ll be good. I can hunt. I’m good at hunting. I’ve caught a mouse before! And I can scare things off easily!”
    Bramblenose snorted. “Yes, I’m sure.” She muttered to herself.
    “Hey, I heard that!” Berrypaw shrieked, jumping on top of Bramblenose. Bramblenose batted Berrypaw away as if she were an annoying insect. “Try harder next time.” Bramblenose said, glaring at Berrypaw.
    Berrypaw hissed, narrowing her eyes. “There might not be a next time.” She turned to the others. “Can I? Please?” She protested, staring at each of them.

  31. “Blackstar requested of me to take Moonpaw!” Hawkheart spat. “You know how he is. Always arrogant, just like when he sided with Tigerstar!”
    Hawkheart heard a small gasp come out of Tigerheart. “That’s just disrespectful” He scolded. “You should never speak of your clan leader like that”

  32. “I think it’s unfair for -what’s their names?” Scareyes began.
    “Sootpaw and Greypaw.” Runningheart answered.
    “Yes, them. I think it’s unfair for them if we let Berrypaw come and not them. If we send two back, we send all of them back- and that includes Moonpaw. I don’t care what Blackstar says, Hawkheart. He shouldn’t have sent an apprentice. If we let one come, the all come.” Scareyes meowed.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath High Rock for a clan meeting!” yowled Featherstar. Most cats already knew that Lilypaw was going to become a warrior.
    “I, Featherstar, Leader of Thunderclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn.”
    “Lilypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?”
    ” I do ”
    ” Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior name. Lilypaw, from now on, you will be known as Lilysong. Thunderclan welcomes you as a full warrior.” Featherstar looked down, smiling, and rested her muzzle on Lilysong’s head. The chorus of voices rang out: “Lilysong! Lilysong!”
    “In tradition of our ancesctors, Lilysong must sit a vigil. BUt before that I have some more announcements to make.”
    (gtg TBC_\)

    • “As you all know, three loyal ThunderClan warriors -Scareyes, Runningheart, and Tigerleaf- have mysteriously disappeared. If anyone has any idea where they are, or scents them anywhere, please report it to either me or Brambleclaw.” She scanned the assembled cats. Good. No one looks uncomfortable or is hiding anything- I think she thought to herself. Then she continued: “Two of these have left their apprentices without mentors. We cannot delay their training. Therefore, I call upon my warrior ancestors to give these apprentices new mentors. Ashpaw, you have lost your first mentor, so your new mentor will be Brambleclaw. And Mosspaw, you have lost your first mentor alarmingly early in your training, so I, Featherstar, shall be your new mentor. Hopefully, if and when they return before your Warrior ceremonies, your training will be passed back to them. ”
      Brambleclaw looked innocently at Featherstar when she scanned the cats. He hoped she wouldn’t notice his tail twitching like it always did when he was nervous.
      Later on, Lilysong was sitting in the centre of the clearing, watching the moon during her vigil. She desperately wished that her sister, Runningheart had been there for her Warrior ceremony.

  33. (Wait, so who was Lilysong’s mentor…? Just a tad confused.)

    “Do you want to go, Graypaw?” Bramblenose was worried for her sister because she was the smallest of all the apprentices and might not have enough energy to go on the quest. Graypaw finally spoke, her voice ringing out. Graypaw hardly spoke but when she did, she captured eveyone’s attention because when she spoke it was hardly without any flaws and her voice was as steady and smooth as the river flowing through Riverclan. “Yes. I want to prove that I can accomplish things even if I am timid. And I am sure that Sootpaw will come too, for he will get lonely back in Riverclan without us. If I complete this quest and come back to Riverclan” She hesitated before saying “alive”. Graypaw closed her eyes and when she opened them, her eyes were glazed with fear. “The apprentices might treat me with more respect.” She finished, staring boldly at Bramblenose. Bramblenose looked proudly down at her sister, Bramblenose’s eyes slowly turning turquoise when she felt proud.
    “And you? Sootpaw?” Bramblenose nodded towards Sootpaw. When Sootpaw spoke, he was the exact oposite of Graypaw. His voice was like the sound of the rocks in the river, and he was also known for his protectiveness when someone was being mean.
    Sootpaw nodded. “Yes. Like Graypaw said, I will get very lonely in Riverclan. I also found the snakes, remember? I want to find out what happened because I am facinated by these things.” He paused before continuing, “I want to learn new things and I think this quest will be the perfect opportunity to do so.” He finished, looking eagerly into the distance as if something new might appear. Bramblenose nodded before turning back to the crowd.
    “Then it’s settled. Berrypaw, Sootpaw, Graypaw, and Moonpaw shall join us on this quest. I know it’s a large group, but I have a feeling we can make it.” Bramblenose met eyes with everyone, looking confidently at them. “While we’re on the quest, we’re going to have to cooperate with everyone” At this, she met eyes with Tigerleaf, giving him a look. “And apprentices; you are to follow the order of any of these warriors if they tell you to do something.” Bramblenose looked meaningfully at the apprentices, especially Berrypaw. “Yes, every warrior. Even Tigerleaf.” Bramblenose muttered to herself before climbing down the rock, shaking her head.

    (I’ll write something in the Riverclan point of view next time too but I think this comment is getting alittle long. :) )

  34. “I heard that!!” Tigerleaf spat at Bramblenose. He glared at the apprentices. “You pesky apprentices better not slow us down.”
    Runningheart looked down sympathetically. “Don’t mind him,” she whispered to them. “He’s the only warrior on this quest without an apprentice. He doesn’t like having all of you here.” She paused for a moment. “I had an apprentice. She was called Mosspaw. I think you met her in the last gathering? S’pity I never got to train her that much.”
    Scareyes knew none of her friends were absolutely delighted with the decision to have the apprentices accompany them. She herself wasn’t sure either. But at least Runningheart was reacting ok. Tigerleaf… she wasn’t so surwe about him.

  35. Hawkheart followed the others, staying close to Moonpaw and Tigerheart. As they padded on, Hawkheart noticed a rabbit nibbling on some grass near by. Instinctively, Hawkheart dropped into a crouch, with legs tucked tightly underneath her. She stealthily prowled towards the creature, lifting her paws of the ground ever so lightly. Suddenly, the rabbit twitched it’s ears and bolted off. But Hawkheart was faster. With the speed of Star Clan, she lifted off and made an enormous leap and landed with the rabbit under her claws. The rodent let out a shriek, and after Hawkheart snapped it’s neck, it lay motionless under her paws. She grabbed it by the scruff and dragged it back to where the others were waiting.
    “Who wants some rabbit!” she called.

  36. Bramblenose’s ears twitched after hearing what Runningheart said. “I’m sure he could teach Graypaw. He could teach her how to become more confident in herself. And I’m sure Sootpaw would love to learn about everything.” She said to herself, walking off, hesitant to tell him; not sure if Tigerleaf would agree to it.
    She heard Hawkheart call out so she turned towards her, finding a dead rabbit clentched between her jaws. Bramblenose smiled. “Great job, Hawkheart.” She purred, congratulating Hawkheart.
    In Riverclan, the cats were murmuring in worried voices, all about the same thing. Bramblenose, Graypaw, Sootpaw, and Berrypaw. Silverpool was pacing nervously, occasionally looking around, as if they would come back.
    “Calm down, Silverpool, maybe they went hunting.” Whitetail said, but Silverpool could see the fear in his eyes as he sat on a rock.

    “I knew it. I just knew those apprentices would follow her. It must’ve been Berrypaw’s idea. I should’ve stopped them. I knew it.” Branchpelt kept muttering to himself, looking nerously at the other cats who were looking nervously at Pinestar as if she would hold the answers to everything and not any other cat.

  37. Back at Thunderclan camp…
    Lilysong had completed her vigil. She had been desperate to do something to find her sister during her apprenticeship, but now she was a warrior, she hoped Featherstar might let her go. Approaching her leader’s den, she meowed uncertainly “Featherstar? May I speak to you?”
    “Come in, Lilysong.” came featherstar’s meow.
    Lilysong rushed straight to the point. “Oh, Featherstar, I’m really missing Runningheart! I really, really want to go look for her. Please can I go? I’m a warrior, I’m sure I could do it!”
    Featherstar sighed. “If I was going to send anyone, which I’m not, wouldn’t you think I would choose a more experienced warrior?”
    “Oh, but Featherstar, I’m her sister!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?”
    “Lilysong! We cannot afford to lose any more warriors!”
    “What about Tanglepaw and Creampaw (mentioned before, Lilysong’s brothers)? They’ve been training just as long as me!! Why can’t you make them warriors and let me go?”
    Feahterstar’s voice was firm. “Lilysong, this conversation is over. No cat is going after them. You may leave my den.”
    “But-” Lilysong began.
    “That was an order, Lilysong. Leave my den. NOW!” Featherstar’s icy blue eyes were bright with anger.
    Scareyes left to hunt with her clanmates. They disappeared into Windclan territory, with Tigerleaf complaining about the rabbits. After a while they returned with three rappits and a scrawny vole.

  38. “Sure. But we should get going before anyone sees us. Can we atleast go behind some trees or something?” Bramblenose said impatiently, clawing at the dirt.
    Back in Riverclan, Pinestar suddenly jumped on the high rock, where all the cats were already gathered. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath high rock for a clan meeting!” Pinestar said, even though everyone was already there.
    She looked around at the nervous cats before beginning. “You’ve all probably noticed Bramblenose has gone missing, along with her apprentice Berrypaw. Bramblenose’s sister Graypaw is also missing and their friend Sootpaw is missing too. We all are wondering where they are and most importantly, why they went away without anybody knowing.” At this point, she met eyes with some cats, and each of them revealed no sign of knowledge of the cat’s disappearance. “If any of you happen to know or has overheard anyone say anything, please report it to me and Branchpelt immediately.” Now everyone stared at Branchpelt who was still muttering, looking nervous. Branchpelt was being really obvious that he knew something, but Pinestar thought it was just concern for the cats. “Bramblenose was good friends with Branchpelt, Silverpool, and Whitetail and I’m sure they’re all scared for their friends’ safety. Please be very nice to them as we go through this difficult time. I know Starclan will be watching them and they’ve been very loyal to this clan and are true Riverclan cats.” Mousepelt suddenly coughed loudly, making everyone turn around.
    “Sorry…hairball.” She lied, the medicine cat rushing towards her.
    Pinestar continued as if nothing happened, “I don’t know anything about their disapperances, but I know Starclan has made it happen so I know they will return.” Pinestar leaped off the rock, leaving everyone wondering the same thing: Will they ever return?

    Branchpelt was still in a daze but he soon recovered, noticing cats staring at him. “Oh, right. Hunting patrols.” He took Pinestar’s place and began scanning the cats, immediately looking for Bramblenose but then remembering she wasn’t here, his heart sinking. “Okay…erm…we’ll have Leaftail, Spiderpelt, Morningdew, and Mouseheart for the hunting patrol.” He decided, as those cats stood up. “I’m going to go take a walk.” He muttered, accidentally saying it out loud.

  39. “Okay!” Hawkheart mewed as she bent down to pick up the rabbit. With the fresh-kill hanging from her jaws, Hawkheart padded over to a thick cover of heather and placed the rabbit between Bramblenose, Tigerheart and Hawkheart. Hawkheart tore off a hind leg and finished it off in quick, ravenous bites. When the others had finished, she pulled herself to her paws and said, “We should keep going now, don’t you think? I want to find some trees for cover to rest when it gets dark. I don’t feel comfortable out here in the open”

  40. (Whoops. I forgot to do a section of what’s happening back at Shadow Clan)

    In Shadow Clan~

    “Blackstar, may I come in?” Russetfur called from the entrance to Blackstar’s den.
    “Yes” Blackstar answered in a soft voice. When Russetfur stepped in, the first scent that hit her tongue was the rank stench of sickness. When Russetfur looked up, she let out a startled gasp. Her leader’s usually sleek and well groomed white pelt was dull and matted on some patches. His eyes were blood red, and his breaths came out as painful rasps. “What are you looking at?” he suddenly snapped. Russetfur jerked her reddish-orange head, obviously startled by her leader’s tone. “I-I wanted to ask you about Hawkheart and Moonpaw” she stammered.
    Blackstar just ignored her, staring into space. “I’m going to get Littlecloud” she decided. With out waiting for his reply, she shot out of the den and made her way to the Medicine Cat’s den. When she poked her head in, she saw Medicine cat crouched over some herbs.
    “Yes, Russetfur?” he meowed.
    “Blackstar is looking awfully ill. I’m afraid he’s gotten green cough”
    “Okay. I will look him over” he replied as he got up and padded toward the entrance. Russetfur backed out, giving him more room to pull himself out.

  41. Scareyes chewed on the rabbit she had caught ravenously- she hadn’t had a thing that morning. She watched as Runningheart offered her second rabbit to Tigerleaf, who was poking at the measly vole he had caught miserably. He took the rabbit graciously, after biting off what little meat there was on the vole. At least Tigerleaf was being friendly towards his own clanmates. If only he would act nicer to Bramblenose and Hawkheart…
    Lilysong looked back at the camp, her eyes glowing bright with fury. “I’ll show Featherstar that I can do it!” she had said to Creampaw. “And you drop some hints about becoming a warrior. I don’t see why I should and you shouldn’t.”
    Creampaw had replied. “I think you were only made a warrior because Brambleclaw needed to be free for an apprentice.”
    “No, she was just being a biased mouse-brain.”
    “Lilysong! SHe’s your clan leader! THe leader’s word is law, you know that!”
    “I’m surprised you don’t care about our sister more than you do!” Lilysong had spat back. NOw, just outside the camp, she looked back once more. “Goodbye, Creampaw, Tanglepaw!” she whispered. Then she followed her sister’s slightly stale scent through the forest all the way to fourtrees.

    She looked ahead into WindClan territory. without a doubt, her sister had gone there.
    Taking a deep breath she thought: What would Runningheart do? SHe pictured her sister looking into Windclan territory with Scareyes and Tigerleaf, and then scampering ahead. She closed her eyes, took another deep breath, and ran ahead.

    At first she didn’t register the bodies around her. She was only focussed on her sister’s scent. BUt then the body of an apprenttice barred her way, and she thought ferafully, “that’s why they didn’t come to the gathering! They were attacked- but by what?!” She brushed her thoughts away and hid in thebracken, for she had noticed a large group or cats- probably about ten- sitting, eating prey. SHe instantly recognised Runningheart. Scareyes, and Tigerleaf. Then she saw two Shadowclan warriors and a Shadowclan apprentice, and one Riverclan warrior and three Riverclan apprentices. She longed to leap forward and question them but she simply sat and waited, listening.
    She heard Tigerleaf say to Runningheart “I hope this quest is for real- I mean, only Bramblenose has had the dream from Starclan.”
    Lilysong listened to this with her eyes wide. That was all she needed- just that one sentence. She didn’t hear Runningheart’s disapproving reply- she was so wrapped up in her thoughts. Then she quickly jumped up and ran back to THunderclan, making the bracken and grass rustle in her wake.
    Back at the camp she cried out “I know where they are! I tracked them and I know where they are!!”
    (this is getting too long, I will contiinue later.)

    • camp:
      Featherstar came running out of the medicine cat’s den. She and Vinesoul had been discussing the dream that Vinesoul had recieved from StarClan about three warriors and a quest. “Yes?”
      “Oh, Featherstar, they’re on a quest from StarClan and they’re going through WindClan territory! Umm… what was it Tigerleaf said – oh yes – he said ‘I hope this quest is for real- I mean, only Bramblenose has had the dream from StarClan.’ Yes, that was it!” Lilysong meowed. “Let’s send a patrol to get them back! All three of them! Oh, and there were some Shadowclan cats and there and some RiverClan cats.”
      Featherstar and Vinesoul exchanged a glance. Leaping on to High Rock, Featherstar called another meeting. “Cats of ThunderClan, we have found our missing warriors! Lilysong trailed them through into WindClan territory where she heard them speaking of a quest from StarClan, and a dream.”
      “How could a regular warrior receive a dream from StarClan?” protested Roundface.(A random name… made it up on the spot!)
      “If you remember, certain warriors have recieved dream regarding quests before now” replied Featherstar. “Anyway, Vinesoul has had a dream regarding three cats and a quest as well. I have decided that we will leave them to their quest.”

  42. “Sure.” Bramblenose nodded in approval, looking over at the Thunderclan cats. “Scareyes, Runningheart, Tigerleaf. We’re leaving.” She called out, waiting patiently for them to come.
    Branchpelt quickly slipped out of camp and out of habit he reached the cluster of pine trees–Bramblenose’s favourite place. He sat there, wondering whether he should tell Pinestar or not. After a while, Silverpool came, followed by Whitetail. Branchpelt turned around and saw Silverpool’s eyes misting, trying not to make contact with anyone. Whitetail stood next to Silverpool, their pelts brushing as Silverpool continued to stare at the ground. Branchpelt saw a mouse and in a heartbeat, he had it dead at his paws. At that moment, he knew he should tell them. They were his and Bramblenose’s friends. “I know where she is.” He said flatly, staring at the mouse.
    Whitetail and Silverpool both looked up at the same time, staring wide eyed at Branchpelt. “Where?” Whitetail asked. “Is she alright?” Silverpool added.
    Branchpelt sighed. “I don’t know much. All I know is that she went on a quest. She was talking to Bramblenose about it after the gathering.” He finished. “Don’t tell anyone. I promised to her that I wouldn’t speak of this to anyone. I had to tell you because I couldn’t take it that you two wouldn’t know.” Branchpelt said in a rush, looking antsy as if he had just run from a monster. Whitetail and Silverpool both looked sad and confused at the same time. They both gave each other looks, all thinking the same thing. Ask Brambleclaw.
    As if Branchpelt could read their minds, he said “No. Don’t ask him. He doesn’t know where they are. And that’s a command from your deputy and as a friend.” He added, swiftly picking up the mouse and walking off.

  43. “Berrypaw, Graypaw, Sootpaw. We’re leaving.” Bramblenose called ot the apprentices who were huddled in a corner, whispering. After Bramblenose told Sootpaw to watch Graypaw, she ran ahead, eager to leave Windclan and to officially start the quest.

  44. Scareyes licked her paws to clean off any remaining pieces of rabbit, anticipating that this could be her last good meal for a while. She looked back to check whether her Clanmates were finished. Tigerleaf looked back at her and blinked, while Runningheart was distracted and didn’t look up from finishing off her rabbit.
    “Come on, Runningheart.” Scareyes meowed quietly. “Are you done?”
    Runningheart looked up, licking her lips, and meowed. “Yes, now I am.” She looked up. It was past sunhigh, but not quite sunset yet. She added, “We’d better get going soon. I’d say we should move off WindClan territory by today, or at least reach the border.” She looked at every cat in turn to see if they agreed.
    “Hmm.. I think so too.” Scareyes meowed, looking up at the sky in the same way Runningheart had.
    Tigerleaf nodded. “I hope these apprentices will keep up. I’m still not sure about bringing them along.”
    Scareyes looked at him empathetically, to show she agreed, but she meowed “It’s been decided, Tigerleaf. They’re coming.” SHe gave her friend a quick lick on the ear to comfort him.
    “Featherstar?” Lilysong piped up just before her leader leaped down. “There’s something else important.”
    “What is it Lilysong?” Featherstar replied.
    “Umm, I know why WindClan weren’t at the last gathering.” She took a deep breath and carried on. “When I tracked down Runningheart, Tigerleaf and Scareyes, I went through WindClan territory. When I went, there were dead bodies strewn over the ground everywhere. Warriors, kits, elders, apprentices, queens, the lot. They smelled of- well, I didn’t notice it at first, but when I think now, the scent of snake was everywhere. Even stronger than it is at Snakerocks!”
    A ripple of shocked murmurs went thorough the gathered cats. Featherstar meowed seriously, “Thank you, Lilysong.” Sheleapt down from the rock and straight away headed for her den, motioning for Brambleclaw, Vinesoul, Lightstep and Mistyskies (those two are senior warriors, btw, also they are Featherstar’s kin.) to follow with her tail.

  45. Bramblenose nodded, never taking her eyes off the path ahead of her. “Yes. Then we’re going past that. And then we’ll see from there. I know it doesn’t sound promising, but we’re not quitting no matter what.” Bramblenose said firmly, looking back to see if the others were catching up.

  46. “You know what?” Hawkheart snapped around and fixed Tigerleaf with mutinous glare. “Why don’t at least try to get along with the rest of us! You can’t blame Bramblenose for obeying the will of Star Clan!” “If you keep acting like this, we’ll all get sick of you!” she growled. With those words, Hawkheart stalked off towards Bramblenose.

  47. Bramblenose was shocked, but didn’t say anything about it. “It’s fine. Tigerleaf is right. I don’t know where we’re going.” Bramblenose wasn’t someone who got mad often. Instead, she used her mind to solve problems. “You know what, Tigerleaf? I think you should lead.” Bramblenose stopped, stepping to the side. She looked at Tigerleaf calmly, looking sincere. “Go on. You’re brave, aren’t you?” She said, staring at him blankly, waiting for him to respond.

    • Tigerleaf faltered, but swiftly regained his rash confidence. “All right. If you really want me to lead, then we’ll split up and search all through WindClan territory for survivors, or at least the scent of a live WindClan cat. Tomorrow, if we find a scent, we’ll head in that direction. If we don’t, THEN we’ll head towards Highstones.”
      Runningheart admired his confidence. If she had been in his place, she would have immediately apologized and let Bramblenose lead. He had also completely ignored Hawkheart. She would have exploded.
      Scareyes stared at her friend, bewildered. Surely Bramblenose was chosen to lead by StarClan.
      (Just making things difficult…)

  48. Bramblenose smirked. “Of course, leader of this long and difficult journey. Choose the groups, then. Go on.” She said, swinging her tail impatiently. Bramblenose didn’t wait for him to respond. She was sick and tired of his behavior. She knew there must be a reason for his annoyingness and she was determined to find out. “You know what? Everyone just go and take an area and search it until you can’t smell anymore. Tigerleaf, you are going with me. I need to speak to you. Oh…and the apprentices…erm…Hawkheart, could you take them or something?” She announced. Bramblenose wasn’t one to anger quickly. Like a Riverclan cat, Bramblenose uses her cleverness to solve problems. (I’m gonna make a post about this soon.)

  49. “Tigerheart, you can go with Scareyes” Hawkheart added. Tigerheart let out a snort of contempt. “Since did you start giving me orders?” But he didn’t say anything more. He just twitched his thick tabby tail and padded away.
    “Anyways, lets go explore this place!” Hawkheart mewed to Bramblenose and Tigerleaf before bounding away into the endless moorland.

    • “What about me?!” meowed Runningheart, annoyed as the others left.
      Scareyes blinked apolgetically. “How about one of us stay with the apprentices and the other two go together?” Scareyes looked at Tigerheart for an answer.

      Tigerleaf looked longingly at his friends, then headed in the same direction as Bramblenose, except he stayed a fox-length to their right. His head was up and he was looking ahead. He didn’t intend to listen to anything that Bramblenose character said. Or her little followers Tigerheart and Hawkheart.
      Brambleclaw was out patrolling the ShadowClan border with Lilysong and Ashpaw. He stopped suddenly, confused by what he smelled. He opened his nouth to breathe in the scent again. “Stop!” he hissed suddenly, making Ashpaw jump. “Is that scent what I think it is?”
      Lilysong sniffed and nodded uncertainly.
      Ashpaw jumped in alarm and mewed, “Badger!”
      Brambleclaw nodded. “There’s a badger at Snakerocks. Again.

    • “Right then. COme on, apprentices. Let’s go look in the direction of Highstones.” Scareyes meowed.
      Runningheart blinked her Big Blue Eyes and said. “Well come on then. How about near the Shadowclan border?”

  50. Bramblenose sighed. She walked along with Hawkheart, occasionally pausing. She realised that time was running out. She had to talk to Tigerleaf about this or else things might get worse. Bramblenose fell back and whispered, “Tigerleaf, may I ask you why you hate me? I’m sorry to mind your personal business, but does it have to do with anything that happened in the past or something that makes you so annoying? Or is it just your own personality? I mean, if you atleast try…” She trailed off, realising she was talking nonstop. “You don’t have to tell me…all I’m asking is that…” She stopped talking, staring patiently at the ground for Tigerleaf to respond. “I’m sorry that I call you annoying. It’s just that I’m trying to cooperate with you but you just seem to..” Bramblenose stopped again. “You mousebrain. Stop talking and listen to what Tigerleaf has to say.” She thought in her mind.

  51. Tigerheart nodded. “But we better not get too close. Only Blackstar knows about this quest. If we meet a Shadow Clan patrol, they’ll claw both of our ears off, and I’ll be taken back to camp”

  52. “I quite like my ears. Let’s stay out of sight.” Runningheart agreed.
    Scareyes headed in the opposite direction, looking back to see if the apprentcies were following.
    Tigerleaf avoided Bramblenose’s eyes. A part of him wanted to collapse, and just sprout out the whole story. Another part, a stronger part, told him to ignore her and kepp his head up. “I’m not annoying. You’re annoying.” he began, raking at the ground with his claws. “Why should I tell you anything? Why should you be bothered about me?”
    (I’ll write an actual post thing about Tigerleaf’s Tragic story. I gtg right now)

  53. “And how am I annoying, may I ask? Just because you act annoying doesn’t mean that I’m the annoying one! I’m bothered by you because you’re being mousebrained. You keep on saying sarcastic remarks, bothering other cats, and so on. The list doesn’t stop. And you know what!? You’re doing this quest with me. So either you keep on acting like this until one of us starts clawing your fur off–which I really want to do right now–or you tell the truth–the entire truth–and cooperate with us.” Bramblenose was practically yelling at Tigerleaf now. She tried using her mind, but Tigerleaf was making her very mad and she couldn’t stop. “Tell me what’s bothering you and maybe I’ll decide not to claw your fur off. Maybe we can actually be friends. Maybe we can actually succeed this quest and get back to our clans in one piece. Maybe we can find out anything. Everything.” She stopped, catching her breath. Bramblenose had not yelled at anyone that way before. She wasn’t used to it. But there was nothing stopping her now. “And maybe we can find a solution to your problems. Maybe we can find a solution to my–” Bramblenose hesitated, realising that she almost revealed an important yet sad part of her life. Her eyes were bright green which rarely happened because Bramblenose was usually very calm. She gave Tigerleaf a look but she also felt nervous as she darted ahead of him, muttering to herself. “What a mousebrain you are. Maybe he’ll just let that comment pass so he won’t question me…” Bramblenose said to herself, glancing back.
    (Amulya won’t be doing the role-play anytime soon (she’s busy) so you can just reply or something.)

  54. Bramblenose looked at Tigerleaf, not trusting him enough to tell him. “If I tell you, you’ll tell everyone.” her voice was at a whisper now, so nobody could hear what they were discussing. Suddenly, she came up with an idea. “Plus, you’ll still be annoying after I tell you.”

    • Tigerleaf meowed “You don’t know that! You don’t even know me. So don’t judge me!!!” He took a deep breath, then continued. “Fine. I’ll tell you. Because I don’t believe you’ll stop pestering me if I don’t.”

      • Tigerleaf took another deep breath. “My mother was Riddle, of BloodClan. You know, Scourge and all that. My father was Smoke, a heartless rogue with no thought for other cats. I’d be surprised if I met a friend- or even an acquaintance!- of his. When I was born, Riddle gave me to my father to take care of because she feared being found out, but he left me in the forest, in ThunderClan territory. Rippleflower, a queen, found me. She was going to get a drink from the stream. That’s what she always told me, anyway. I loved her like she was my mother. I loved her more than my mother. She already had kits and they were too young to remember anything, so she just smuggled me into the nursery. I grew up in ThunderClan, and only Scareyes and Runningheart and Featherstar knew about how I wasn’t Clanborn. Then, one day, I met my mother. She was stealing prey. It was like looking into a lake and seeing my reflection. She recognized me- but she told me how I had disappointed her, and how I had a heart too soft, of how I was meant to be trained as a killer, like her and my father.. I chased her away, onto the Thunderpath, and a monster came- and ran over her. I killed her.” Tigerleaf’s voice became shaky. “And I don’t regret it. No one knows that part but Featherstar. And Rippleflower. She haunts me. Day, and night, and in my dreams.”

  55. Bramblenose listened intently, occasionally nodding. When Tigerleaf was finished, Bramblenose thought carefully. It was a long time before she spoke. “Tigerleaf, surely it wasn’t you who killed your mother. You didn’t know that there was a monster coming.” Now that she knew exactly why Tigerleaf was acting the way he was, Bramblenose was determined to help him. “You know…” she said slowly, “I’m not clanborn either.” Bramblenose finally said, staring at the ground. “And yet nobody knows. Not even Pinestar. I just never really thought of telling anyone and I don’t want to tell anyone because then I’m afraid they’ll look at me differently. The only cat who has come close to knowing is Mousepelt–an elder from Riverclan–and that’s because I was being a silly apprentice.” Bramblenose twitched her tail nervously since she was about to reveal a secret.
    Berrypaw, Sootpaw, and Graypaw were following Scareyes. “I told you I could convince Bramblenose.” Berrypaw said triumphantly. “When we come back, we can tell all the apprentices about it!”
    Sootpaw hissed. “If we ever do come back.”
    Graypaw looked at her two friends gloomily before looking at her cut that was now bandaged. Sootpaw looked at Graypaw. “I know you don’t care for the other apprentices, Graypaw. But maybe if we do come back, they’ll treat you differently.” He said simpathetically.

  56. Moonpaw just padded along by herself. The other apprentices were having a private conversation. She didn’t want to interrupt, it would look really awkward.

    Tigerheart padded three tail lengths from the Shadow Clan border, keeping to clumps of heather for cover in case they met a patrol. Suddenly, he scented a familiar smell. It was a patrol! “Take cover- now!” he hissed at Runningheart. He dove under a clump of heather, hoping it would disguise their scent.

  57. Tigerleaf mewed “Then where were you born?”
    Runningheart leaped into the same clump of heather. She kept deathly still, waiting for the patrol to pass by.
    Scareyes noticed Moonpaw and realized she was feeling left out. She slowed down and tried to break up the RiverClan apprentices’ conversation by meowing “Do any of you scent WindClan? Live WindClan?” She thought there was a very faint scent leading towards Highstones, but she wanted to test them.

  58. Bramblenose stopped walking and paused, looking at Tigerleaf. “My…my father was from Thunderclan. My mother was from Riverclan. First, my mother had Grasswhisker, my sister. She didn’t like Thunderclan. She wanted to live in Riverclan. So she did. Then, my mother had me and soon after, my sister, Graypaw. We never even set paw on Thunderclan.” Bramblenose suddenly meowed with laughter. “Except for those few times I decided to run away to Thunderclan.” She continued, “We were always raised in Riverclan. Before I even became an apprentice, my mother and my father both died. They were killed in a war between the clans. Shortly after that, I became an apprentice along with Grasswhisker. Everyone loved Grasswhisker.” Bramblenose paused, thinking back to what had happened. “And of course she was older than me so she always enjoyed bossing me around.” Bramblenose hissed, narrowing her eyes. “Back then, Silverpool, Whitetail, and Branchpelt all were apprentices. We immediately became friends. Mousepelt took care of me and my sisters when we were young. Whenever I had problems, I would always tell Mousepelt and she would always tell me stories. Everyone thought I was a Riverclan cat who’s father ran away from Riverclan…something like that. I’m not sure…I don’t know how they can make these things up, but I’m glad nobody knows the truth.” Bramblenose paused, staring at the ground. “When Graypaw became an apprentice, me and Grasswhisker became warriors along with Silverpool, Whitetail, Branchpelt, and a few other apprentices. Oh, no, it didn’t happen all at once. Of course Grasswhisker became a warrior before me.” Bramblenose rolled her eyes. “She immediately found a mate called Ashnose and sometimes even forgot she had sisters. Well, I wasn’t about to be like that. I was born to hunt. I love hunting prey. It helps me think. So day and night, I would go out and hunt. Sometimes Silverpool would join me, other times I would go by myself. Silverpool…she was born to swim. She loves water. She’s good at fishing, too. Whitetail and Branchpelt were natural tree-climbers and they would always go on patrols.” Bramblenose suddenly tensed, looking towards the distance. “I’ve always wanted to live in Thunderclan. They just seem so brave…and…so friendly…but I couldn’t let anyone know that. Only Mousepelt knew that because I was being a foolish apprentice. Yes, I would sometimes sneak out and dare myself to go up to the Thunderclan border…but never farther than that. Don’t get me wrong…I love Riverclan. But I like Thunderclan too, unlike Grasswhisker. So…now you know. Now you know everything about me. My past. The present. Oh, right, my mother’s name was Breezepelt and my father’s name was Hawkclaw.”

    • (Oh wait, I’ll respond to the apprentices one…)
      Immediately, Berrypaw spoke up. “Yes, I do! If they come, I’ll be ready.” she growled, unsheathing her claws.
      Sootpaw rolled his eyes. “Berrypaw, they’re not that close, relax.”
      Graypaw looked up. She smelled the air. “Actually…I think they might be in a different direction…? Are they coming here, Scareyes?” Graypaw’s eyes widened, looking up at Scareyes with fear.

  59. (sry!!)
    Just as Tigerleaf was about to respond he heard Hawkheart yowl, “Bramblenose! Tigerleaf! I scent Wind Clan! It’s fresh, too!”
    Runningheart stood up as soon as the Shadowclan patrol had passed. “Phew!”
    Scareyes looked down at the apprentices. “I don’t know.” she meowed honestly

  60. “Wait!” Tigerheart snapped. “Are you crazy? They could still scent us! You have to be careful. Also, if another patrol scent Thunder clan on their territory, that could start a war! We need to get rid of your scent”

  61. Bramblenose turned towards Hawkheart, a flash of worry crossing her face briefly. Bramblenose also tasted the air. “You’re right.” Bramblenose murmured. “Should we hide?”

    • (Oops. I forgot to do the apprentices again. Sorry.)

      Sootpaw shrugged. Berrypaw sheathed her claws, relaxing. Graypaw continued to stare ahead into the distance as if she could see something the others couldn’t see.

  62. Tigerleaf meowed “No need to hide. We’re looking for them, aren’t we?”
    Runningheart flinched at Tigerheart’s yowl, but protested, “No, they wouldn’t. The wind is blowing towards us.”
    “I don’t think we need to fight. We’re on a quest from StarClan, anyway. Why don’t we follow the scent? That’s what we’re meant to be doing, anyway.
    ( are we all gonna be like, scenting the same thing till our paths cross? Or are their separate groups of WindClanners?)

  63. (Darn, I thought thought it was Lilysong and Thuderclan, not Windclan. *facepalm*)

    “Oh, right.” Bramblenose said. “But they might get startled when they see us…or maybe they ran away recently…? Let’s just keep going like Hawkheart said.” Bramblenose concluded, leading the way, trying to be quiet like she was hunting down prey. Her eyes turned to turquoise again and she almost dropped into a hunters crouch but stopped herself. “I guess I’m so used to it that I naturally do that.” she thought in her head, turning back to look at Tigerleaf and Hawkheart.

    • (huh…….? then what about the WIndClan scent?!)
      Tigerleaf watched Bramblenose almost fall into a hunting crouch with an amused gleam in his bright emerald eyes. “They’re not our prey, you know.” he meowed before heading forward.

  64. (Yeah, sorry, I got confused…my brain wasn’t thinking properly. XD)

    “Right…sorry.” Bramblenose said sheepishly, scolding herself.
    “What should we do now?” Berrypaw asked Scareyes, looking anxious.

    (Let’s wait for Amulya to respond or something…)

  65. I’m better now, so i’ll go!

    P.S: Do you guys like my new avatar? I took it myself. Oh, darn…. it still says Hawkheart23 on my comment! What do I do? Can I delete my account that has this name on it?

  66. Moonpaw shrugged. “I don’ know, follow the scent, i guess,” mewed Moonpaw

    Hawkheart tasted the air. “C’mon, this way,” she said, pointing her muzzle towards the huge mountains in the distance, that seemed to scrape the horizon with their summits.

    “Russetfur was on that patrol. She has this super good sense of smell, for some reason. I don’t think we can be too careful,” explained Tigerheart.

    • Runingheart rolled her eyes and mewed, “Well, we’re not on their territory are we? Plus, we’re on a quest from StarClan. AND they’re gone now, so it doesn’t matter.” she turned around and left, not looking to check whether TIgerheart was following.

      Tigerleaf padded along beside Bramblenose and Hawkheart, eyes fixed on the mountains.

      Scareyes meowed “That way.” flicking with her tail towards a set of what seemed to be never ending mountains where the Clans had never been.
      (will like, this search and that search meet up? at the Wind Clan border?)

  67. (Yeah, i think that’s what Jenny said)

    Tigerheart just shook his big tabby head and followed Runningheart.

    “Okay!” exclaimed Moonpaw, bounding off towards the huge peaks in the distance, her small silver tabby tail swishing.

    “Do you guuys think we’ll meet the mountain cats on our quest?” ventures Hawkheart. “Perhaps we can even meet Stormfur and Brook! Iv’e heard their names in stories, but iv’e never met them,” she continued.

    • Tigerleaf meowed “I hope so!” (WAIT! this doesn’t make SENSE!!!! If we are still in the forest territories, then Stormfur would still be with RiverClan because he leaves DURING the Great Journey!!!)
      Runningheart headed towards Highstones. ‘ShadowClan! Ugh!” she thought to herself.
      Scareyes smiled at Moonpaw’s enthusiasm and set off.

  68. (Actually, this does make sense because we’re not following the book’s rules, remember? :) )

    Bramblenose made a sort of squeak when Hawkheart mentioned the two mountain cats. She looked down, her eyes turning green, looking alert.
    Berrypaw, Sootpaw, and Graypaw followed Scareyes. Graypaw broke out of the group and decided to walk next to Moonpaw, smiling at her shyly.

  69. “Hi!” mewed Moonpaw cheerfully. “I can’t wait until we find Wind Clan! Who wouldv’e ever thought a group of apprentices like us would ever be a part of an awesome quest like this?! We’re gonna make history!”

    “And plus, Stormfur used to be in River Clan, Bramblenose! You might get the chance to meet one of your clan’s biggest heroes!” said Hawkheart excitedly.

    Tigerheart quickly caught up to Runningheart and mewed, ” Where do you everyone else is? I wonder if they’ve found anything interesting”. He paused, waiting for Runningheart to respond.

      Runningheart mewed “Maybe they have but we have too. WindClan!” There was they faintest of faint scents in the direction in which Scareyes’ patrol had left, mingled with the scent of fear.

      Tigerleaf could barely resist bouncing up and down. He had alwasy wanted to meet Stormfur- from the stories, he sounded like an amazing cat.

      Scareyes smiled and headed forward. Apprentices. Suddenly she missed Ashpaw a lot. She quickened the pace.
      Brambleclaw, Lilysong and Ashpaw sprinted back to camp as fast as they could. Featherstar padded over to them. “What’s wrong?” she meowed.
      Brambleclaw began to narrate what they had seen.

  70. Bramblenose trodded ahead, her mind full of thoughts. “I wonder if the mountain cats will take kindly to us…Bramblenose, stop it. You always worry too much.” Bramblenose accidentally said out loud.
    “Probably…I do hope this quest will make our lives change because I’m sick of the other apprentices picking on me because of my size. I just wish…” Graypaw trailed off, looking at the ground. Noticing Scareyes move quicker, she followed, her eyes still on the ground.

  71. (I was just looking at the cat characters page and I noticed that Bramblenose is really pretty!)
    Moonpaw suddenly noticed that Graypaw was only 3/4 of her own size. “I never even noticed that you were a little smaller than the rest of us until now,” she remarked, hoping to brighten the other apprentice’s mood a bit.

    Tigerheart sighed. “I guess we better track them now,”

    As Hawkheart padded on, a disgusting stench wafted through her nostrils. She let out a snort of disgust. “What is that rank stench? If I breathe this air for any longer I might puke!”

    P.S: When we get back to our clans, i’m going to choose a cat called Venomstrike for a mate. (He looks Wayyyy better than Nightwhisper! LOL)

  72. (Aw, thanks you guys. :) Hmm…Venomstrike…no Adderfang anymore, huh? :P I’m not sure about me since I want to be an “independent cat” but I’ve always taken a liking to mountain cats…me and Amulya have been thinking about it and I might end up with a mountain cat. Note I said might. But I’m still not sure. I’m deciding. I still want to be an “independent cat.” I have time, don’t I? ;) )

    • (I just didn’t have the time then.. I opened it but had to close it again to go to have some FOOD O-O I like food.)
      Scareyes stopped abruptly. “Is that Hawkheart, Bramblenose and Tigerleaf?” she meowed uncertainly. She opened her mouth to taste the air, just to make sure.

      Runningheart followed the scent as fast as she could before looking over her shoulder. Good. Tigerheart was following her. She slowed her pace. (AAH I HAVE TO GO FOR DINNER TBC )

  73. Tigerleaf padded on, closer and closer to highstones, where Scareyes’ patrol was heading.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch there own prey gather beneath Highrock for a Clan meeting!” yowled Featherstar. The border patrol had just returned, and every cat could scent their fear as they ran into camp. Feathersatr’s call had been unnecessary- most cats were alreay gathered.

  74. (It’s fine. And thank you.)

    Bramblenose kept her eyes ahead, ignoring Hawkheart’s comment about the horrible smell. “It’s probably Thunderpath or something…” she said absentmindedly, trodding on after Tigerleaf. Riverclan cats had to smell fish all the time, of course Bramblenose would be used to smelling awful scents. She didn’t particularly like the smell of fish but Bramblenose could do nothing about it. That was why her favorite spot was deep within the pine trees of Riverclan where the trees mostly covered the stench up.
    Graypaw brightened a bit, looking curiously at Moonpaw. “Well thank you.” she said before keeping her eyes on the path ahead of her.
    Berrypaw and Sootpaw were walking side by side, Berrypaw occasionally batted Sootpaw’s ear, getting into a play fight.

  75. Moonpaw blinked her pretty blue eyes at Graypaw warmly.

    “You would be used to it,” muttered Hawkheart, not loud enough for anyone to hear.

    Tigerheart wondered where his sister was. Was she okay? Had she encountered any danger? But unfortunately, he wouldn’t know the answer to any of these questions for a while.

  76. GOSH GUYS there is NO ASHPAW on this quest. The apprentices on this quest are:
    And Sootpaw.
    All Riverclan except moonpaw. and ashpaw’s thunderclan- Scareyes’ apprentice. )
    Scareyes watched the apprentices over her shoulder.
    Tigerleaf was buried in thought. What had made him tell all that to Bramblenose? She wasn’t even a ThunderClan cat! A dark voice inside his head told him he wasn’t either, since he wasn’t clanborn, but he shook it away.
    Runningheart slowed, thinking about Mosspaw. Who was mentoring her? Was she alright?

  77. (Yeah…Amulya told me she got confused because Gray and Ash…you know, identical…)

    Bramblenose noticed the air getting clearer as they traveled closer to highstones. She paused, scenting Scareyes’ patrol. “Tigerleaf…Hawkheart…I think Scareyes and the rest are nearby…” Bramblenose murmured. She recognized Graypaw and Berrypaw’s scent immediately, perking up a bit. Personally, Bramblenose was eager to get to highstones and to properly start this quest. “When did Windclan get so huge? It always seemed so far away and small from a distance…” Bramblenose thought in her mind, twitching her tail impatiently.
    At once, Graypaw realized that her sister Bramblenose was near. “It’s Bramblenose!” she burst out cheerfully, making Berrypaw pause in mid-leap. Sootpaw sighed a sigh of relief. “Where!?” Berrypaw exclaimed. “Don’t be a mousebrain. You can’t see them yet but they’re close.” Sootpaw chimed in, swiping his paw across Berrypaw. At once, the two aprentices got into a fight, tumbling over each other. Graypaw rolled her eyes, following Scareyes obediently.

  78. “You can smell them?” Hawkheart asked. “Also, we might not even be in Wind Clan territory anymore,” she added.

    Tigerheart stared at Runningheart’s glossy white tail as he thought about his crazy life.

    Moonpaw quickly trotted ahead to catch up with GRAYPAW. (Sorry, I just had to put that in capitals because I said the right name)

  79. “I can too.” Tigerleaf speeded up slightly.
    Runningheart padded onwards, not trying to start a conversation with Tigerheart. She stopped abruptly. “GREAT! I’ve lost the trail!” She spat. The scent of WindClan had gone fainter and fainter, till it almost faded away. She stood, looking up at Highstones, the direction in which the trail had been heading before. (Can Tigerheart pick up the trail now?)
    Scareyes continued faster, wanting to see if the WindClan scent passed over the border.

  80. (Okay)
    “I can pick up a faint scent of Moonpaw from here,” mewed Hawkheart.

    Tigerheart padded past Runningheart and took in all the scents coming in from every direction. When he caught a scent of Wind Clan coming from the North. It was faint, but still possible to track. “Okay, I’ve picked up they’re scent again. Let’s go,” Tigerheart said to Runningheart before walking towards where the scent was coming from.

    Moonpaw notice Scareyes practically running now, so she exclaimed, “Hey! Wait for me!”

  81. Bramblenose beamed as she saw the view of highstones getting clearer and clearer. Her pretty turquoise eyes shined. “At last.” Bramblenose thought. “I’m finally getting away. I’m finally experiencing what I’ve always wanted to experience before. To go on a quest and see the world. Now I’ll be a story. When I become an elder, I’ll tell this story and it will be passed on, just like Stormfur’s story.” At that thought, she gained some more energy and bounded on, getting closer and closer to Highstones and Scareyes’ patrol.
    Graypaw mewed, trying to catch up with the rest. She stumbled, falling behind. Berrypaw glanced back, seeing Graypaw fall. She slowed down. Sootpaw noticed, also slowing down. They padded back, helping Graypaw get back to her feet again. Even though Berrypaw liked teasing Graypaw, she was still Graypaw’s friend. Sootpaw stood on Graypaw’s right side, purring softly. Berrypaw stood on Graypaw’s other side, wishing to run her heart out but her friends would always come first.

  82. Moonpaw was already way too far ahead of the others to notice Graypaw trip, so when she caught up to Scareyes, she mewed excitedly, “Look! I think I see Hawkheart, Bramblenose and Tigerleaf!”. “See those specks over there?” she asked pointing with her muzzle off into the distance.

    Hawkheart just followed Bramblenose as she tracked the scent of their friends.

    Tigerheart just kept following the never ending trail that Wind Clan had left.

  83. Runningheart looked ahead. She could see two groups of miniscule specks nearing each other in the distance. “We all followed the same trail!” she meowed to herself, amused. She looked back at Tigerheart, who was padding slowly along behind her. “Such a snail…” she muttered as she sped up.

    “Mmmhmm,” Scareyes nodded, smiling. She halted, waiting for Sootpaw, GrEypaw, and Berrypaw to catch up. “It seems that WindClan have travelled beyond Highstones.” She gestured to the mountains with her tail. “You know about the Tribe and Stormfur, don’t you?”

    Tigerleaf gazed blankly on at Highstones, lost in a gloomy abyss of thoughts about about Riddle, Smoke and BloodClan. He let out a sigh. Why him? Why not some other cat? He looked up at the darkening sky and remarked “Once we meet, at the border, it’ll be a bit dark to continue.”

  84. (Wait….I thought Tigerheart had picked up the trail now! Never mind…..)
    “Gosh! What’s the hurry?” Tigerheart mewed to Runningheart as she was practically running now.
    “Of course I have!” Moonpaw exclaimed. “Tawnypelt told me all about the great journey she went on with him! She told me of how his sister jumped of a cave ledge just to save the tribe!”
    Hawkheart was getting tired of walking at this slow pace. She started to trot ahead of the others.

  85. Bramblenose looked back at Tigerleaf. “Then we’ll just have to stay there for a night, don’t we?” she replied. “Scared something might find its way and attack you?” her eyes glinted with amusement.
    Greypaw sighed, nodding to Scareyes’ question. Bramblenose had talked way too much about Stormfur and how she wished she could have gone on a quest. “Well, now her wish is granted, isn’t it.” she thought in her mind, rolling her eyes.
    Berrypaw, on the other hand, looked at Moonpaw and Scareyes with excitement, her eyes shining brightly. She loved to hear the story even though she had also heard it a bunch of times from the elders.
    Sootpaw half-listened and half concentrated on staying on the right trail, his senses alert.

  86. (We have and we’re following it….)
    Tigerleaf gave Bramblenose a deathly glare. She didn’t have someone haunting her, almost possessing her. Especially at night… Tigerleaf suppressed a shiver.
    Runningheart meowed, irritated, “What’s the hurry? We’re on the hugest Quest since the one to the sun-drown-place and we haven’t even left Clan territory!” she added to herself “And ShadowClan is so LAZY!”
    Scareyes nodded “Of course you do. Well, I’ve got a feeling we might have to go there to find WindClan.” Her mind wandered to the time when Brambleclaw had told her about his quest, when she had snuck out of camp as a kit and strayed into RiverClan territory in search of an adventure.

  87. (I love Runningheart’s attitude! lol)
    Tigerheart let out a snort of contempt. “You know I heard that last comment! I’m not deaf!”

    “Actually, Bramblenose is right about the creatures coming out at night. There are several badger sets around here, and if they smell us or hear our movement…..well you know what happens next,” Hawkheart said in a concerned tone.

    Moonpaw flicked Scareyes’ ear with the tip of her silver tail. “Hey! You kind of dozed off there!” She added with an amused twitch of her whiskers, “You almost tripped over a rock too!”

  88. (Let’s add some drama, shall we? ;) )

    Bramblenose nodded, blinking gratefully at Hawkheart. “You can’t take a joke, can you, Tigerleaf.” she said, her voice wavering slightly. Without looking at him again, she bounded off, wanting to run until she couldn’t run anymore. Soon, they saw Scareyes and the apprentices, a few feet away. In the distance, she could see Hawkheart’s brother and Runningheart.
    The minute she saw Bramblenose, Berrypaw ran off, thundering towards her. Sootpaw choked on the dust she left behind. “Did…Berrypaw…have to do that?” He got out, coughing again. Graypaw laughed, her laugh sounding like the twinkling of little bells. Her eyes shined brightly. “That’s Berrypaw. She’s always full of adventure.” Graypaw thought in her head.

  89. Moonpaw decided she wanted to stretch her legs a little too. “Wait for me!” she called after Berrypaw. She raced off after the other apprentice.

    Hawkheart noticed her apprentice speeding towards her. Hawkheart twitched her whiskers in amusement. “Apprentices,” she mewed playfully. Suddenly she felt something heavy smack into her flank. She let out a small surprised squeak, and realized that Moonpaw had slammed into her sided. Hawkheart stumbled to the side a little, but then cuffed Moonpaw around her ear. “Stupid furball!” she scolded playfully.

    Without waiting for Runningheart’s response, Tigerheart bounded over to the others.

  90. Runningheart blinked in frustration, wanting to yowl at the top of her lungs. She ran fast as she could, much faster than Tigerheart. Soon enough she could see her friends approaching each other.

    Scareyes blinked as she stumbled. She laughed as she watched the apprentices run ahead. She couldn’t stop worrying about her Clan, though. And Ashpaw? How was he? She shook her head and sped up more. Now she was running. She stopped a fox-length away from the others to wait for Sootpaw and Greypaw to catch up.

    Tigerleaf just followed Bramblenose silently, and padded over to Scareyes. He meowed, his voice barely a whisper. “I told her.”
    Scareyes’ eyes snapped wide open “Told who?!” There was no need to ask Tigerleaf what he was talking about. She knew very well.
    “Bramblenose, She squeezed it out of me, the fox-hearted cat. Said I’d have to tell her if we were to get along on the quest.”
    “She’s not fox-hearted! She’s actually quite nice!” Scareyes protested.
    “EVERYONE you know is ‘quite nice’ for you, Scareyes.” Tigerleaf suppressed a sigh of exasperation, before turning to look to the side. “Runningheart’s here.”
    Scareyes laughed “Left Tigerheart behind, has she?”
    Runningheart padded over, “Hi! I couldn’t stand that Shadowclanner, so I ran on ahead.” Her blue eyes sparkled as she meowed, “So, what news has you two sitting here gossiping like a couple of elders at a gathering?”
    Scareyes meowed “He told Bramblenose about.. you know. The past.”
    “Bramblenose! Why?” Runningheart’s eyes were wide with shock, just like Scareyes’ were when Tigerleaf told her.
    “He said she forced f him. And he called her fox-hearted.” Scareyes meowed accusingly.
    “Bramblenose would never do that! And she’s really nice!” Runningheart meowed.
    Tigerleaf muttered “She-cats. Pfft.” Before scampering off after something to eat.

  91. Bramblenose blinked when she saw Berrypaw run towards her. At the last minute she shifted to the side and Berrypaw kept on running, not even noticing she missed Bramblenose. “You missed.” Bramblenose called out. Berrypaw skidded to a stop and turned back, pouncing on Bramblenose. “Try harder next time. Actually watch where you’re going.” Bramblenose instructed as she pushed Berrypaw off.
    Sootpaw and Greypaw ran over to the others, glad that Scareyes had waited. “Thank you.” Greypaw said politely before running off to join Berrypaw and Sootpaw.
    “Go practice with your friends. I’m going to explore.” Bramblenose stood, running off, away from everyone else.

    Soon, Bramblenose smelled a mouse nearby. Her whiskers twitched. Bramblenose followed the scent and saw a mouse in a patch of grass. She dropped into a crouch, her tail swishing from side to side.
    Back in Riverclan, Whitetail and Silverpool still stood there after Branchpelt had long gone. “I want to find her.” Silverpool finally spoke, making Whitetail turn to face her. “You will not do such a mouse-brained thing.” He snapped, glaring at her. “Who knows where she is? We don’t need another cat gone missing, too.” Silverpool didn’t flinch. She stared back at him. “Aren’t you worried for Bramblenose?” Silverpool said coldly. “Of course I am. But I’m worried for you, too. I’m not going to let you run off searching for Bramblenose when you don’t even know where she is.” Whitetail said, “And what will I do if you’re gone?” Silverpool shook her head. “You have Branchpelt.” She said simply. “He’s a deputy. He has other things to worry about.” Whitetail responded. “It’s not use arguing with you.” Silverpool muttered, walking away. Whitetail sighed and climbed up a tree, staying there for a long time.

  92. Tigerheart padded over to Hawkheart and touched his nose to her’s. “I guess we’re going to have to stay here for the night,” he said.
    “I’m not looking forward to it. Who knows what’s lurking here in the shadows. We have apprentices here! They could easily get hurt,” Hawkheart mewed with a hint of concern in her voice.

    Moonpaw trotted over to the other apprentices. “Hi guys!” She mewed happily.

  93. (Thanks for waiting! I was on a dolphin-watching trip yesterday! I will post about it tomorrow.. or on Friday. When I remember.)
    Tigerleaf’s eyes gleamed as he ran back into WindClan territory. He knew he was no good at hunting rabbits and hares out in the open, but he decided he would settle for a nice vole or mouse, if they even had them in this moorland territory. Sure enough, he caught the scent of a vole nearby. He stalked up to it and pounced before it could notice him. He finished it with a bite and buried it. He would pick it up in a few moments. He wasn’t done hunting.

    Runningheart meowed, “What’s bothering him?” as she watched Tigerleaf run off.
    “No idea.” Scareyes meowed.

  94. (Oh gosh, that sounds awesome. I love dolphins. <3)

    Bramblenose pounced. The mouse squeaked and tried to run but Bramblenose sunk her claws into it. The mouse went limp and Bramblenose buried it. She started to walk towards Highstones, looking for a place where all the cats could stay. Soon enough, Bramblenose found a decent looking shelter. "It's only for a day." Bramblenose murmured, leaping onto a rock that overlooked the mountains and who knows what else. "We are all going to make it back alive. We must." Bramblenose said, talking herself into it. She immediately thought back to Riverclan. "Silverpool and Whitetail must be worried sick." Bramblenose sighed, her eyes turning a dark turquoise. "I wonder how Branchpelt is doing." She shook her head, leaping back down. "Don't think about it, Bramblenose. Don't look back. Look ahead." She chided herself as she saw a vole scamper across. "Riverclan has plenty of good hunters. I'm sure they'll manage…Spiderpelt…(I think I mentioned Spiderpelt as the second best hunter before, right?) He'll be sure to lead the hunting patrols." Bramblenose laughed silently, killing the vole in one swift swipe of her claw. She dug up her mouse and ran as fast as she could, back to the other cats.
    Greypaw turned to see Moonpaw. "Oh, hi Moonpaw." Greypaw said cheerfully. "Want to practice with us?" Without waiting for Moonpaw's response, Berrypaw pounced on her, pretending to attack. (Ha, Amulya, remember you said that Berrypaw and Moonpaw should get into a fight at the Highstones?)

  95. Moonpaw felt a heavy weight slam onto her back. She stumbled a little, and then she rolled over, pinning Berrypaw down. She playfully pummeled Beryypaw’s flank with her claws sheathed.

    (Play fight, right?)

  96. Tigerleaf sniffed the air. He could smell rabbit, but he chased it clumsily and only caught it because of his giant leap. Tigerleaf dragged it back to where the others were sitting, picking up his vole on the way.
    “Hey!” Runningheart called.
    “Here, have some of this.” He meowed, offering her the vole.
    Runningheart looked pleased. “Thanks, Tigerleaf!” she meowed, taking it.
    Scareyes batted Tigerleaf with her paw “You don’t catch prey for me!” Her eyes gleamed.
    Tigerleaf grunted “You hate it when other people hunt for you.”
    Scareyes sighed. “You’re right, I do. I’ll just go look for a rabbit, since they don’t seem to have anything else here. I’d much rather hunt in the undergrowth.”
    “Don’t go into ThunderClan territory!” meowed Runningheart in between her bites.
    “I’m not that stupid, Runningheart. I know I can’t go home.” And with that, she ran off.

  97. Bramblenose stopped once she got to the other cats, observing Moonpaw and Berrypaw play-fight. “They’re pretty good…” Bramblenose thought, padding over to Hawkheart and her brother. “Here.” she dropped the vole and the mouse. “I’m going to hunt again. And I found a place we can stay at. It has a nice view of the mountains.” Bramblenose announced, turning to leave.
    Berrypaw used all her strength and pushed Moonpaw off, pretending to claw Moonpaw’s ears.

  98. Moonpaw leaped to the side, and slid down to knock Berrypaw’s legs from under her.

    Hawkheart looked down at the prey and politely mewed to Bramblenose, “Thank you, but I would prefer to hunt for myself”. Hawkheart gently nudged the vole and mouse towards Bramblenose. “It was very nice of you to think about us, though, even when we come from a different clans,” she murmured. Hawkheart had the pride all of Shadow Clan are born with, and she did not want to look like she can’t hunt for herself. She quickly decided that it would be nice to have Bramblenose’s company while hunting.
    “Want to hunt with Tigerheart and I?” she asked.
    Tigerheart just stared at the two she-cats. He didn’t really care who came with them, all he wanted was to hunt.

  99. Scareyes padded off, saving her energy for running as fast as she could to catch some rabbit.
    She padded back, her jaws dragging a plump rabbit beside her. She reached her friends just as Bramblenose was leaving. In a few ravenous gulps Scareyes swallowed her rabbit. She hadn’t had anything to eat since last night.
    “What’d I miss?” she meowed to Tigerleaf.
    He shrugged, “Nothing much. Bramblenose has found us somewhere to stay.”
    “It’s good,” Runningheart put in, “We’ll need to rest so we can leave early tomorrow.”
    “I’m completely FAGGED,” groaned Scareyes, “I couldn’t sleep last night.”

  100. Bramblenose nodded. “Sure. Wait. I’ll give these to the apprentices then.” She picked the prey up and walked over to the apprentices. Bramblenose put them in front of where Sootpaw and Geypaw sat, observing Berrypaw and Moonpaw. “You’ll need the energy. I’m going to go hunt.” Bramblenose murmured, walking off with Hawkheart and Tigerheart.
    “Okay. Let’s go.” Bramblenose said, trying to look like her usual cheerful self.

  101. “I’ll catch something for Moonpaw, too,” Hawkheart mewed.

    Moonpaw glanced over her shoulder and noticed that Hawkheart was padding away. She threw off Berrypaw with a giant heave, and mewed, “Hey, look! Our mentors are leaving! May be their gonna hunt!” Moonpaw pelted after them.

  102. back at ThunderClan Camp…
    “There’s a badger on our territory,” Brambleclaw explained, “Well, more than one, from what we scented. At Snakerocks, where the dog pack was before.”
    A shiver passed through the assembled cats, and the elders exchanged wary looks. They didn’t like to remember the dogs.
    Mosspaw meowed “But we’ll drive them out, won’t we?”
    Featherstar stepped forward. “Yes, we will, Mosspaw.” She looked down at the apprentice she was mentoring for now. “Brambleclaw, can you gather some cats?”
    Ashpaw’s ears pricked up.
    “No apprentices.”
    Ashpaw groaned loudly. Only a few of the oldest cats remembered how quite a few seasons ago, Willowpelt had sacrificed herself in order to save her son.
    Brambleclaw nodded and meowed, “I’ll go with Splashpelt, Scareyes-” he cut himself off abruptly before beginning again, “Splashpelt, Rippleflower and Robinwing.” He headed away quickly, not looking anyone in the eye.

  103. ((Hey, what season is it in the role-play? I want it to be windy and occasionally rainy…ideas?))

    Berrypaw bounced back up again, watching Moonpaw run off. “Hey, Berrypaw, want some? Bramblenose caught it.” Sootpaw offered, nudging the vole to her. Berrypaw looked at her friends then looked back at Moonpaw. “I can hunt for myself. I’m going back to Windclan territory.” she announced, lifting her head up high. “By yourself? That’s dangerous!” Greypaw mewed softly. Berrypaw snorted, flicking her tail impatiently. “What could be dangerous? Dead cats?” Sootpaw gave Greypaw a look that clearly meant let her go by herself. It’s not worth arguing over. Berrypaw looked triumphant when the two apprentices didn’t say anything. “Wait until I catch a rabbit.” she bragged, running off. Sootpaw and Greypaw both sighed and went back to eating their fresh-kill.

    Bramblenose padded away calmly, unaware of Moonpaw, who was charging towards them. She scented a bird to be nearby. Bramblenose looked furious. She looked away, not wanting anyone to notice. Even though Bramblenose was the best hunter in Riverclan, everyone had a flaw or two. Bramblenose couldn’t catch any sort of bird but luckily, nobody figured that out yet. She remembered her mentor’s voice, echoing in the back of her mind. The same words, over and over, haunting her. I’m disappointed in you, Bramblenose. You’re about to become a warrior and you still can’t catch a bird. Her mentor, Snowear, was very strict, even when she first became an apprentice. You learn best when you learn young, Bramblenose. I expect you to become the best hunter in Riverclan. And Bramblenose had become the best hunter in Riverclan. Snowear had long died in a battle when Bramblenose had first become a warrior. That made Bramblenose forgive Snowear for being too strict. It made her look at everything in a new perspective. It made her become more calm and think before saying anything. It made her not take things for granted.

  104. (can it rain now? Please?! I want Tigerleaf to have something to be grumpy about!)
    Scareyes looked up at the darkening sky. She sighed. To the east the moon was rising, and to the west, all that was left of the sun was a dim glow. Bramblenose’ll have to show us that place she’s found in a while. It’ll be dark soon. Though all cats’ eyes could easily see in the dark, so could many predators’. She wasn’t looking forward to a night so far from the ravine and the warm warriors’ den.
    TIgerleaf’s growl made her forget her thoughts, “It’ll rain soon. Where’s Bramblenose? She’d better show us that place she’s found.” He was frowning at the sky, his emerald eyes reflecting the dark sky.
    Scareyes replied “Hunting. She’ll be back soon, don’t worry.”
    “Tigerleaf, this is why you should never spend too much time with the elders,” Runningheart mock-lectured, “They make you catch their infection early.”
    Tigerleaf turned to her. “Not this again! The elders aren’t all bad. They’re only grumpy when the apprentices do something silly like give them damp bedding, or do something else that’s silly like that.”
    “And when are apprentices not silly?”
    Tigerleaf rolled his eyes in response.

  105. (Of course, your majesty. :P Yeah, sure, weather goddess. :P Okay, I’m joking. Sure, paperclip. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier…for some reason it didn’t show up in my notifications…does Tigerleaf always have to be grumpy and annoying? OH! I’M GOING TO HAVE BERRYPAW GET LOST IN WINDCLAN TERRITORY AND THEN THE STORM IS GOING TO COME AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE IN THE PLACE BRAMBLENOSE FOUND BUT THEN THEY REALISE BERRYPAW IS MISSING SO BRAMBLENOSE GOES LOOKING FOR HER!!! BRILLIANT, NO!? First let’s have Amulya respond and then I’ll get into action. ;))

  106. Hawkheart was tasting the air for prey when she heard Moonpaw’s voice calling from behind her. She whipped around, not wanting to be bowled over again. But this time Moonpaw did not have as much momentum as before. She skidded to a stop in front of Hawkheart and mewed pleadingly, “Can I please come hunting with you? I need the experience of hunting in all different….. um….places, right?”
    “If you want to hunt, you’ll first have to learn to not scare away all the prey in the whole forest!” Hawkheart snapped.
    “Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I just got over excited.” Moonpaw mumbled, shifting her paws uncomfortably. Suddenly, Hawkheart felt a pang of sympathy for her apprentice. Moonpaw did need to be quiet when hunting, but she remembered how exciting everything seems back when she was an apprentice.
    “It’s okay. I was a little harsh”
    “We’ll, c’mon, then! I didn’t run all the way over here to chat!” Moonpaw said.
    Then a new voice broke in. It was Tigerheart. “She’s right. Are you two going to hunt or not? You’ve been chattering this whole time like a bunch of starlings!” He mewed in an annoyed voice.
    Hawkheart twitched her whisker in amusement and set off deeper into the forest. “Oh be quiet, you stupid furball!” She mewed playfully.

  107. Tigerleaf stood. “Well, I’m going to go outside WindClan territory. I want to see something.”
    Scareyes looked up, “Are you sure? See what? There isn’t really much to see.”
    For a moment, his eyes flashed with something… Scareyes couldn’t put her (paw? finger? I don’t know.. -_-) on it. Then Tigerleaf meowed, “I’m sure.”
    Runningheart stood up, “Well, I’m coming with you.”
    Tigerleaf took in a sharp breath, “No, Runningheart. That’s ok. And we can’t leave Scareyes planted with the apprentices again!” He flicked his tail towards Sootpaw and Greypaw, who were eating fresh-kill not far away.
    Runningheart studied him warily for a moment, then sat down again. She watched him run off towards Highstones, before mewing with concern “What’s wrong with him?”
    Scareyes blinked her round amber eyes, “I don’t know. I hope something brings him to his senses soon, though. He can’t go on with the quest like this.”

  108. (Paw. :D)

    Bramblenose payed no attention to the Shadowclaners as they bickered. She saw the bird fly away. At once, Bramblenose felt relieved. She picked up another scent. Rabbit? Bramblenose saw a rabbit hopping about, oblivious of what was coming after it. Bramblenose caught it on one pounce, killing it with a swipe of her claw. She trodded back, triumphant. A rumbling sound overhead distracted her thoughts. Bramblenose looked up and noticed storm clouds moving in, ready to rain at any moment. She went over to the Shadowclaners and dropped the rabbit to talk. “It’ll rain at any moment. We should get going.” Bramblenose announced, picking the rabbit up again.
    Berrypaw was in Windclan territory, looking for prey. She scented the familiar scent of mouse. At once, she dropped into a hunters crouch, imitating Bramblenose when she saw Bramblenose hunt back in Riverclan. Berrypaw pounced but it was too late. The mouse heard Berrypaw and skittered away, leaving Berrypaw angry. “Every time. I’ll never be able to hunt like Bramblenose.” she muttered, backing away. At that moment, it started to rain. Berrypaw yelped when she felt cool raindrops drop on her pelt. The rain was coming down hard and it was getting darker by the moment. For the first time in her life, Berrypaw felt afraid. It was raining and she was trapped, alone in Windclan territory with the exeption of a few dead cats scattered about. “I should have listened to Sootpaw and Greypaw. I’ll never be able to hunt a single thing.” Berrypaw said angrily, ashamed of herself.
    When Sootpaw and Greypaw felt the first few drops of rain coming down, they ran over to Bramblenose. “Scareyes, Runningheart!” Bramblenose called out, dropping the rabbit she caught again. They had to get to the shelter Bramblenose had found before the rain really started coming down.

  109. (omg, can you please stop calling us ‘Shadow Clanners’? I don’t know why, but for some reason it just get’s on my nerves)

    Hawkheart had caught two mice and a vole by then. Suddenly Hawkheart felt something wet fall on her head. Then it started to rain heavily, and Hawkheart glanced behind her to make sure Moonpaw hadn’t run off. To he relief, Moonpaw was just a few fox-lengths away, sitting on he forest floor with her tail tucked neatly around her paws. Tigerheart was sitting next to her, flattening his ears against the rain. “Hey Bramblenose!” he called in an irritated tone. “Can you show us to that spot where we’re staying for the night? I am not going to stand out here in the rain like a fool all night,”

    Back at Shadow Clan,
    Russetfur watched as Littlecloud thoroughly checked Blackstar over. It seemed like seasons before Littlecloud finally turned around and mewed, “It appears to be that he has white cough,”
    Russetfur gasped. “What? How did he come down with it so fast! Yesterday he looked fine!”
    “The symptoms must have started the previous night,” Littlecloud remarked. “I’ll have to go get some herbs,” he muttered as he brushed past Russetfur out of the den.
    Meanwhile, Russetfur had padded a little closer to Blackstar. She mewed softly, “How many lives do you have left?”
    Blackstar opened his jaws to respond, but then had a huge coughing fit. He managed to choke out, “four”. For a moment Russetfur locked her eyes with his, but then Littlecloud padded in a sat down in front of Blackstar. “I’m going to give you some sage to help,” he mewed. “But no warrior duties until you are fully recovered,” he added sternly. “I mean it.”

  110. (It’s just shorter than typing shadowclan cats or moonpaw,hawkheart and tigerheart.)
    Tigerleaf padded along slowly, not flinching as the rain began to pour down. He was unsure where he was going, but his paws took him past Barley the loner’s farm towards more fields. He stopped and put his nose to the air. He could scent nothing; the rain had washed away all scents of prey and cats. A sudden flash of dark orange fur passed by. His spine tingled.
    “Who’s there?” he called. When no answer came, he shrugged. Probably just a rogue he thought. He shook his fur in a vain attempt to get rid of the raindrops and headed back to the WindClan border, the rain pelting his fur.
    Scareyes and Runningheart both look up.
    Scareyes called out, “Bramblenose!” She shook her short grey coat. “You RiverClan cats might not mind getting soaked, but we do!”
    “But where’s Tigerleaf gone to?” Runningheart mewed, padding up to Bramblenose and the others. “We can’t leave without him. He won’t even be able to follow our scent ‘cos the rain will have washed it away.”
    Scareyes flicked her tail anxiously and replied, “But the rain will just get heavier and heavier!”

  111. (Okay, I won’t call them that if you don’t like it…Is Tigerleaf going to save Berrypaw? :P)

    Berrypaw shook the rain off her pelt, managing to stumble under a tree. On normal days, Berrypaw was considered to be the ambitious one of the group. But even brave apprentices like Berrypaw acted scared once in a while. She shivered, wishing to be with Sootpaw and Greypaw. Suddenly, she heard a faint noise. “Sounds like Tigerleaf. I think I’m hearing things.” She shook her head, trying to get the water out of her ears. “I’m going to go to Starclan.” Berrypaw said miserably, not having a sense of where she was. It was the first time Berrypaw had experienced this much water. Most Riverclan cats were adapted to the rain and any form of water but Berrypaw had never tried swimming in the river back at camp. Nobody knew it, except for Sootpaw and Greypaw, but Berrypaw had a fear of drowning. Back at camp, she had always sat at the waters’ edge, watching the water flow lazily along, as if taunting her to jump in. She would sometimes try and claw at the water, often leading to arguments with Bramblenose or any cat that was nearby, saying she should know better.
    “Let’s go. I suppose Tigerleaf will be coming along. Scareyes is right. The rain will hit harder. We can’t wait for anybody now.” Bramblenose said, clenching tightly onto her rabbit. She started running, motioning with her tail for everyone else to follow. “I wonder if Greypaw is doing all right.” she spared a moment and glanced back, seeing Greypaw doing well, with Sootpaw next to her, saying words of encouragement. Bramblenose looked ahead and saw the cave-like shelter she had found earlier. It had barely enough room for everyone, but it was better than sitting out in the open rain. Bramblenose’s eyes turned turquoise, looking calm even when the rain was coming down hard. Soon, they had made it. Bramblenose went inside, ducking her head and telling the others to do the same. She dropped her rabbit in a corner, then padded out again, looking for Greypaw and Sootpaw. They were the last ones, looking like they could run no more. Bramblenose ran towards them and hurried them inside, just as the first tree fell from the lightning.

  112. Hawkheart, Tigerheart and Moonpaw followed the rest into the cave. When they stepped inside, Hawheart found a spot in the corner of the cave to sit and started grooming her drenched fur. Moonpaw and Tigerheart sat on either sides of her. When Hawkheart saw Moonpaw looking nervous, she leaned over and gave her apprentice an affectionate lick over the ears. “We’ll be okay. Don’t worry. Soon we’ll be back in own dens back in Shadow Clan, ” she murmured. But Hawkheart wasn’t sure of that. What if they never came back? She shook her head and tried to clear the dreadful thoughts from her mind. Suddenly, she felt as if someone was missing from the cave. She scanned the whole clearing, and tried to figure out who was missing. All of a sudden, it hit her. “Where is Berrypaw?” she demanded, staring directly at Bramblenose.

  113. (if you want him to, sure.)
    Tigerleaf headed onward, stopping at the WindClan border. Great, he thought. Just great. They’ve gone and left without me. He flinched at the sound of a tree falling, and looked around. No pawprints, no scent. Nothing. He shook his coat again and went into WIndClan territory, wondering if he would be able to find where the others were sheltering. He thought he heard a small mew nearby, and he caught a whiff of Riverclan through the rain. “Berrypaw?” he meowed uncertainly.
    Scareyes shivered as she looked around. No Berrypaw! Why hadn’t she noticed?
    Runningheart looked at her. “Don’t take the blame. We were worried about Tigerleaf.”
    Scareyes turned her gaze to Runningheart, “We were the only warriors there when she left. We should have made sure she came back.”
    “She’s Bramblenose’s apprentice. She’s Bramblenose’s responsibility.”

  114. Bramblenose’s eyes turned bright green. “Mousebrain.” she scolded herself before running off into the rain. Bramblenose ran blindly through the pouring rain. “Almost there. You’re a mousbrained cat, Bramblenose. Can’t even remember your own apprentice.” She whispered. “Please make sure Berrypaw is alright. She’s too young to join Starclan.” Bramblenose said, but her voice was drowned out by the sounds of the rain pounding heavily and the thunder rumbling overhead.
    Berrypaw heard a noise. “It’s Tigerleaf, I’m sure!” Berrypaw’s mood lifted. “Tigerleaf!” she called out, “I’m over here! Thank Starclan…” Berrypaw thumped her tail impatiently, still sheltering under the tree, afraid to go out in the open rain.

  115. Hawkheart watched Bramblenose pelt out of the cave. “I can’t believe she forgot her own apprentice,” she mewed, with a flick of her tail.
    “You won’t do that to me, right?” Moonpaw hesitantly asked.
    “Of course I won’t!” Hawkheart mewed.

  116. (Okay, I have to defend Bramblenose, here. Sorry paperclip for not waiting for you to respond…. :P)

    “It was our fault.” Greypaw mewed softly from a spot hidden by the darkness. “We shouldn’t have let Berrypaw go.” Sootpaw nodded, his blue-grey eyes shining in the darkness. “Bramblenose didn’t know where Berrypaw went. We should have asked if it was okay for Berrypaw to run off. She wanted to go hunt.”

  117. (that’s okay.)
    Tigerleaf heard Berrypaw’s meow and ran over to her. He found her sheltering under a tree. “Berrypaw!” he yowled. “Do you know how DANGEROUS it is to shelter under a tree during a thunderstorm?!”
    Scareyes watched Bramblenose run off into the rain before looking at the RiverClan apprentices. “It was not any one cat’s fault, Greypaw.”
    Runningheart nodded, suddenly wondering how Mosspaw was doing back in ThunderClan.

  118. Berrypaw’s whole face lit up at the sight of Tigerleaf. Usually she would have shot back a rude remark, but Berrypaw was too happy to see Tigerleaf to say anything like that. “TIGERLEEEEEAF!!!” She plummeled into him, not caring if he wasn’t exactly one of her favorite cats. “Thank Starclan you came. But why are you here, too?” At that moment, Bramblenose came running past the two cats, thundering on, not noticing Tigerleaf or Berrypaw. She was too preoccupied with looking ahead, thinking that Berrypaw would be closer to Riverclan. Bramblenose skid to a stop, finally noticing the two cats in the rain. Her eyes turned turquoise again. “Berrypaw! Thank Starclan you’re still alive. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I had lost you.” she said, batting Berrypaw’s ear playfully even in spite of the rain still coming down. Bramblenose noticed Tigerleaf and her expression turned serious again. “Thank you.” she said, nodding her head respectfully.
    Greypaw sighed. “I’m too tired. I’m going to sleep.” she curled into a ball and immediately began sleeping. Sootpaw, however, stayed wide awake, his blue-grey eyes darting around the cave. “It’s actually quite big…” he murmured, seeing some leafy plants hang down around them. Sootpaw thumped his tail steadily, waiting patiently for Bramblenose, Berrypaw, and Tigerleaf to get back. Sootpaw was known to be quite aggressive if someone picked on Greypaw or if he got into arguments with Berrypaw or the other apprentices, but there was also a patient and kind side to him.

  119. Hawkheart felt Moonpaw shift beside her and mew, “I’m gonna go to slee……”The rest of her words were cut off as she sank into deep sleep. For the next few minutes Hawkheart just watched the rise and fall of Moonpaw’s flank. She seemed so peaceful while asleep, Hawkheart thought. Hawkheart let out an affectionate purr as she watched her apprentice.

  120. Scareyes meowed “Aren’t you going to sleep?”
    “Not till I know Tigerleaf’s safe.” Runningheart sighed, “And Bramblenose and Berrypaw of course.” she added hastily.
    Smiling, Scareyes lay down with her eyes on the entrance, “Me too”
    “OOF!” Tigerleaf groaned as Berrypaw bashed into him. He watched Bramblenose hurtle past and waited for her to realise they were there.
    Bramblenose meowed with a nod of her head “Thank you.” Tigerleaf gave a slight smirk but held his tongue, apart from saying “Come on. Where’s that shelter you were talking about?”

    • (hey guys, there are 171 comments on this Role-Play page.. do you think we should make a new one for like- outside the territories after the night in the cave like this one is for the beginning of the quest or not?)

      • (I was going to ask you guys that, too. :P So after the night in the cave, we’ll make a new page.)

    • Bramblenose flicked her tail for them to follow and burst off running, running faster than ever before. “Why did Tigerleaf have to be the one who found Berrypaw?” she said to herself, glancing back. She saw Berrypaw following close behind. “And how did she end up in Windclan territory anyways? I thought she was with Greypaw and Sootpaw…” Bramblenose turned back and saw that the shelter was getting near. She put on a burst of speed and arrived at the shelter. Bramblenose ran back and helped Berrypaw get inside. At once Berrypaw ran over to her friends. Bramblenose inspected the shelter, seeing that everyone had chosen a corner. She sighed and padded to the entrance of the cave, looking out at the rain still coming down. Bramblenose knew she had water dripping from her pelt, but she paid no attention to it, already deep in thought. She felt a tugging, urging her to go outside even when it was pouring. Bramblenose sheathed and unsheathed her claws, looking around.
      Sootpaw rolled his eyes. He stood up, stretching his legs, suddenly feeling tired. “I’m going to wait for Bramblenose and Berrypaw to come back…stay awake, Sootpaw.” he instructed himself, feeling his eyelids droop. At that thought, Berrypaw came running towards him, leaping on top of him. Sootpaw let out a shriek, pushing Berrypaw off. Greypaw blinked her eyes open and let out a purr when she saw Berrypaw.

  121. Hawkheart twitched her whiskers with amusement when she saw Berrypaw leap onto Sootpaw. Now that everyone was safe and sound, she could get some sleep. She settled down on the cold floor and tucked her nose under her tail. In a few heart beats, she was fast asleep.
    Back in Shadow Clan,
    “Where are my kits?!” Iceclaw shrieked. When Leafdapple her cry out, she bounded over to her. “Where were they last?” She mewed calmly. Others had begun to crowd around them, looking bewildered.
    “They were supposed to be out on a hunting patrol,” Iceclaw mewed. “It’s already past nightfall. I thought they were in the warriors den!”
    Spottedstorm pushed through the crowd of cats. “Hawkheart and Tigerheart would never stray outside of camp, so they must be somewhere on our territory.”
    Suddenly, Russetfur stepped onto high ledge and yowled, “What in the name of Star Clan is going on here?” Her voice rang out loud and clear across the clearing, and every cat froze and turned to look up at their deputy.
    “Hawkheart and Tigerheart have gone missing!” Snowbird called out.
    “And why are you up there, instead of Blackstar?” A cat demanded.
    “Because Blackstar is ill,” Russetfur explained. But then another voice called out across the clearing. “Where is Moonpaw?” It was Ivytail, Moonpaw’s mother.

  122. Tigerleaf padded into the cave and shook his pelt, scattering water droplets over every cat within a fox-length of him.
    Runningheart leaped up. “Tigerleaf!” she meowed with delight. She ran over to him. “We were so worried about you!”
    Scareyes smiled, and flicked her tail in amusement. “Calm down Runningheart!” she said, “He was only gone for a few minutes.”
    Tigerleaf said “It’s not like I couldn’t have found my way here and followed your scents.”
    “Followed what scents? The rain washed them all away! Tigerleaf, you would never have found us.”
    “I would have!” he protested. “Anyway, we’d better get some rest.”
    Scareyes sighed. “I wish I were safe and warm in my den back in the ravine.” She went over to the furthest, darkest corner and lay down, but didn’t fall asleep. She watched Tigerleaf and Runningheart sitting talking- and arguing every few sentences, or ‘debating’ as Tigerleaf put it- for a while, then pad over to her, so close that their pelts were brushing.
    “Scareyes asleep?” Tigerleaf mewed.
    Scareyes shut her eyes quickly and slowed her breathing.
    She sensed Runningheart bend down aso close their noses were almost touching. “Mmmhmm,” Scareyes heard Runningheart reply.
    Scareyes heard her friends’ breathing grow slower and steadier before she opened her eyes, get up and pad over to Bramblenose.
    Her voice sounded mildly concerned as she meowed quietly, “Bramblenose? You okay?”

  123. Bramblenose took awhile before realising that someone was calling her. She broke her gaze from the falling rain and turned, seeing Scareyes. Bramblenose blinked to get rid of all her thoughts. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Perfectly fine…” Bramblenose’s voice got softer, looking down at the grey floor of the cave, averting Scareyes’ gaze. Finally, Bramblenose sighed. She looked up. “I dunno…I mean…I haven’t been…myself, lately.” She quickly glanced at the sleeping cats and looked back at Scareyes. “I don’t know where I am. Inside, I mean…” she twitched her tail, her eyes turning a luminous turquoise as the sky got darker. “I’ve been messing up where ever I go, leaving Berrypaw behind–” At her name, Berrypaw mewed before going back into sleep, next to Greypaw and Sootpaw. Bramblenose lowered her voice. “And–I mean I told Tigerleaf about who I truly am and–Well, I’ve always been the type of cat who doesn’t rely on anyone…And it’s just hard for me to say this to you, Scareyes, you know?” Bramblenose cocked her head, waiting patiently as ever for Scareyes to respond.

  124. ” ‘Who I truly am’ ? Tigerleaf never mentioned you telling him anything.” Scareyes meowed confusedly. Then, with a slight smile, she continued, “You don’t need to tell me. But every cat needs someone, Bramblenose. I understand you find it difficult to rely on and confide in other cats.” She blinked slowly. “Especially someone from another Clan.”

  125. Bramblenose snorted. “He’s probably too thick to notice anything.” She looked at Scareyes gratefully. “Thanks for understanding, Scareyes.” Bramblenose stretched, “I think we should get some sleep now…we’ll need the energy for tomorrow!” she said excitedly, lying on the cold floor nearest the entrance where she could keep an eye on everything. Her turquoise eyes gleamed brightly, always eager for adventure like her apprentice, Berrypaw.

  126. “He’s not thick! And I think you should be glad he didn’t blurt it out to everyone. He has a tendency to do that with any secrets except his own.” Scareyes protested in defense of her friend. She returned Bramblenose’s gaze and meowed, “You’re welcome. And you’re right.” She nodded to Bramblenose and went back into the corner where she had been pretending to sleep. This time, as soon as she closed her eyes, she fell asleep with a sigh.

  127. “I’d believe that if prey start letting us hunt them.” Bramblenose muttered to herself as Scareyes went to sleep. She looked out at the rain and sighed, her mood not improving a bit. Bramblenose closed her eyes but sleep still wouldn’t come. She got up and padded outside, the rain easing. She noticed two trees had fallen. Bramblenose sighed and went back inside and from years of hunting, she didn’t make a slight sound. She curled up close to the entrance and closed her eyes, hearing the soft sound of raindrops pattering outside. Somewhere in the night, Bramblenose fell asleep, her mind drifting off. Bramblenose’s eyes were the beautifulest turquoise they had ever become in a long while. She was walking along a waterfall, the sunlight reflecting on her pelt. Bramblenose peered into the waterfall and a spray of water hit her. She recoiled, mewing with laughter. In the dream, Bramblenose had no clue where she was, but she wanted it to last forever. The scene changed. Bramblenose’s eyes were bright green and her expression was filled with fear. She was looking into a dark hole. Looking for what she did not know. Other cats were behind her, but they were too blurred for Bramblenose to identify who they were. Her eyes never left the hole and occasionally she would cry out– “Bramblenose!” Huh? Why would she cry out her own name? “Bramblenose!” The voice sounded familiar…Bramblenose snapped her eyes wide open but immediately closed them after seeing Greypaw in front of her. “Bramblenose! Wake up!” She mewed loudly. “Greypaw…be quiet! You’ll wake up the other cats!” Bramblenose hissed, wanting to go back to sleep and perhaps continue the first dream.

  128. Runningheart twisted in her sleep and lifted her head slightly. “Tell Greypaw to stop mewing. Bramblenose. She’ll wake us all up!” she complained sleepily.
    (Tigerleaf’s dream)
    “Hello, Tigerleaf,” a quiet mew came from behind him.
    Tigerleaf whipped around. “Go away, Riddle,” he growled, unsheathing his claws,
    “You wouldn’t fight your own mother, would you?”
    “You mean nothing to me!” he snarled, “You never have and never will!”
    “I don’t? Then why haven’t you chosen to stop coming?”
    The truth was, Tigerleaf felt the tiniest amount of guilt for her death disappear whenever he saw Riddle- though he would never tell anyone she was visiting his dreams. He looked up at her, and had the strangest sensation he was looking in a river at his reflection- except with dark blue eyes. He looked away again and said “This is just a dream. I’m going to wake up and I know I’ll never see you again.”
    “Stop muttering, Tigerleaf! Are you okay?” came Scareyes’ voice out of nowhere.
    “Huh?” He looked up and saw a pair of amber eyes looking down at him, and beyond them, the cave roof. He let out a sigh of relief.
    “Another nightmare?” his friend meowed sympathetically, keeping her voice down.
    “Mmmhmm.” he replied.
    “Riddle?” she whispered.
    Tigerleaf looked shocked for a fleeting moment then lied, “I was reliving the moment.”
    Scareyes blinked, “You kept muttering Riddle. I just hoped you meant literally, not the cat.” She sighed. “We’d better go back to sleep.”
    “Yeah.” But when Tigerleaf lay down, he didn’t intend to fall back asleep and dream again.

  129. Hawkheart awoke to a muttering on the other side of the cave. “Be quiet!” She muttered sleepily. “I’m trying to sleep”

  130. (I wrote something like this, but it got deleted…)

    Bramblenose’s eyes flashed angrily. “Well, now I’m up. Greypaw, go and play with your friends or something. I’m going hunting.” She padded out and flinched, the sun’s rays shining upon her face. She ran off, wanting to dive into a river. ~~When Bramblenose got back, she hauled two rabbits into the cave. “I’ve got more.” She muttered through the rabbit, turning around to get the rest of the fresh-kill.

  131. Tigerleaf watched Bramblenose come in with two rabbits through half-closed eyes. He waited for her to come back in with more prey then meowed, “Insomnia?” (Do cats use that word?? IDK) He opened his eyes fully and got up. He padded over then prodded a rabbit and sniffed disdainfully, “It’s wet. But it’s rabbit.” He began chewing on the rabbit ravenously then licked his lips as he finished. “You sleep. I’ll sit over here and keep watch.” He gave her a look that completed his sentence: If you trust me to.

  132. Bramblenose came back with two mice and four plump voles, looking triuphant with the hunt. She dropped them onto the ground, looking at everyone in turn. “Go ahead.” she said simply, turning to go back outside. Bramblenose noticed Tigerleaf sitting near the entrance of the cave, keeping watch. She ignored him, padding out. “I’ll try to find a safe path…we’ll find Windclan alright. I can sense it.” Bramblenose ran off.
    (Er…probably not. Let’s try not to write too much important stuff until Amulya gets back.)

  133. Hawkheart had been laying in the cave half a sleep for several hours, thinking about the journey ahead. She fully awoke to the scent of fresh-kill, and opened her eyes to see that there was a small fresh-kill pile in the middle of the cave.She sat up straight, and prodded Moonpaw in the flank. “Wake up,” she mewed.
    “What?” Moonpaw muttered sleepily.
    “Wake up! There’s fresh kill!” Hawkheart said. Then Moonpaw opened her eyes. She pulled herself to her paws and then padded over to the fresh-kill pile. Moonpaw paused and turned to look at Hawkheart. “Aren’t you going to eat some?” She mewed.
    “I’m going to go hunt first. Besides, the apprentices should eat first. You guys need the energy,”

  134. Outside, Bramblenose leaped onto the rock she was on yesterday. “Only yesterday. So much happened yesterday.” she mused, trying to see if there was a safe path. After a couple tries, she found it. The path was a small and dangerous one, but the least dangerous compared to the rest. Realising she was hungry, Bramblenose decided to hunt. She immediately spotted a vole near a pine tree but it was close to the edge. “A challenge…” she murmured, dropping into a hunters crouch. It was risky, but Bramblenose often did courageous and unexpected things which made her like Berrypaw, also ambitious. Suddenly, she pounced. The vole squeaked but Bramblenose dug her claws into it. When she felt it lay limp, she straightened up, feeling proud that she hadn’t fallen over the edge. She picked the vole up and went a safer distance away, devouring the vole in no more than three heartbeats. Energized, Bramblenose decided she would try and go down the path, in case it wasn’t as safe as it looked. She leaped carefully onto the path, taking small steps. Bramblenose felt it was colder down here than up on top, as the path was surrounded by mountains and mist.

  135. (is it morning now? I think it is cos we’re all waking up)
    Runningheart watched Bramblenose bring in two rabbits, two mice, and 4 voles with half-closed eyes. As Bramblenose left, she got up and padded over to the small pile. Right beside the cave entrance (I almost wrote door there..) she saw Tigerleaf staring into the distance. Picking up a one of the mice, she walked over to him and sat down beside him. Of the three ThunderClan cats on the quest, she was the only one to have had a good night’s sleep.
    “Hey,” she meowed as she dropped the mouse.
    “Hm,” Tigerleaf grunted.
    Frustrated, Runningheart nudged him with her paw. “I said hello!!”
    “No you didn’t. I’m quite sure you said ‘Hey’,” he replied.
    “Same thing!” She started chewing on the mouse and when she finished, said “Did you eat some fresh-kill?”
    “A damp, skinny rabbit.”
    Runningheart rested her head on her paws and sighed. “I was You’re really annoying, Tigerleaf.”
    “Why, thank you.” Tigerleaf meowed sarcastically.
    “In a good way!”

  136. (Yeah, its’ morning…Okay, I’ll have the apprentices talk to Moonpaw.)

    Bramblenose continued along the winding pathway, always alert in case something was to happen. “I wonder if the mountain cats are somewhere nearby…” She said to herself. “And Windclan…” She added, noticing a stream ahead of her. “I should get back and tell the others. We should get going.” Bramblenose raced back, still cautious about taking this path. Soon she came back, leaping up onto the higher ground. Bramblenose ran back towards the cave, and, seeing Runningheart and Tigerleaf, she announced, “I found a path…It’s safer than the others. Should we leave soon?”
    In the cave, Berrypaw had tried to haul fresh-kill back to her clanmates. “Help?” She muttered. Sootpaw and Greypaw dashed over, helping Berrypaw carry the other rabbit over to their corner. Berrypaw immediately began eating. Greypaw hesitated then took a bite. Greypaw was never too fond of eating fresh-kill since it was once a living animal. She shook her head, “You’re being silly. Would you rather eat the slush that kitty-pets eat? Thought so.” She thought in her mind. Sootpaw was about to join them when he saw Moonpaw out of the corner of his eye. “Do you want some?” he offered, cocking his head to the side.

  137. “Sure,” Moonpaw mewed, appreciative of the other apprentice’s kindness.
    She padded over and settled down beside Sootpaw and chomped off a piece of a rabbit. “Sorry, i’m sort of hungry,” she mewed in an embarrassed tone. She gestured with her tail for Sootpaw to start eating.

    Hawkheart watched Moonpaw share some fresh-kill with another apprentice. Satisfied that her apprentice was eating something, she padded outside the cave. She was no good at hunting in the moors, for she was used to the dark marshy pine forests back in Shadow Clan territory. But luckily she scented a vole nearby. She tracked the scent and finally saw the little rodent nibbling something around a clump of heather. Hawkheart crept around the bush, and rounded on the vole. When she was close enough, she bunched up her hind legs and sprang onto the vole. She quickly gave it the killing bite. I a few heart beats Hawkheart was ravenously gulping the vole down.

  138. (thanks guys)
    Scareyes opened her eyes and stood. She heard Bramblenose coming back and mewing “I found a path…It’s safer than the others. Should we leave soon?”
    “Sure, why not?” she heard Runningheart mew.
    “Hi guys! Sorry for not waking up. I had a kind of disturbed sleep.” Scareyes said.
    “S’all right.” Tigerleaf meowed. “We’ve just finished eating. there’s fresh-kill over there.”
    “I saw. Well, you know I hate it when other cats hunt for me. I’m off. I won’t be long, though. I’m not hungry.” She swiftly left the cave and walked towards the rising sun. She scented a rabbit, and soon enough she saw it- relatively small, crouched, eating some sort of plant. While it was distracted, Scareyes crouched low, and in a flash, pounced and killed it. With a satisfied smile she brought it back to the cave. (tbc. gtg)

    • “Hi.” she meowed as she walked in.
      “Rabbit. Nice.” Tigerleaf said bitterly. His inability to catch rabbits was the only weakness he admitted to.
      “Stop being so sour,” Runningheart meowed.
      “You’re in a really flattering mood today. First annoying, then sour.” Before Runningheart could say anything, Tigerleaf stood, padded over to the corner where he had slept and began grooming himself steadily.

  139. (I’l let Jenny reply first. Also, can we make a new page? You said that you would make a new role-play page after the night in the cave)

  140. Sootpaw merely shrugged and joined them, not too hungry. “Berrypaw, you’re hogging the whole rabbit to yourself!” Sootpaw said, his eyes gleaming with amusement. “Oops…well, you know what Bramblenose said. We’ll need the energy. And if I’m going to fight off some wild cats, I’ll be ready for them.” She said excitedly. “You guys can have the rest. I’m going to bother Bramblenose.”
    Bramblenose nodded, then decided to head back out, sitting quietly until they were all ready to leave. She thumped her tail on the soft ground that was still moist from the rain. Bramblenose spent most of her time outside, since the air was much nicer. Her eyes clouded, worried about her dream. Bramblenose’s dreams almost always came true, unless she figured out a solution to prevent them from happening. She got up and started pacing, muttering quietly to herself. “When is this going to happen?” She whispered, “And to whom?” Then she thought back to the dream that she had, about her falling into the lake and the monster chasing her. “I still don’t quite get why anyone…I’m a Riverclan cat…I know how to swim…It’s not like I’ll drown or anything…” She muttered. Getting dizzy, she shook her head to clear the thoughts, sitting back down again. At that moment, Berrypaw landed on top of Bramblenose, claws sheathed. Bramblenose hissed, batting her away. “Why are you here?” Bramblenose asked. “What, can’t I be outside too?” Berrypaw challenged, not flinching. Bramblenose looked at Berrypaw and sighed. “Sure. I thought you’d be with your friends, that’s all.” Berrypaw growled. “They’re too boring.” Bramblenose got up. “And what makes you think I’m not boring?” Bramblenose started pacing again, one eye on her apprentice and the other on the ground. “Well, for starters, you’re a warrior. Second, you can teach me skills, and third, you’re looking bored yourself.” Bramblenose snorted. “I’m not bored. I’m just thinking.” Berrypaw sniffed. “You think all the time. Don’t you ever get–” Bramblenose cut in, “Bored? No. You should think sometimes. It helps clear the brain. That’s a skill to learn. Instead of charging into action, think first. Riverclan cats are supposed to be clever.” She continued pacing, not minding Berrypaw who sat there, taking Bramblenose’s advice by thinking.

  141. (Okay. My turn!)

    Hawkheart had caught another mouse by then and later found Tigerheart near the cave hunting for himself. “Hey” she mewed.
    He flicked his tail in acknowledgment of her greeting, and continued to scent the air.
    I wonder how Moonpaw is doing. I hope she ate something. When she enetered the cave, the first thing she saw was Bramblenose and Berrypaw arguing about something. “Nice way to start off your morning,” she muttered to herself. Hawkheart spotted Moonpaw eating a rabbit next to Sootpaw. I’m surprised she even agreed to share fresh kill with a cat from another clan. She padded over and mewed, “did you get enough to eat?” she asked.
    “I got plenty to eat. You?” she mewed energetically.
    “I had my fill,”
    Hawkheart turned to Bramblenose and meowed, “When will we leave?”

  142. (Bramblenose is outside, by the way. :D)

    “As soon as everyone is ready.” Bramblenose replied calmly, but on the inside, she was bursting with excitement.
    Soon, the rabbit was finished and Berrypaw had long returned back to her friends, talking about all the fun they’ll have. “We might be able to fight cats! Think about it! Real cats and not just pointless floaty leaves!” Berrypaw yelled excitedly, her green eyes flashing. Greypaw looked at her friend as if she were crazy. “I don’t…I don’t…I don’t think we’ll be able to fight cats…let alone one…” She whispered hesitantly, shrinking into the shadows. “Oh, don’t be such a kitty-pet, Greypaw! I’m ready for this!” She swiped the air, pretending to fight a cat. Sootpaw plummeled into Berrypaw, hissing playfully. “I don’t think you were ready for that.” He said, seeing Berrypaw’s stunned expression. Berrypaw meowed with laughter. She pushed Sootpaw off, starting a play fight. Greypaw sighed and left them, walking over to Bramblenose who was talking to the Shadowclan cat, Hawkheart. As Bramblenose was about to leave the cave again, Greypaw mewed softly, “Bramblenose?” She watched Bramblenose turn around, her turquoise eyes landing on Greypaw. “Oh…Greypaw…are you alright?” Greypaw nodded. “When are we going to leave?” Bramblenose examined the group of cats. “Now, since everyone looks ready.”

  143. ( I swear I made a Role-Play comment before this… why didn’t it appear? *frowns at wordpress*)
    Scareyes stood. “Let’s go outside.”
    Runningheart copied her and meowed “Coming, Tigerleaf?”
    “Hm? OK, sure.” Tigerleaf padded over to the cave entrance.
    Back at ThunderClan…. (I believe I previously stated that there’s a badger living at Snakerocks. I’m changing it to a fox)
    “There’s a fox, living at Snakerocks.” Her voice was loud and clear. “We can chase it off our territory. Brambleclaw can go. You can take a cat or two.”
    “Rippleflower.” Brambleclaw called. “You can come with me.”
    The four cats set off to Snakerocks. When they arrived, Rippleflower cautiously entered the cleft in the rocks.
    “It’s not in here,” she meowed, her voice echoing. She exited the fox’s den and looked around. “Where could it be?”
    Brambleclaw padded up to her. “I don’t know.” Suddenly, three foxes came from behind them, growling and barking. The largest one was in the centre, snarling at the two warriors.
    “Three?!” came Rippleflower’s startled mew.
    “We’re outnumbered,” Brambleclaw growled, backing away.

  144. “We’re leaving now, I guess…since the Thunderclan cats are already outside…” She said, noticing them leave the cave. “Berrypaw, Sootpaw. Stay close to Greypaw, alright?” She said, wanting to make sure her sister was well protected since she was the smallest of the group. “Moonpaw, you can stay with the apprentices if you would like.” Bramblenose said, looking at the apprentices. “Tigerheart, if you could stay in the back to make sure nobody is left behind…” Bramblenose said, motioning for Tigerheart. “I’ll lead. Hawkheart, Scareyes, Runningheart, and Tigerleaf can follow. Hawkheart, could you make sure the apprentices are always in the middle and not behind or ahead?” Bramblenose looked meaningfully at Hawkheart, waiting for her to respond.

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