Role-Play #3

I’m assuming all of you know how to role-play by now, so I don’t think I need to go over anything. (If you have forgotten, there are rules written on the previous role-plays.)

If any of you feel the need to start a new role-play page, feel free to comment about it.



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  1. “Sure,” Hawkheart responded, “But don’t blame me if your energetic little apprentice runs off, regardless of what I say.”
    Moonpaw was sitting at the entrance of the cave, waiting to leave.

  2. Bramblenose shrugged, leaving the cave. “We’ll be going this way.” She announced, waiting for everyone to follow in order. (Now let’s wait for Paperclip and we’ll be on our way.)

  3. Scareyes silently padded over to behind Bramblenose, Runningheart and Tigerleaf beside.
    “What makes her think she can boss us around?” Tigerleaf growled under his breath.
    “She had the dreams. I suppose that makes her leader of the quest,” Runningheart shrugged.
    “Well, I think we should just keep quiet and listen to Bramblenose, and not stir up any trouble. Unless she’s telling us to do something unreasonable, like jump off a cliff,” Scareyes meowed decisively.
    (I read an article about starving urban foxes killing and eating cats… :( so sad)
    “Brambleclaw, go get help!” Rippleflower growled, eyeing the foxes as they came closer.
    “What will the others say if i leave you?”
    “Go, Brambleclaw! I can handle them!”
    “I’m your deputy, Rippleflower! I can’t leave you alone!”
    The four foxes began closing in on the two cats. They were incredibly thin, so thin you could see their bones, which was odd for leaf-fall. Brambleclaw supposed they came from the twolegplace by their scent.
    Suddenly, Rippleflower leaped on one of the foxes. Brambleclaw followed. He clawed at a younger fox’s ears and bit his neck, hard. The fox fled. He looked over at Rippleflower and saw she had dispatched another fox, a vixen.
    “It’s all right, Brambleclaw! I’ve got this one, I’ll be right behind you,” Rippleflower meowed quietly.
    Brambleclaw stood his ground and watched as Rippleflower leapt on the last fox. She bit it hard on the base of its bushy tail and sent it wailing. Rippleflower smiled, then realised blood was pouring from a long wound along her spotted grey flank. She looked down then fell to the ground with a wince, and began licking it. Brambleclaw shuddered. It looked nasty.
    “Get Vinesoul. I’ll be fine here.” She meowed.
    This time, Brambleclaw nodded and ran towards the camp. He found Vinesoul about to enter the ravine.
    “Vinesoul, come quick,” he ordered, “Rippleflower’s injured badly.”
    Vinesoul dropped the tansy he was carrying. “Foxes?”
    Brambleclaw nodded. “Long cut along her flank. Bleeding a lot.”
    Vinesoul closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. “Let me get the herbs.”
    When he returned, Brambleclaw was getting impatient.
    “Let’s go!” The two cats ran to Snakerocks. When they arrived, all was quiet. “Rippleflower’s here.” Brambleclaw rounded a corner. Then to his horror, he saw a long snake slithering away, and Rippleflower gasping for breath.
    “Rippleflower!” he yowled. He ran to her side and muttered, “Fox-dung! I should have remembered…”
    “I knew there was still a few adders here, Brambleclaw. I just didn’t think they’d come out in leaf-fall.” Rippleflower sighed. “Thank you for coming and trying to save me, Vinesoul. But you know it’s too late now. You know that.” Rippleflower’s eyes fluttered. “Tell… tell my kits and my mate I love them. Especially… Tigerleaf. I know he’ll…come…back.” Rippleflower closed her eyes for the last time.
    (there. Done it. Phew, that was long)

  4. (Woah. *applause* That was good. :shock: The writing, I mean. XD)

    Bramblenose ignored Tigerleaf’s comment and concentrated on the path before her, occasionally glancing around to see if the rest were following. “We’ll make it.” Bramblenose kept repeating to herself, jumping over a rock.

  5. In Shadow Clan,

    It was the morning after the clan had noticed that Hawkheart, Tigerheart and Moonpaw were missing. Blackstar had called a clan meeting and told the clan that they had gone on a special quest. Iceclaw and Spottedstorm, Hawkheart and Tigerheart’s parents had demanded a better explanation of their kit’s strange disappearance. Moonpaw’s mother, Ivytail, had also questioned Blackstar, but she she got no further explanations. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Blackstar had mostly recovered from White cough)

    ~Back to present tense~

    Iceclaw sat in front of the Warrior’s den, swishing her snow white tail. Her light blue eyes flashed with worry, and her fur was standing on end. Where are my kits? If they had gone on a quest, they would have told me first! Wait, but I wouldn’t have let them go. Of course they didn’t tell me. At that moment Iceclaw noticed Spottedstorm padding over to her, looking worried.
    He mewed, “Are you alright?”
    “What do you think?” Iceclaw snapped. “My kits have gone on some mysterious quest, and I have no idea whatsoever where in the name of Star clan they are!” She hissed, fixing her mate with a wild stare.
    “Calm down,” Spottedstorm mewed gently, settling down next to her. He rested his tail on her shoulder, and added, “I’m sure they’ll be fine. Our kits are strong and responsible. I’m completely sure of that,”. Iceclaw didn’t say anything, she just gazed into space.
    But Spottedstorm wasn’t sure he could even believe himself. What dangers would his kits come across? He tried to stop thinking about the dreadful possibilities, but they kept clouding his thoghts, infiltrating his mind. He shook his head to clear it. Spottedstorm licked Iceclaw on he ears affectionately, and got up to find something to do that would get everything off his mind.

  6. The wind blew, ruffling Scareyes’ fur. She couldn’t help yearning for the shelter of the ravine in the forest, but sometimes sacrifices had to be made. For a moment, doubt surged through her body, making her pause. She was going off into unknown territory, with cats from rival Clans, just because one RiverClan cat had a dream.
    “Hey! Why did you have to stop so suddenly?!” Runningheart meowed, almost bumping into her.
    “Sorry,” Scareyes said sheepishly. She shook her thoughts away –Brambleclaw had been the one who sent her on this quest, and she had to trust him because he was her deputy.
    *Back at Snakerocks*
    “Rippleflower? RIppleflower?! No!” Brambleclaw cried.
    “It’s hopeless, Brambleclaw. She’s gone.” Vinesoul said hollowly (hollowly? does that make sense??).
    “We’d better take her back to camp. Firestorm, Amberfang and Swanfeather will be terribly distressed. And Tigerleaf, when he returns.” Brambleclaw stated. The two cats picked up Rippleflower’s body and dragged her back to camp. Just as they were entering the ravine, Ashpaw thundered towards them.
    “Hiya, Brambleclaw! Did you drive away the foxes? Did you win? Will you teach me how? Will it help us find Scareyes, fighting foxes? Probably not, but.. Oh well. Where’s Rippleflower? …oh…” The young apprentice fell silent at the sight of the motionless corpse. “Is she… you know?”
    With a swallow, Brambleclaw replied. “Yes, Ashpaw. Fetch Featherstar at once.”

  7. (You know the dream wasn’t at all part of the quest…The Elders and Brambleclaw were the ones that chose the cats for the quest. The dream was only because Bramblenose has dreams that predict the future most of the time. Just to clear that up.)

    Bramblenose sharply looked back. She looked at everyone to see if they were catching up. Bramblenose continued again, slowly putting paw after paw in front of her. She had an urge to bound ahead, but stopped herself, reminding herself that they were at the edge of a mountain. Soon, they came to the small creek that Bramblenose had seen earlier. “We can stop here for a few minutes. But we should get going once everyone has rested.” Bramblenose said calmly, her eyes turning turquoise. Bramblenose looked for the apprentices and found them huddled in a corner except for Berrypaw, who was glaring at the creek. (Remember, she’s afraid of drowning in any body of water and would sometimes do that.)
    in Riverclan, Silverpool and Whitetail arrived back in camp. Most of the cats had settled down, but the cats closest to Bramblenose, Greypaw, Sootpaw, and Berrypaw were still milling about, talking together in whispers. Even though nobody said anything about it, the cats closest to the missing cats were sort of relying on each other now and the other cats would take care of them more. It was sort of a bond between them, as they could do nothing but wait for them to come back. Silverpool and Whitetail joined them. “You probably know where Bramblenose is, don’t you?” Spiderpelt asked, the look in his eyes frantic. “Nobody knows, Spiderpelt. Calm down.” Silverpool said calmly, fixing him with a gaze. “I can’t! She’s the best hunter in Riverclan! What will we do without her?” Whitetail glared at him. “You’re the next best hunter. I’m sure we’ll do fine.”

    • (yeah, that was just Scareyes being -insert word here- {I have a word for it in another language, but you wouldn’t get it…})

  8. (Aren’t we meant to go through loads of fields before we reach the mountains?
    After walking for a little while, they soon reached a creek.
    “We can stop here for a few minutes. But we should get going once everyone has rested,” Bramblenose meowed.
    Scareyes padded over to the creek and bent her head to drink the cool water. The mountain water tasted different to the water from the stream back in the forest, but she didn’t mind.

  9. (I don’t mind, I just mentioned it cos I thin the quest’ll be over pretty quickly if we skip the fields and all the mini dilemmas within them i.e. dogs twolegs rats rogues horses/sheep/cows etc.)
    Tigerleaf watched the other cats. HE felt as though something was wrong in ThunderClan for a moment. He was almost sure.
    “Hey,” Runningheart nudged him, “What’s wrong?
    “I feel like something bad has happened in ThunderClan. Something really really terrible.”
    “It’s probably just a feeling.”
    “It’s not!”
    “Well, it’s not like we can go back. WindClan is relying on us.”
    “Like I give two mousetails about WindClan,” Tigerleaf snorted.
    “Brambleclaw trusts us to do this. And anyway, when did you become a medicine cat? No, it was definitely just a feeling.”

  10. Moonpaw padded over to Sootpaw. She mewed shyly, “Hi,”. Sootpaw was her only friend on this quest.

    Hawkheart watched Moonpaw pad over to Sootpaw. Moonpaw had been acting strange the past few days. She seemed more….comfortable around cats from other clans. What was going on with her apprentice?

  11. “Hi.” Sootpaw said, glancing at Moonpaw. He was bored anyways since Berrypaw had wandered over to the creek and Greypaw was just sitting there stone-still as usual.
    Bramblenose went over to the creek. She watched the water flow, making her calm. She bent her head, taking a small drink from the creek. “Definitely different than the water from the river…” Bramblenose mused. She decided she liked this water better than the water back in Riverclan. “The river back in Riverclan had fish swimming in it.” Bramblenose thought to herself, remembering that sometimes the water would taste odd. “Mountain water seems sweeter and much clearer. I wonder if it’s good to swim in.” Bramblenose wondered, dipping her paw in the water. She immediately pulled it back out. “Too cold. I bet I could get used to it, though.” Bramblenose muttered. Her eyes wandered to the apprentices. She saw Moonpaw chatting with Sootpaw. “Better friends than enemies.” Bramblenose murmured. She decided she would go up the path to see where it would lead. Bramblenose started on the path before stopping to see a huge cliff. “We’re gonna have to jump across that.” Bramblenose decided to test it out even though she knew it was quite dangerous. “Remember what Snowear told you, Bramblenose. If you don’t take risks, you’ll never know what’ll happen.” She said, quoting what her mentor had told her long ago. Before Bramblenose had time to hesitate, she bunched up her hind legs and sprang across, landing neatly on the other side. “Simple.” She said proudly, springing back. “I wonder if the others can make it across…” But Bramblenose didn’t worry. She went back to the creek.
    Berrypaw absentmindedly batted the water as if she were fighting an enemy. She stopped and turned around, seeing Bramblenose come back from who knows where. Then she saw Moonpaw talking to Sootpaw while Greypaw stood alone, looking quite lonely. She padded over to Greypaw. “Are you scared?” Berrypaw asked. Greypaw looked up. She thought Berrypaw was teasing her but she didn’t see any amusement in her eyes. “Yes.” Greypaw said truthfully. “I am too.” Greypaw looked up in shock. “But you’re never scared.” Berrypaw snorted. “I’m scared. Remember one thing, Greypaw. Everyone has a weakness.” Greypaw still stared at Berrypaw. “Do you have a weakness?” Berrypaw hesitated. “Yes.” Greypaw’s eyes widened. “I’m afraid of water.” Berrypaw said in a low voice. Greypaw jumped up. “But you’re a Riverclan cat!” Berrypaw hissed at her. “Stay quiet. I don’t tell everyone, you know.” Greypaw settled back down. “Sometimes…I don’t even think I’m a Riverclan cat, Greypaw. Do you think I am?” Greypaw hesitated. “Er…no, actually. I mean…you like battle…you don’t use your brain that much…” Berrypaw hissed at her teasingly. “You’re very brave…You’ll probably be a good hunter because Bramblenose is your mentor…I dunno, Berrypaw. Do you have a father?” Berrypaw shook her head. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen him. I only have a mother named Morningflower, who is entirely Riverclan I can assure you.” Berrypaw rolled her eyes. Greypaw shook her head, looking puzzled. “Are you clan-born?” Berrypaw asked. Greypaw nodded. (Greypaw doesn’t know she’s not clan-born yet because she’s still too young to know but when she’s at the edge of the cliff Bramblenose will tell her or something like that.)

  12. (SORRY! Thanks for waiting!)
    Runningheart watched Bramblenose as she checked the path ahead. I would like her more if she wasn’t so… independent she thought to herself. She wished she could knew how Lilypaw (she doesn’t know that she’s Lilysong yet), Tanglepaw and Creampaw were doing. She missed her overexcited, hyper siblings. And she also wished she hadn’t left Mosspaw so early on in her apprenticeship. Who’s mentoring her now? she wondered.

  13. (Let’s wait for Amulya and then I’ll respond. It’s strange. Runningheart and Tigerleaf both hate me except Scareyes. I LOVE YOU SCAREYES!!! :P)

  14. At the ThunderClan camp…
    Brambleclaw watched as Rippleflower’s kits, Amberfang and Swanfeather, and her mate, Firestorm came back from patrol with Lilysong. Amberfang and Swanfeather came running over to their mother’s corpse, yowling her name in a vain effort ot wake her up.
    Firestorm was silent. He looked like he had just been struck by lightning. He dragged himself over to Rippleflower. The two cats had been mates for seasons. As Brambleclaw watched him, FIrestorm looked up. The silent grief in his eyes was washed away for a moment by a look of hatred. He looked as though he blamed Brambleclaw for his mate’s death! Firestorm padded over to Brambleclaw.
    “Why did you leave her?!” he growled.
    Brambleclaw stepped back. “She told me to bring Vinesoul, Firestorm. I never wanted to leave her there.”
    “Then why did you? If you had been there, you could have saved her.”
    “Brambleclaw! You should get those scratches on your shoulder checked,” came Featherstar’s voice. At that, Firestorm turned and padded over to the freash-kill pile.

  15. “Let’s leave now. There’s a big cliff at the edge of the path but after that, there is a clearing full of fields.” She announced, looking at everyone in turn. “I think the apprentices will need some help getting across…I’ll go first to test the cliff, then Scareyes, Hawkheart, Tigerleaf, Runningheart, and so forth. One of us will stay with the apprentices and the other will go back to help the apprentices get across. Does anyone want to stay behind and help the apprentices? I will jump back across if needed.” Bramblenose asked, eyeing the warriors.

    By now all the apprentices were gathered around the warriors. Sootpaw left the conversation with Moonpaw and joined his friends, standing in between Berrypaw and Greypaw. “When it’s our turn to jump, I’ll go first.” Berrypaw whispered. “No, I’ll go first!” Sootpaw hissed back. “I can go first.” Greypaw spoke, her voice trembling a bit. “NO!” Berrypaw and Sootpaw meowed in unison, staring wildly at her. “Okay, okay. I’ll go last.” Both of them relaxed, staring at each other knowingly. The last time Greypaw was first in something, she had failed tremendously. “Berrypaw, you go first. I’ll wait with Greypaw. Greypaw, you’ll go second so I can help you.” Sootpaw said calmly, his instincts of protectiing Greypaw coming back. The three apprentices murmured their agreements and turned back to the warriors, waiting for instructions.

    • (Forgot to add something…)

      Back in Riverclan,
      “Either that or he’ll miss every prey he tries to catch, thinking about Bramblenose.” Silverpool rolled her eyes slightly, remembering the period of time Spiderpelt had a fondness for Bramblenose. Whitetail tried to hide a laugh as Spiderpelt looked down, digging his claws into the earth. “And I wouldn’t be too surprised if Whitetail fell out of every tree he climbed thinking about Silverpool.” He spat, turning to leave. Silverpool and Whitetail stood still, neither of them talking. Silverpool finally broke the silence. “Is what he said true?” Whitetail looked up, batting Silverpool’s ear. “If it wasn’t true, I would’ve denied it already, wouldn’t I?” Silverpool laughed silently, feeling in a much better mood now that she knew Whitetail liked her. “I promised I would help Rainleaf with collecting herbs and helping sick cats since Bramblenose isn’t here to do it anymore.” Silverpool said, before adding “Don’t fall out of trees so much while I’m gone.” She bounded off, as Whitetail smiled, going off to find Branchpelt.

      • (I didn’t forget about him. I just didn’t mention him because the rest would be kinda self explanatory…)

  16. “i’ll stay behind with the apprentices,” Hawkheart mewed to Bramblenose. She loved to help other cats.
    Moonpaw watched Sootpaw pad away to join his friends. She felt slightly sorrow, for she didn’t have any friends on this quest. May be I should have just stayed back at camp, and told Blackstar that I was scared.

  17. Scareyes walked over to stand beside Runningheart and Tigerleaf.
    “Look at Moonpaw,” Scareyes commented.
    “What about her?” TIgerleaf meowed unconcernedly.
    “She’s not got any friends from her Clan on the quest with her, has she?” Runningheart said sympathetically. “Poor cat.”
    “She’s got her mentor, hasn’t she?” Tigerleaf pointed out.
    “Do you think, Tigerleaf, you would have been happy out here with Featherstar and Lightstep?”

  18. In a few minutes, the group of cats came across a gorge. “Woah,” Hawkheart mewed, very surprised.
    We have to jump across this? Fox-dung. I’m not a very good jumper. But more importantly, will Moonpaw be able to get across?
    Hawkheart just took a deep breath. Moonpaw is a strong young cat. She can make it.
    Tigerheart almost bumped into her, as he came up from behind. He stopped abruptly, once he saw the gorge. “Wow. Never saw that coming,” he mewed.

  19. Back at ThunderClan…
    Creampaw sat, crouched, beside Amberfang and Swanfeather, mourning his mentor. Lilysong padded over to her brother.
    “I just had my assessment yesterday. Tanglepaw and I were to become warriors at sunset. She’ll not be here to watch my ceremony,” she heard him whisper.
    Licking his ear comfortingly, she replied, “She will. She’ll be watching you from StarClan.”
    “No she won’t. She’ll be looking for Tigerleaf from StarClan. She was hardly even watching me during my assessment. I could see her, clawing at the ground, looking far into WindClan territory.”
    “Don’t be silly. Of course she was assessing you properly, and of course she’ll watch your ceremony.”

  20. Bramblenose looked back. She waited until all the cats were watching in case some of them didn’t know how to get past the big gorge. Bramblenose crouched, tensing her back legs before springing to the other side. She looked encouragingly at each of them who were on the other side. “Tigerheart, would you like to go first?” She offered, noticing her voice echoed. She shifted to the side, making room.

  21. Scareyes watched Bramblenose spring to the other side of the gorge. It’s sort of like hunting, I guess. You balance your weight so you don’t topple to one side and you launch yourself far enough to reach your prey- or the opposite side. With this thought held steady in her mind, she waited for Tigerheart to go.
    “I can go after him,” she meowed. Her voice echoed back at her and she shivered. The sooner she got grass beneath her paws, the better.

  22. “Okay,” Tigerheart responded. He confidently padded to the edge of the gorge. He was sure he would make it across. He crouched down, bunching up his hind legs. Ina heartbeat, he used his powerful hind legs to lauch himself across the gorge. Tigerheart easily made the jump, landing about a tail length away from the edge on the other side of the gorge. He turned around, waiting for the rest to follow.

  23. Bramblenose waited patiently for the other cats to make it across. “I wonder if this is big enough to hold several cats…Maybe some of us should start going ahead first…” Bramblenose planned in her head as she waited for Scareyes to jump across.

    (The order: Bramblenose, Tigerheart, Scareyes, Runningheart, Tigerleaf, Berrypaw, Sootpaw, Moonpaw, Greypaw (nooo!) and Hawkheart. I think Greypaw should almost make it but at the edge so Bramblenose can tell her she’s not clanborn before *sniffle* plummeling to her death. Then Bramblenose will go in a depression until they get to the mountain cats (crossing some fields first) and you know the rest.)

  24. Scareyes walked over to the edge. Without looking down, she crouched. Her hind legs tensed, and she sprang over to the other side, clearing the gorge with ease. She stood and turned to face Runningheart, who was going next.
    “It’s easier than it looks,” she meowed encouragingly. Scareyes watched as Runningheart mimicked her movements, and for a moment almost didn’t reach the other side. Scareyes tensed, but after a few seconds of scrambling her friend was safe.
    Tigerleaf was next. He narrowed his eyes at the ledge on Scareyes’ side. She wondered what was going through his head at that moment.
    “Phew,” he said with a sigh as he padded over. “I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Then I imagined I was about to pounce on the fattest, roundest rabbit you had ever seen.”
    “Tigerleaf. Always thinking about food,” Runningheart purred.
    Tigerleaf purred in response. Scareyes half-laughed, half-sighed. At least her Clanmates were safe. Now for the apprentices. She turned to watch.

  25. Bramblenose snorted but covered it with a cough, rolling her eyes at the pair. She turned back, remembering Berrypaw was going. “Berrypaw, you can make it. I know you can. It’s like hunting. You’ll be a great hunter when you become a warrior, I know it.” Bramblenose shouted, trying to look as cheerful as possible instead of her usual, calm ways. Berrypaw let out a tiny squeak, peering down into the gaping hole below them. “Remember I’m always here for you, Berrypaw. Just jump, like you’re attacking the enemy.” This got Berrypaw into it. She crouched low, ready to jump. “I have to admit she does look sort of scary…I have to imagine what she’ll be like when she becomes old enough to fight on her own…” Bramblenose thought out loud. At that moment Berrypaw sprung across, leaping into Bramblenose. “I heard that!” She spat, baring her teeth. “You have to admit you couldn’t have made it over without my help.” Bramblenose joked, settling Berrypaw on the ground next to her.

  26. Hawkheart watched as each of the cats leaped over the gorge. It was coming to close to Moonpaw’s turn. Her apprentice didn’t seem to show any fear, which gave Hawkheart confidence that Moonpaw would make it.

  27. “Fox-dung!” Tigerleaf, who was watching from beside Bramblenose, jumped back as Berrypaw bowled into the RiverClan cat.
    “Watch it!” he growled, glaring at the apprentice. He lashed his tail and hissed, “You nearly knocked me over the edge.”
    “Don’t exaggerate, Tigerleaf. She’s just an apprentice.” Runningheart meowed gently.
    “Stop treating me like I’m some kit or apprentice or something, Runningheart! For StarClan’s sake!” Tigerleaf snarled.
    Runningheart was visibly hurt. Her eyes wide, she padded backwards, bumping into Scareyes.
    “Sorry,” she whispered, sitting down again to wait

  28. “I wonder what in the name of Starclan happened to him…” Bramblenose muttered, glaring at him silently. Berrypaw matched Bramblenose’s glare, hating it when cats spoke to her that way. Before they knew it, Sootpaw had already sprung across, beaming proudly as he landed perfectly on the other side.
    “Oh, don’t look so proud. I saw you flinching on the other side.” Berrypaw spat, making Sootpaw growl at her.
    “Berrypaw, don’t take your anger out on someone else.” Bramblenose said firmly. “It’s not like you weren’t, either.”
    Sootpaw’s lightning blue eyes were looking down on Berrypaw triumphantly. He quickly looked away, not wanting Bramblenose to start lecturing him like she did with Berrypaw. He felt his fur tingle, winds blowing around him. “It’s cold.” Sootpaw stated.
    “Of course it would be cold, mouse brain. This isn’t Riverclan.” Berrypaw retorted, causing Sootpaw to look at her with wide, innocent eyes.
    “Berrypaw…” Bramblenose warned, her bright green eyes penetrating into her amber ones. Bramblenose didn’t think it was cold at all, but it must be the fact that she had swam in the river back at camp more than the arguing apprentices. She sighed as the two apprentices glared at each other, looking ready to fight. “If you two want to fight, do it when we get off this hole, alright?” Bramblenose said, more like a command than a suggestion. Sootpaw and Berrypaw turned to look at Bramblenose; seeing her fierce expression they stopped, looking towards the other side for Moonpaw to jump across.

  29. Realizing it was her turn to jump across the gorge, Moonpaw padded up to the edge and gathered all her concentration. She backed up a bit, wanting to get a running start. Keeping her eyes on the point which she wanted to land on, Moonpaw took two or three strides toward the edge, and at he last moment, launched herself over the gorge. It was a magnificent sight, as she stretched out her legs, to reach for the other side. Moonpaw was naturally aerodynamic, with her sleek body, and smooth fur. Moonpaw was also very strong, for she had no problem lifting off. Within a few heart beats, Moonpaw landed with a low thud on all fours on the other side. She landed in a crouched position, as usual.

    Hawkheart let out a sigh of relief as she saw her apprentice land safely on the other side of the gorge. After Graypaw, it would be her own turn.

  30. Scareyes followed Moonpaw with her eyes. The young she-cat was wonderfully graceful in her leap.
    “Well done, Moonpaw,” she praised.
    “You remind me of Ashpaw,” Scareyes murmured to herself.
    Scareyes looked up at the sun, which was now well on its journey upwards into the sky. Ashpaw. She missed the always reflective and steady yet secretly boisterous apprentice.

  31. Bramblenose tensed, realising it was Greypaw’s turn. Without having to say anything, Greypaw met eyes with Bramblenose. She gave Greypaw a small nod. Bramblenose saw Greypaw look at the sky and close her eyes, knowing she was saying a prayer to Starclan. “Starclan, please make sure Greypaw makes it across.” Bramblenose said in her mind; short and to the point. Without any warning, Greypaw leapt across. In her haste to make it across, Greypaw had lost footing, causing her to scramble along the cliff edge. She mewed, her eyes frantic. Bramblenose moved toward the edge, trying to help Greypaw up but she was slipping every time Bramblenose went to help her up. Soon Greypaw was dangling by her left paw, making her seem even smaller compared to the large, seemingly endless gorge. Sootpaw and Berrypaw raced over to her. “Come on, Greypaw. You can make it.” Berrypaw chanted, as Sootpaw looked at her encouragingly. Greypaw closed her eyes and shook her small head, afraid that any sign of movement would cause her tumbling down the gaping hole forever. “It’s my time to join Starclan.” Greypaw mewed softly. Bramblenose snapped back to reality. “Greypaw!” Bramblenose’s eyes were filled with tears, making her green eyes brighter than ever; no turquoise left whatsover. “I need to tell you something. You weren’t clanborn, Greypaw. Our father was from Thunderclan.” She whispered in Greypaw’s tiny ear. She saw Greypaw’s eyes widen. “I was going to tell you when you became a warrior but…” Greypaw nodded. “I understand.” She said calmly, making Bramblenose surprised. Surely Greypaw would atleast try to survive; but this Greypaw seemed to take death as easy as catching a vole. “Starclan is calling me, Bramblenose. Tell Grasswhisker and Riverclan about what happened. I love you all.” Greypaw whispered, looking at each cat in return. Bramblenose touched noses with Greypaw before she fell, plummeling into the deep pit but knowing her soul would be with Starclan. Bramblenose looked into the dark pit, crying Greypaw’s name over and over again. It was the dream. She was living the dream. That made Bramblenose’s tears flow faster, her vision blurred as she saw nothing but the spot where Greypaw had fell to her death.

    ((Amulya, can we have Hawkheart already having jumped across when she saw Greypaw lose her footing or something? That would be better because it wouldn’t be excluding Hawkheart.))

  32. (ok then)
    “Greypaw!” Runningheart yowled, running to the edge where Bramblenose stood, crying. “It’s OK, Bramblenose, she might still be alive! Greypaw!”
    “No, Runningheart. No cat could have survived that fall,” Tigerleaf, who was sitting with hi green eyes wide, managed to choke out.
    Runningheart backed away in horror. She buried her face in Tigerleaf, the nearest cat’s, fur. Tigerleaf, who would normally have jumped away with scorn, stayed still.
    “Poor, poor Bramblenose. Poor, poor Greypaw. She had her whole life ahead of her.” Runningheart was muttering, “Oh, StarClan, what if that had been Lilypaw?!” she quietly exclaimed, realizing just how huge of a loss this was to Bramblenose.
    Scareyes stood stock-still, her jaw clenched and her heart racing. She wished she could have leaped forward to help Greypaw, but she had been benumbed by fear and shock.

  33. Hawkheart watched in horror as the dreadful scene took place before her. She couldn’t move, for she was is shock. This was one of the few times she had ever witnessed something so dramatic. The last time Hawkheart had witnessed such a fearsome scene was two seasons before, when her clan-mate Honeyfern, was bitten by a snake. The she-cat had died a gruesome death, writhing and wailing for help on the ground. But Hawkheart was not thinking about that at the moment.
    She carefully stepped forward, and stood next to Bramblenose.
    “Her spirit is with Star Clan now,” Hawkheart mewed gently, resting her tail tip on Bramblenose’s shoulder. “She will always be watching you,”

    Moonpaw stood a few tail lengths away, shivering at what had just happened. Moonpaw missed Graypaw, even though she had not known her very well. She missed the Graypaw’s sweet mentality, and pleasant manner. But now she was gone. The poor apprentice would never get her warrior name. She would never have a mate, or kits. She would never enjoy exploring her territory again. Moonpaw didn’t know her very well, but she knew one thing. Graypaw was way too young to die.

    Tigerheart backed away in awe, wanting to give Bramblenose and the other River Clan cats some space.

  34. Bramblenose stopped crying. She lay there emotionlessly, not even minding everyone else. When one is sad, they are only sad for a bit and later they get angry; any reason at all. That was how Bramblenose felt. “I could’ve saved her.” She muttered, slowly getting up. “It was all my fault.” Bramblenose’s bright green eyes flashed, trying not to look back into the hole where Greypaw’s small body now lay. Bramblenose looked down when she heard soft cries. Berrypaw was crying. Brave, ambitious Berrypaw was crying. For the first time ever since Berrypaw’s father had died; during the same battle between Riverclan and Thunderclan that Bramblenose’s parents also died in. Sootpaw was standing protectively next to Berrypaw. His grey-blue eyes clouded, tears stinging in the corners of his eyes. Sootpaw met Moonpaw’s eyes for a second before he looked down again. He didn’t want any cat to die after he had witnessed Greypaw’s death. He put his grey-striped tail on Berrypaw. Since Sootpaw was always protective over Greypaw, he felt like he had done something wrong. Now he felt the need to protect Berrypaw but he was sure she’d rip his ears out if he ever said anything like that to her. As if she could read his mind, Bramblenose looked at Sootpaw with sympathy. “You couldn’t do anything about it.” She whispered. “It was entirely my fault.”

  35. Runnigheart looked up. Her face was still a mask of shock. Though she had only known the apprentice for a short while, it was difficult not to grieve for the young, sweet apprentice. No cat deserved to die like that, her life ending abruptly like a rushing, meandering river blocked by fallen trees. She looked around at Tigerleaf, who looked woebegone.
    “Are you sure… are you sure she’s with StarClan?” she whispered, though she knew what the answer would be.
    “Runningheart… we both know that what I said before was true. No cat, no matter how strong, could survive that.”
    An image of a small grey body splattered with blood, impaled by rocks, flashed through her mind.
    It was like Riddle all over again.
    Someone he barely knew, dying before his very own eyes, and there was nothing anyone could do. Nothing.
    He couldn’t imagine what Bramblenose must be going through right now.
    Tigerleaf bowed his head as he walked over to Bramblenose.
    He began a long, whispered speech, “She’s with StarClan now, Bramblenose. Endlessly hunting in prey-filled grounds. She can’t feel any more pain, not any. She’s not gone. Just waiting. For you, for the rest of her loved ones. And, Bramblenose, you couldn’t have done anything about it. This was all meant to be. It’s not your fault, if someone you love dies and you were powerless to help them. There were greater things at work here, namely fate, that no cat can twist or change. It’s not your fault.” There was strong emotion behind his rasping whisper, but he couldn’t pin point it.
    (it’s sympathy and strong grief, and that’s something he’s not used to feeling)

  36. (Since Amulya isn’t responding, I’ll go. In the future, though, if we don’t to respond, let’s say it in a comment beforehand so the rest of us don’t have to wait.)

    Bramblenose looked at Tigerleaf for a split second before staring at the ground again. “Thank you. I know she’ll be much happier in Starclan than here. Greypaw was always bullied by the other apprentices. I still can’t…I know I could’ve done something. I hate it when I’m not able to do anything.” Bramblenose muttered, starting to head downhill toward the fields. She turned back, trying to look as cheerful as ever, motioning for them to follow. Bramblenose took one last look at the gorge where Greypaw’s small, mangled body now lay, but Bramblenose knew she would be watching over them all in Starclan. She turned back and continued blindly forward, the tears stinging in the corners of her eyes again, threatening to spill a river.

  37. With a nod, Tigerleaf took a step back. Runningheart was still staring down at the hole in shock, so he padded over to her and said, “Come on. We’d better go. Bramblenose is moving.”
    Runningheart turned around to look at Tigerleaf unsteadily and opened her mouth as if to speak, and closed it again. She walked over to where Bramblenose stood, motioning for them to follow.
    Forced happiness- the most unnecessary thing between here and StarClan Scareyes thought, shaking her head. If you feel sad, be sad. Don’t change what you feel for the sake of others. No one’s going to judge you for crying when your kin dies, or not being happy when your Clan wins a battle because your loved ones are mortally injured because of it. Bramblenose just needs to step out of her dark hollow tree of solitary life and rely on others a little.

  38. Bramblenose continued to run, faster than ever, never stopping once. She kept her eyes closed, something in her gut telling her which direction to go. She followed that instinct, knowing that it will take them closer to where they were headed for. Bramblenose was way ahead of everyone else so she could cry freely, knowing that the apprentices would be safe with the other warriors.
    Berrypaw was the last one to leave, still staring into that seemingly bottomless pit, mourning for her friend. Sootpaw glanced ahead, seeing the cats roam ahead. He tapped his tail anxiously, wanting to get ahead, move on in life, but of course he had to stay behind with his friend. Sootpaw squinted his eyes, looking for Moonpaw.
    He saw Bramblenose running, his heart sinking slowly. He knew what it must be like for Bramblenose, losing her sister.
    Sootpaw turned his attention to Berrypaw. “I think we should get going, Berrypaw.” She looked at him, tears in her green eyes. She brushed past him without a word, bounding off into the distance.

  39. Her heart pounding, Moonpaw raced back towards Shadow Clan territory. She couldn’t take the pain in watching an apprentice plummet down a cave, and less importantly, being left out on the quest. Nobody ever payed much attention to her on this quest. When Moonpaw tried to hang out with the other apprentices, they would talk to her for a minute, but then go back to conversing among themselves. I’m being such scaredy-mouse….

    Hawkheart looked around for Moonpaw. Where had she gone off to now? Oh no, Hawkheart thought. She must have tried escape. Mouse dung…. She looked at Tigerheart, she demanded, “Did you see Moonpaw run off anywhere?”
    “No.” He responded.
    “She must have snuck off while we were all too surprised to notice”

    • (Sorry for kind of leaving Moonpaw out…I was waiting for her to respond to the conversations but she never did so I just had the apprentices go on talking, thinking that Moonpaw would probably talk with them…)

  40. (A few minues ago)
    Scareyes caught a flash of fur in the corner of her eye. She looked around- no, nothing.
    Scareyes padded over to Tigerleaf and Runningheart and fell into step with them.
    ‘Hey, have you seen Moonpaw?’
    ‘The ShadowClan apprentice? She should be with Hawkheart or the other apprentices, right?’ Runningheart replied.
    ‘Maybe. She wasn’t with Sootpaw, Berrypaw-‘ Scareyes caught herself before she said ‘and Greypaw.’ She and her friends walked on in a silence that was slightly uncomfortable, but companionable at the same time, in which they all were thinking:
    The troubles on the quest have just begun

  41. Sootpaw shook his head slightly, running off after her. He skid to a stop, thinking, “Wait, this can’t be right. I was looking for Moonpaw. Where is she now?” He looked at Hawkheart who was saying something to Tigerheart. Sootpaw’s heart pounded, blood rushing to his ears. Whenever he got nervous or scared, that would always happen, often times making Sootpaw feel dizzy. His mind whirled, trying to pinpoint Berrypaw. She was walking alone ahead of everyone else, her tail dragging along. He squinted his eyes and saw Bramblenose in the distant, her grey and brown pelt shining in the sun. Sootpaw quickly ran towards Berrypaw. “I have to tell Bramblenose something.” He ran off after Bramblenose. Berrypaw didn’t change her position or even lift her eyes off the ground.
    “Bramblenose!” Sootpaw called out, bounding after her. After the second time, Bramblenose whipped her head around, her green eyes penetrating into Sootpaw. She relaxed, slowing down to a stop once she saw who had called her. “Yes, Sootpaw?” Bramblenose said, her voice merely a whisper. “I think…I think Moonpaw’s gone.” Sootpaw muttered. Bramblenose could clearly see the distress in his grey-blue eyes. She nodded. “Come with me.” Sootpaw obeyed, following Bramblenose as she went back to the group. “Moonpaw is missing, am I correct?”

  42. Hawkheart frantically whipped around, looking around in all directions for her apprentice.
    “Oh, no. She could be in danger,”
    “Hawkheart felt her chest starting to burn, along with the dreadful thoughts clouding her mind. Oh, Star clan let her be safe.
    Tigerheart attempted to calm her down, by resting his tail-tip on her shoulder. “Hawkheart, stop and think about this for a moment. What are some better methods of searching for Moonpaw instead of running around in circles?”
    Hawkheart took a deep breath, and mewed with a shaky voice, “We should check the scent around this area, and see if we can pick up a trail,”
    “Good”.He Tigerheart replied.

  43. Tigerleaf lashed his tail with a small snarl, and would have said You should have been looking after your apprentice, mouse-brain is Runningheart had not given him a glare and hissed, “Shut your jaws, Tigerleaf, it wasn’t anyone’s fault.”
    With a contemptuous sniff he watched the panic unfold.
    “I thought I caught a glimpse of some cat running away, but I thought it was my imagination,” Scareyes was saying, “It must have been Moonpaw… she was going back towards the Clans,”

  44. Bramblenose calmly sat there. “Half of us should go to the clans and half of us should stay here. I think the apprentices should stay and a few warriors should also stay to make sure they don’t go lost..” Her voice trailed off, being reminded of what happened to Greypaw. She turned away for a few seconds before calming herself. Berrypaw looked at her mentor, seeing how brave and serene she was being after such a tragic incident had happened. Bramblenose caught her eye, cocking her head slightly. Berrypaw nodded. “Me and Sootpaw will stay here.” Bramblenose nodded in approval. “Hawkheart and Tigerheart, I think you two should go since you two know Moonpaw the best.” Bramblenose pondered for a while. “Who else will go with them?”

    • “I’ll go,” Scareyes volunteered immediately. She was worried about the young apprentice. “But… what if ThunderClan finds us and asks us to come back?” ( They don’t know that Lilysong spied on them and told the Clan what she heard)
      “You can just explain to them. It’s not like we’ve run away,” Runningheart reasoned.

  45. “I don’t think anyone else should go with us,” Hawkheart mewed, raising her head. “Blackstar will already be a little angry that I lost Moonpaw, and he won’t be pleased if I bring a cat from Thunder clan into his territory,”
    “Yes, I agree. We could easily lose Blackstar’s trust in this situation,” Tigerheart said.

  46. Bramblenose sat patiently, finally deciding on the plan. “I think Hawkheart and Tigerheart should go. They’re right. We’ll stay behind and maybe one of us could go ahead and see if there’s anything blocking our way…” She trailed off yet again. “Why does everything remind me of Greypaw?” Bramblenose thought in her mind, forcing herself not to look in the direction of the gorge.

  47. ‘Sure,’ Scareyes said quickly.
    Runningheart gave her a sympathetic glance and then meowed ‘Bramblenose, let me go ahead, please. You can let us have some responsibility, too.’
    ‘So, Tigerheart and Hawkheart are looking for Moonpaw, Runningheart’s going ahead, and the rest of us stay here?’ Tigerleaf queried.

  48. “Sure, of course, Runningheart.” Bramblenose nodded, glancing at Runningheart quickly before turning her gaze toward the ground again. “And yes, you are absolutely correct, Tigerleaf.” Bramblenose said dully, too tired that her voice lacked the sarcasm she intended. She sat on the ground, not used to the tall grasses that surrounded them. “I could sure use some trees or a river right now.” Bramblenose laughed dryly, not meeting the gaze of any of the cats. One thing about Bramblenose was that she hated humid weather. She would always get frustrated when the weather got warm, prefering cold streams or sheltering trees and cool weather than the heat.

  49. Hawkheart nodded, and turned back towards Shadow Clan territory. She gestured with her tail for Tigerheart to follow, and started walking. At the same time, Hawkheart and Tigerheart tasted the air, trying to catch a whiff of Moonpaw’s scent. For the first few minutes, there was no sign that Moonpaw had been this way. But when they neared the Shadow Clan border, Hawkheart picked up a fresh scent of Moonpaw. Tigerheart noticed it too, and mewed, “Why did she come back here? Blackstar’s just going to send her back,”
    “Star clan knows. Perhaps she was emotionally scarred from seeing Greypaw plummet down a gorge, and didn’t want to be in the quest anymore. That’s a reasonable guess, isn’t it?”
    “May be. There are several different reasons for Moonpaw to flee, but our main priority right now is to find her, and make sure she’s safe,”
    “You are right, let’s track this scent.”


    Moonpaw kept running through Shadow Clan territory, not stopping to check if anyone had spotted her. After several minutes of uninterrupted sprinting, Moonpaw collapsed on the marshy ground, gasping for breath. I’m starving. Let’s see if I can find any prey around here.
    Moonpaw quietly pulled herself to her paws, and tasted the air. Luckily, she scented a frog nearby. Moonpaw silently tracked the scent, and located the frog. Once she was in stalking distance, she crouched down low. Setting her small paws lightly down on the ground, Moonpaw slinked towards the frog. The frog suddenly turned it’s head towards her, and attempted to hop a away, but Moonpaw pounced on it. She killed it almost instantly, the soft thump of her paws on the ground almost inaudible. Moonpaw quickly devoured it, and continued heading towards the Shadow Clan camp.

  50. (yep, I was travelling. Cousin’s wedding!)
    The sides of Tigerleaf’s mouth crept up in the beginnings of a sneer, but he recieved a double glare from both Scareyes and Runningheart.
    ‘Trees would be good,’ Scareyes agreed, but addded with a shake of the head, ‘Though I can’t see how RiverClan can stand the river.’.She went to drink some more water.
    ‘Fishbreaths,’ TIgerleaf muttered.
    ‘I’ll be off, then,’ Runningheart meowed, turning tail

  51. Bramblenose shot a glare at Tigerleaf but didn’t say anything, not wanting to get in to another fight with him. She turned her attention to Scareyes. “We’re used to it.” Bramblenose said as if it wasn’t a big deal.
    Berrypaw stiffened, being reminded of her fear of water. Sootpaw noticed, looking at her. “You okay?” He asked, resting his tail on her shoulder. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just want to get out of here.” She muttered, slipping into the tall grasses.
    Out the corner of Bramblenose’s eye, she saw Berrypaw slipping away. “Berrypaw, come back here. I’m not going to lose you.” She said sternly. Berrypaw came back, sitting next to Sootpaw looking glum.
    Bramblenose relaxed again but tensed again when she saw movement come from the grasses. She stood up, her mind churning. (I’m going to have Venomstrike come in, okay Amulya? You can control him, of course, I’m just going to have him come in the scene if that’s okay; since we talked about this before…) She noticed another flash of movement and before Bramblenose knew it, a cat leaped from the grasses, hissing. The cat, obviously a tom, plummeled onto Bramblenose, hissing and scratching. Bramblenose immediately threw him back easily, pinning him to the ground. “Lay still or I’ll slit your throat.” She whispered, her eyes narrowing. The cat immediately went still, staring up at her with, no doubt, a hint of fear. (Let’s have Hawkheart and Tigerheart come back with Moonpaw like we planned…)

  52. (‘m just going to roleplay Runningheart’s going because I didn’t have time to last night; it was late… it happened before Venomstrike shows up just to make chronological sense)
    Runningheart kept going ahead through the field, tired of having to push her way through the tall grasses. After a minute or so came to a wooden barrier with big gaps (a fence) which she slipped underneath with ease. This field was a huge expanse of stubbly grass. She licked a few remainders of grass that clung to her long fur off and looked up. Suddenly, she saw these gigantic creatures, ten times her size. There feet were huge and hare and their faces were long. Hair fell along their necks to a side. Runningheart backed away slowly, just before she remembered what Brambleclaw had told them- Look out for horses- they’re huge, a lot taller than us and have manes to one side of their neck. Runningheart knew there was more he had said… They’re safe really, just avoid their huge paws. Before turning back, she strove to see what was in the next field. Squinting, she mad out a field of wheat. A satisfied Runningheart turned back and began to run back to where the others were waiting.
    (she won’t arrive until after Hawkheart etc.)

  53. (okay! I will just take over Venomstrike’s brain now….hehe…mind control! Mwahahaha!!!)
    Venomstrike glared at the she-cat with a menacing look. In a moment, he thrust his body up, and managed to roll over over, allowing him to be back in control. Now the other cat was pinned down by him. Instead of doing the belly-rake move he usually practiced, he sheathed his claws and stepped back. “So tell me, what are you guys doing here?” he asked in a cold tone.
    (I am not going to reply for Hawkheart, Tigerheart and Moonpaw right now)

  54. Impressive for a rogue. Bramblenose thought in her head but quickly dismissed the thought as she jumped back up on her paws. “Tell us why you’re here first.” Bramblenose hissed, her eyes turning bright green. “And since you attacked me like prey, I’m thinking you’re not stopping by to have a friendly gathering.” She growled softly, moving toward this cat slowly.
    Berrypaw’s eyes were wide open. This is my time to show that I’m not just a silly apprentice. She thought boldly, walking next to Bramblenose. “Yeah, why did you attack my mentor like that?” She held her head up high, glaring at him.

    “Berrypaw, get back.” Sootpaw hissed. He stood where Scareyes was, scared to go any closer.
    “Berrypaw, stay out of this.” Bramblenose said without moving her eyes off the tom cat.

    “But–” Berrypaw started.

    “Berrypaw. I don’t want you to get hurt if anything happens.” Bramblenose said forcefully. Berrypaw shrinked back toward Sootpaw.


    In Riverclan, the sun was shining heavily, illuminating the river. Pinestar was on the high rock, addressing Riverclan. “Since Bramblenose has not come back yet, Spiderpelt will lead the hunting patrols from now on.” She was saying, but Branchpelt was hardly listening. He paced back and forth absentmindedly.

    “I can’t believe Pinestar’s talking about Bramblenose like that, as if she’s never coming back.” He muttered under his breath. As the days went by, he grew more and more anxious. Especially when Whitetail and Silverpool became mates, it left Branchpelt by himself. It just wasn’t the same, being with Whitetail or Silverpool anymore. They were always acting affectionate around each other, often times Branchpelt running off by himself. He thought back to the time he and Whitetail were on patrol.

    “Whitetail, for the millionth time, stay on task!” Branchpelt said, clearly frustrated.

    “Sorry.” He said sheepishly, steadying himself.

    “And perhaps stop thinking about Silverpool all the time.” Branchpelt added.

    Whitetail shot him a look. “I can’t help it, alright? It’s not like you haven’t been acting like this when Bramblenose went missing.”

    Branchpelt tensed, walking at a quicker pace than usual. “I can’t believe you stopped caring, Whitetail.” He growled, his dark amber eyes penetrating into his blue ones.

    “I haven’t. I just thought that Bramblenose will be alright even if she were on her own, seeing that she’s the best hunter and all. Plus, it’s been a while so why can’t we think about other things other than her? It’s not like we can find her or anything…And clearly you haven’t cared enough to go and find her yourself.” Whitetail said, his voice raising.
    Branchpelt froze in his tracks, staring at him. “No…Branchpelt…don’t even think about…” Whitetail cautioned, shaking his head slightly.

    “I–” Branchpelt paused. “Was just thinking that you’re right. We should think of other things instead of her all the time.” He said casually, waiting for Whitetail’s reaction. He saw him relax. I’ll find her. Soon. Branchpelt thought.

    Being reminded of that memory, he looked back at Pinestar who was dismissing the clan. Now’s my chance. He slipped into the crowd and out of camp.

    • (I was thinking Venomstrike would respond to what Bramblenose was asking and then you guys come in, then Runningheart, then we discuss about what to do with him. That’s something you could write, like, say that he’s not a threat and when Bramblenose still doesn’t believe him, have Hawkheart and Tigerheart come back with Moonpaw and we can discuss about what to do with him, just like planned. Simple.)

  55. (I’m going to reply, if that’s okay, Paperclip. I won’t write much, don’t worry.)

    “Warriors.” Bramblenose snapped, her eyes still trained for any sign of sudden movement.

  56. “Ah, I see,” Warriors?? Iv’e never met any warriors other than Winterbreeze and Smokeflame. What are they doing here?…… Quest!
    “Are you on a quest?” Venomstrike blurted out.

  57. (Ack, I thought I replied! Must have not posted it….)
    Scareyes’ tail swished from side to side, she could barely keep herself from jumping forward clawing the rogues’ ears offf. Come to think of i… was he a rogue? Judging by his build, which was stronger than most of the rogues she had seen. Scareyes wondered briefly about his heritage, she looked down at Sootpaw and gave him a reassuring smile.
    Tigerleaf could think of nothing he wanted more than to pounce on to the tom’s back, and severely injure his face, but surveying Bramblenose, she was doing fine- for a RiverClan cat. Poor fish-breaths’ brains have gone soggy and soaked up all the river water, Tigerleaf couldn’t help thinking.

  58. Bramblenose faltered, before replying, “Uh, yes, we are.” Mouse-brain, why did you say that? Bramblenose quickly recovered, continuing to glare at him. “Why’d you ask us that? Have cats came across here before?” She couldn’t help feeling a bit curious, but couldn’t let her guard down.

    ((How about Hawkheart and Tigerheart come about now? I’m running out of things to say…))

  59. Venomstrike hesitated, and finally mewed, “Umm…I have some….Warrior…history…”. “But that’s none of your business,”. He added.

    When all of that stuff was happening, Hawkheart and Tigerheart found Moonpaw, and brought her back. I don’t have the patience to write a whole paragraph to fill in what happened, so I will just have them enter the scene now.
    Hawkheart lead the way towards the rendezvous point all the cats had decided on. Tigerheart and Moonpaw followed her silently. Once they were within about 10 fox lengths of the location, Hawkheart caught sight of a large tabby cat speaking to the rest of the cats. He looked a bit like Tigerheart, with the tabby pelt and large build. Hawkheart approached the group, and mewed, “What’s going on here?”.

  60. “Some mouse-brain rogue came and attacked Bramblenose,” Tigerleaf replied. “Not that attacking Bramblenose is a bad thing… it’s a good sport, attacking big-headed fish-breaths- lets out the anger,” he couldn’t resist saying. He didn’t mention that he was terribly annoyed at the intrusion, as the cat was acting as if he owned everything they stood on.

  61. “Hey, we’re all working together here. There’s no need to insult each other,” Hawkheart snapped. “Honestly, I think we are just waiting time here. We should move on,”

  62. Bramblenose hissed, glaring at Tigerleaf. “I would rip you to shreads right now, but we have other matters to face.” She said, deciding to get revenge at a later time. Bramblenose turned back to the tom cat. “The question is, will he let us pass or will he attack us if we make another move in his so-called territory?”
    Sootpaw smiled at Moonpaw briefly when he saw she was back. Berrypaw did the same, inviting her to come over.

  63. Surprised by the kindness the other apprentices offered, her, Moonpaw smiled back.
    Hawkheart snapped her head around to look at the hostile tom cat, and mewed coldly, “Now listen here, this is nobody’s territory, and if you try to stop us from passing through, I guarantee that you that I will rip your chubby tail off and feed it to the rats at the carrion place,”
    “You don’t want to have a stubby tail on your rear end, right?” Tigerheart sneered.

  64. Tigerleaf just smirked.
    Scareyes joined in with the threats “You know, I think shredded ears would suit you finely, too.”
    “Yikes, Scareyes, whose ears do you plan on shredding?” came a familiar mew. Scareyesturned her head to see Runningheart padding towards the group of cats.
    “This rogue,” Scareyes replied, “Who won’t let us pass through his so called territory.”
    Runningheart’s gaze rested on the tom. “Oh. Well, he’s just protecdting what he thinks of as his. He’s a cat, he has as much right to territory as us warriors do.” SHe walked over to him. “Hello, rogue, or whatever you are, I’m Runningheart, and these are my friends, and we need to be able to pass through your territory, and hunt, if you’ll let us. ” Runningheart smiled at him, and waited for a reply.
    (Your choice if he agrees or not, and how the other cats react to this unlikely approach. I felt sorry for Venomstrike. And please can he mention his name, I’m tired of calling him the tom cat, or the rogue or whatever,)

  65. Venomstrike looked at the snow white she-cat, closely. There was sense of kindness in her eyes, so he didn’t give a sharp reply. “It depends. What are you guys up to?” “My name is Venomstrike, by the way,”.

  66. Back at ThunderClan….
    (I’ve decided, because they’re my favourite couple, that in ThunderClan I’ll have a a Squirrelflight as well as a Brambleclaw, and they have 2 kits- Blazepaw ( ginger tom with blue eyes, mentored by Amberfang) and Cedarpaw ( tom who looks like Sandstorm with white paws, amber eyes, medicine cat apprentice) both are 8 moons old )
    Brambleclaw sniffed the ointment on his wounds. He blinked his amber eyes and smiled at his son. “Thanks, Cedarpaw,” he meowed. He licked his son’s head. “I’m proud of you.”
    Cedarpaw beamed up at him. “You’re welcome, Brambleclaw.”
    Brambleclaw padded out of the den and saw Mosspaw and Ashpaw sharing a vole by the fresh-kill pile, talking quietly. The entire Clan was subdued after Rippleflower, who had been buried by the elders. Firestorm was sitting in the shadows of the warriors den, looking quietly at the mouse at his paws. The cat took a bite and then pushed it slightly away, laying his head down as if to sleep.
    Brambleclaw couldn’t bare to think about what he would do if he lost Squirrelflight.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath high rock for a Clan meeting!” Featherstar yowled. When the cats had gathered she meowed, “Today, the Clan has suffered a great loss. Rippleflower, one of our senior warriors, has been bitten by and adder after being wounded by a fox. She died, and now she hunts with Starclan.” The leader’s voice was heavy with grief. She paused, and when her announcement was met with silence, she moved on. “But ThunderClan is still strong. Two apprentices have passed their warrior assessments today. Tanglepaw, Creampaw, come forward.”
    Tanglepaw was accompanied by Emberstripe, his mentor, and Creampaw walked forward with Fernmask, Rippleflower’s sister. Brambleclaww watched with a pang as he remembered that Rippleflower had been Creampaw’s mentor.
    ” I, Featherstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turns. Creampaw, Tanglepzw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your lives?”
    “I do,” said Tanglepaw confidently.
    “I do,” came Creampaw’s quiet mew.
    “Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Tanglepaw, from this moment you will be known as Tangleclaw. StarClan honors your courage
    and you trustworthiness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan. Creampaw, from this moment on you will be known as Creamflower. StarClan honours your inner strength and your skill in battle, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.”
    “Tangleclaw! Creamflower! Tangleclaw! Creamflower!” came the yowls. But, Brambleclaw noted, even those were half-hearted. How terribly had Rippleflower’s death shaken the clan?

  67. Venomstrike. Bramblenose thought, looking at him in a new angle. She was surprised that Tigerleaf, given how annoying he was, had not joined in the conversation. “Quest. Prophecy. You know, Warrior stuff. Now, if you’ll let us kindly pass…” Bramblenose tried to look as friendly as she could, but it was quite hard to do with Greypaw having passed away and a strange cat named Venomstrike in their way right now. (Now you can have Venomstrike say he wants to go with us, etcetera.)
    “We were pretty worried about you, even though you may not think that’s true.” Berrypaw hissed softly to Moonpaw, not wanting Bramblenose or anyone else to shush her. (How about the liking for Sootpaw starts about now? ;) A start, atleast.) “It was Sootpaw who realized you were missing, you know.” Berrypaw added. Sootpaw looked the other way, pretending not to be listening.

  68. (Oops! I forgot to respond! Sorry about that)
    “Can I come with you?” Venomstrike asked. “I’ve always wanted to go on a quest. My parents told me all about the warrior clans and stuff!”
    Moonpaw just stared at Venomstrike in surprise. She turned to Sootpaw and whispered, “Why in the name of Star Clan would he want to come on a quest with us?”

  69. (it’s okay. Hey can Tigerleaf and Venomstrike get along really well and be great friends and stuff cos I feel like they would get on1)
    Scareyes frowned and turned to look at Runningheart (who had stepped back by now to get the prey) who was equally baffled. Tigerleaf, to her puzzlement, seemed to look delighted. ‘I don’t know…’ she meowed uncertainly. She turned her sights to Bramblenose to hear her verdict. Scareyes could tell that Brmablenose was injured- not physically, but emotionally- no matter how much the RiverClan she-cat tried to hide it.It’s no surprise, though, she thought to herself.

  70. “Dunno…maybe he’s just curious.” Sootpaw shrugged slightly, still not completely trusting Venomstrike.
    “If you let us pass your territory, then yes. And as long as you don’t get in the way.” Bramblenose warned, but her voice sounded clearly a bit tired after all that had happened so far.

  71. ”Kay. Whatever Bramblenose says,” Scareyes meowed. her eyes rested on Venoms
    trike. Where was he from? How does he know about the Clans? A dozen questions buzzed through her head like annoying flies, none of them answerable. She frowned. She didn’t trust this strange cat.

  72. ((What’s our quest goal again? I know Bramblenose’s goal is to find a cure for the elders, especially Mousetail, in Riverclan…And probably to start replying on others a bit, instead of being too independent, like how she usually is.))

    “Well, we’re going to the mountain cats and maybe they’ll take pity on us and let us stay for a day or two.” Bramblenose said, her eyes narrowing a bit. She didn’t quite like the idea of relying on other cats for shelter or fresh-kill, even, but there wasn’t really any other solution. “We need to make a plan. I say we walk until we get to the horses, like Runningheart had observed, and rest for a while before starting up again. After that we walk until we get there, unless a stop is necessary.” Bramblenose eyed everyone in turn, even Venomstrike and the apprentices. “Agreed? Or does anyone have anything else to add?” Bramblenose asked, wanting to let everyone have a say in this.
    Sootpaw and Berrypaw just stood, nodding. “I love how Bramblenose treats us like warriors already.” Berrypaw murmured to Moonpaw and Sootpaw. “If only I could get in a real fight…” She mused, her ambitious side shining through.

  73. (To find WindClan.)
    Tigerleaf sneered, ‘No one dares to argue with the almighty Bramblenose. She’s just putting a show on, she’d get her own way if anyon tried to say no to her. No point in saying anything.’

  74. “Hey! You better shut your stupid little mouth right now!” Hawkheart growled threateningly. “If you want to take part in this quest, you better fix your attitude!”
    It was unusual for Hawkheart to try to defend a cat from another clan. Bramblenose must have lots of grief, and there was no reason to take that kind of mouse dung( Warriors translation of ‘crap’) from others.

  75. (Oh, right, thanks.)

    Bramblenose’s pelt bristled slightly, her whole attitude toward him from before changing. I guess he can’t change. He’ll still be annoying as ever. She thought, grateful that Hawkheart was standing up for her. “Tigerleaf, do you have anything to put in? I’ve let you try to be leader in the past, but you don’t seem to enjoy that position as much, do you?” She said coolly. “I had an opinion on where to go and I voiced it, Tigerleaf. If you have any opinions yourself, feel free to voice them as well. I am trying to give everyone a chance. If everyone were like you, Tigerleaf, we would get nowhere.” She stepped a little closer to him. “And if you don’t fix your attitude like Hawkheart mentioned, I may as well slit your throat and toss you in the gorge as well.” Bramblenose said unflinchingly, her now-turning bright green eyes staring calmly into Tigerleaf’s.

    (We should have it be nighttime soon.)

  76. (oooo drama! and yeah, sure)
    Tigerleaf snarled, ‘I’d like to see you try, fish-breath.’ His hackles were raised and his voice had turned into a quiet, hostile whisper. His eyes glowed and green gaze met green gaze. ‘You’re just a coward, like all RiverClan cats.’
    Scareyes stepped in between Tigerleaf and Bramblenose, just in case. Giving her friend a glare, she meowed ‘Don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s fine usually. And anyway, we should get going, or settle down.’ She flicked her tail toward the steadily falling sun.

  77. Hawkheart unsheathed her claws, and took a defensive stance. “Don’t you dare insult another clan like that!”
    “We aren’t even in a battle, we are supposed to be working together! Why did you even come on this quest if you were going to act like this?”
    Tigerheart twitched his ears and mewed coldly, “I’m not easy to anger, but if you keep annoying me, I might as well slit your throat”
    Venomstrike just watched as the clan cats argued. Were they always like this?

  78. Bramblenose’s cold stare never left his, not even taking in what the others were saying. Blood rushed to her ears, as emotional pain surged over her. “We’re not cowards, Tigerleaf.” She growled. “I thought you could atleast pretend to be less annoying, but I thought wrong. No matter what I do or say, you’ll always stay the same as you are right now, Tigerleaf.” Bramblenose took a deep breath, her green eyes still penetrating into his. “Forget slitting your throat. I wouldn’t even wish you upon Starclan, Tigerleaf.” She didn’t want to break away first, but she did, flicking her tail in front of his eyes. “And if you ever say anything like that again, or even set paw on anyone here, I will hurt you, Tigerleaf.” She walked away, seeing the sun set.

    “I think we should settle down until morning, if that’s okay with you, Venomstrike.” Bramblenose cocked her head at the tom cat, seeing it was his territory.

    Branchpelt was racing toward Windclan territory, the only territory which was safe without patrols strolling about. He came to a stop the minute he set paw on Windclan. Branchpelt took in the scents around him, faltering when he smelled Bramblenose’s. “She must’ve been here…” He looked up, seeing the slowly setting sun. “I can’t give up now. I’m not even out of the clans.” He raced deeper into Windclan territory, trying not to gag at the stench of dead cats, wishing that atleast Bramblenose wasn’t apart of them.

  79. “Oooooh, she’s going to hurt me! Oh, I’m scared!” Tigerleaf mocked.
    Scareyes was getting fed up now as well. “Forget Bramblenose, I would slit your through and give you to the crows if you don’t shut up, Tigerleaf, and I mean that. You had better fix your attitude or when we get back, the entire Clan will know you’ve done and you’ll have gone back to being an apprentice, Tigerpaw.”
    Tigerleaf turned tail and clambered up the rocks and rounf a corner. not looking back once. (His temper’ll burn itself out, though he won’t come back till the next day.)
    Runningheart was torn as she watched Tigerleaf leave. She didn’t know whether to go after him, since she didn’t want him to be alone in unknown territory, or stay because he needed time alone. She decided to stay, since she didn’t think what he did was right either. She curled her tail around her paws and meowed, “He’ll come back. Where are we staying? Here, in the open?”
    Back at ThunderClan….
    Emberstripe was just finishing explaining- unnecessarily, really, as the had watch Lilysong’s vigil with such vigour- the procedure of their vigil.

    • (Continuation, and guys for the morning can we have a new page.. but not yet once we wake up in the morning)

      After Emberstripe had left, Lilysong padded around her brothers for a few moments before the sun set. “At least you two don’t have to go on dawn patrol,” she said wearily. But then she brightened, saying, “You can make nests next to mine, I’ll get you the moss. It’s cold though, since the older warriors get to sleep in the middle.”

      Lilysong turned and saw the other warriors gathering in the clearing around Rippleflower’s body. “There are two vigils tonight,” she murmured quietly. She felt a pang when she realised her brothers wished their warrior ceremony could be a happier occasion. SHe looked around and saw Swanfeather sitting on the rocks where the elders lay in the summer. Intending to keep the young she-cat company and also try to cheer her up, Lilysong leaped up beside her and meowed, “Hey.”
      The only reply was a sniffle.
      Lilysong pawed her friend. “Hey, Swanfeather, it’s alright.”
      Swanfeather looked up, her eyes bright with tears. “No, it’s not, Lilysong! She’s gone, forever.”
      “Swanfeather… she’s in StarClan, of course she’s not gone forever.”
      “I’m no medicine cat, I won’t see her till I die. I may as well die now.”
      Lilysong licked her friend comfortingly. “No, you have all the more reason to live. You have to make her proud, Swanfeather.”

  80. (Sorry, I forgot that Amulya already responded.)

    “Just stay wherever. We’re leaving tomorrow anyways.” Bramblenose said, ignoring whatever Tigerleaf was saying. She was already padding away before remembering the apprentices. “Berrypaw is responsible enough.” She thought. “I’m going to talk to Pinestar about making her and Sootpaw into warriors once we get back.” She came to a rock that was big enough to climb. After a swift leap, she was on it. Bramblenose laughed with no expression. “I’m always on a rock when I think.” She thought, noticing her habit. “Either that or I’m pacing.” She sat down, her ears and eyes alert.

    After a few minutes, she realized she was crying. “Stupid mouse-brain.” She said to no one in particular, her voice wavering. How am I going to tell Grasswhisker about Graypaw? I’ll probably be made into an apprentice again. The whole clan is going to be disappointed. For a split second Bramblenose thought of running away, to never come back to Riverclan again. She never really did fit in with the cats, only feeling comfortable when she was hunting or at her favorite spot with or without her friends. Her friends. That was one of the few reasons why Bramblenose never did run away. For some reason, she thought about Tigerleaf, who seemed to hate her for no apparent reason. What does Tigerleaf have against me? She thought.


    Berrypaw and Sootpaw watched Bramblenose leave. They looked at each other. “I’ll sleep somewhere else. You can stay here if you want.” Berrypaw suggested. Sootpaw shrugged, too tired to protest. He layed down, closing his eyes from the world.

    Berrypaw walked the opposite direction, finding a bed of pine needles not far from where the other cats were. She circled it a few times before finally laying down, sleeping.

  81. Scareyes watched Bramblenose leave, before turning to Runningheart, “What wouldn’t I give for the warrior’s den right now! Come on, lets look for somewhere covered.” She turned and began walking into the shadows, but stopped and looked back. Runningheart was still sitting, gazing at the spot where Tigerleaf had disappeared. “He’ll be alright,” Scareyes whispered, inaudible to all but Runningheart. At that, Runningheart walked over to Scareyes and the two she-cats padded, pelts brushing, towards an overhang of rock.
    Tigerleaf stalked an invisible prey, keeping low, until he reached a small copse. Finally, somewhere a cat can feel at home, he thought. Soudlessly as smoke, he padded over to a huge oak tree, whose gnarled roots stuck up out of the ground. Between two of the roots, there was a bed of soft moss. He sniffed it. No scent. Good. As he curled up in the nest, he realized how utterly tired he was, and acknowledged for the first time how comforting the brush of Runningheart’s ,the quiet snores of Scareyes, and the warm scents of the ThunderClan were. Feeling utterly alon and- dare he think it- a bit afraid, he looked to the stars. The night was cloudy; Silverpelt was invisible.
    StarClan would not watch him tonight.

  82. After what seemed like eternity, Bramblenose settled down on the rock and began to doze off.

    (Sorry for not responding, I thought Amulya was going to respond.)

  83. (I have access to a computer with internet, so I will continue to participate in the role-play now!)

    Hawkheart scoured the area for a good spot to sleep. She finally found a cozy little clearing under a small tree. “Tigerheart, Moonpaw! I found a space large enough for all of us to sleep,” she called.
    Tigerheart padded up behind her, and inspected the spot. Moonpaw waited as he thoroughly looked through the clearing.
    “It seems fit for a nest,” Tigerheart mewed.
    “Good. I can barely stay on my paws right now. I wouldn’t want to search for another nest,” Moonpaw mewed as she padded up and plopped down in a part of the clearing.
    Without another word, Tigerheart and Hawkheart settled down and dozed off.

    Venomstrike searched for a nest by himself. After a few minutes he found a decent nest. It was a little cramped, but better than sleeping out in the open.

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