Role-Play #4

Here’s the role-play! Please, let’s try not to mess this up!

We’re all in different clans, so when you add something, please write something like: Meanwhile at Riverclan… or Riverclan: or At Riverclan… and so on.



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  1. The next morning, the sun rose, shining brightly above the mountain tops. Bramblenose blinked her eyes open at the first sound of birds chirping, yawning slightly. She stood up, stretching her legs. “I should hunt.” She knew she was up way too early, but she decided to get a head start in the newly born day. Determined not to let yesterday’s events bother her, she slinked around the area, looking for prey. Bramblenose let a flock of birds fly past her, not letting them destroy her day. She saw a mouse in tall grass. Bramblenose caught it at once, deciding to bury it and come back later. In the end, she had hunted down a mouse, three voles, and a rabbit. Feeling satisfied and tired with her hunt, she decided to eat a vole for herself and share the rest with the other cats. Bramblenose padded over to where they had met Venomstrike the other day, setting the fresh-kill down, not wanting to bother anybody. She finished hers, looking around. Hopefully the scent of fresh-kill would awaken most of the cats, since Bramblenose was determined to get to the mountain cats’, hoping that they’d be kind enough to let them stay for a day or two.

  2. (Sorry! I keep typing a reply but never posting it!!)
    Tigerleaf twitched as the sun shone with a greenish tinge through the foliage of the ancient oak where he lay. For a moment, he was confused as to where Scareyes and Runningheart were, but then he remembered the events of the previous day. He stretched and stood, wondering whether he had better return. However, his proud heart wouldn’t let him return to them- not just yet.
    (IDEA! Ok, so can we meet a dog or something and then Tigerleaf can save someone! Yaaaaay! jks)

  3. (Sorry guys, I was traveling a lot, and could didn’t have much time to fit in the role-play! I only had like 30 minutes on the computer a day…)

    Hawkheart sprinted through the forest of barren and white trees, her heart pounding. she could hear the hot breath of the monster on her heels. When she spotted a sturdy, tall tree with a few branches, Hawkheart sprang up on it’s trunk and dug her claws into the slippery bark. She felt as if someone was tearing her claws out of her paws, but she held on tight. Over the loud rush of blood through her ears, Hawkheart heard a soft rustle in the bushes below her. She looked down. The monster was gone, but there was something else in the bushes. On spur of moment, her grip on the tree trunk loosened, and Hawkheart plummeted down into the vegetation on the forest floor.

    Hawkheart awoke with a start, and clawed the nest around her. She accidentally scraped Tigerheart, and he bolted upwards.
    “Hey! Watch it!” He snapped sleepily. Moonpaw woke up as well, and pulled herself onto all fours. “I want to go hunt,” She mewed.
    “Don’t go too far,” Tigerheart advised.
    Hawkheart was still recovering from her frightful dream. She shook her head and got up.

    (I will make a reply for Venomstrike later)

  4. Scareyes had woken with the first birdsong, however she stayed lying down, unwilling to get up. She missed the forest. She missed the warmth of the warrior’s den. She missed the soothing scents of ThunderClan. She missed the calmness, the feeling of reassurance, that StarClan was always there watching, always shining bright in Silverpelt. For all Scareyes knew, they were out of StarClan’s reach already, and therefore they were completely vulnerable. Sighing, she took comfort in the presence of her friends. Runningheart was still beside her, fast asleep, probably dreaming. And Tigerleaf… StarClan, why couldn’t he just let Bramblenose alone? Her theory, which was most probably right, was that he was jealous. Jealous of her skill and her tact and her talent.

  5. Bramblenose sighed, tapping her tail against the sandy, cleared ground. Last night, she had gotten a good sleep, which was quite surprising. Even in Riverclan, Bramblenose often didn’t get enough sleep. She thought it must’ve been the argument with Tigerleaf and losing Greypaw that helped. Bramblenose often thought and slept better under pressure, which was odd, since she hated being rushed. She heard a faint rustle behind her. Bramblenose scented Sootpaw, so she let herself relax. “Bramblenose?” He mewed softly, coming out from the tall grasses.
    “Hi, Sootpaw.” She said, as he came to join her. “Are Berrypaw and G–” She stopped herself, straightening up. “Is Berrypaw awake?” Bramblenose had almost mentioned Greypaw, a tinge of sadness pinching her insides.
    “No, she’s still asleep. I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d take a walk. Then I scented you were here, so here I am.”
    “Oh. Is anything bothering you, Sootpaw?” Bramblenose asked, her voice gentle.
    “I don’t know…I think…I guess I’m still thinking about Greypaw.” He said hesitantly.
    “Sootpaw, we’re all thinking about her. Trust me, you have plenty of moons ahead of you. I know it’s hard to get over someone’s death, especially if it’s of someone you care for.” Bramblenose said, feeling as if the words were flowing out of her mouth like a river. He’s a good listener. Bramblenose thought, as Sootpaw’s grey-blue eyes were still staring at her even when she had finished speaking.
    “Thank you, Bramblenose. I think I will get over it, but for now, I can’t, just not yet.” He said, lowering his head a bit.
    “That’s fine. Why don’t you eat something? There’s some fresh-kill over there, or you can hunt for yourself if you want.” Bramblenose said, gesturing toward the pile with her tail.

  6. Venomstrike opened his eyes to a lush, green forest surrounding him. What in the name of s-
    “Oh, yeah. I’m on a quest now,” He muttered to himself as he remembered last nights events. He stretched and took a deep breath. Venomstrike was feeling quite hungry, so he decided to go hunt. Within a few minutes, Venomstrike had caught a few starlings and a vole. This was enough to satisfy his appetite for now. He followed the path he had taken to the nest back to the other cats. He found that one tabby she-cat from Shadow clan grooming herself near a nest.

    Hawkheart heard paw steps nearby, and looked around. She saw Venomstrike standing in the corner of the clearing staring at her.
    “Well, good morning,” she mewed casually.
    “Good morning,” he mewed back awkwardly.
    What’s wrong with him? Hawkheart thought. At that moment, Tigerheart padded in. He nodded politely to Venomstrike, sat down to groom himself.

  7. (sorry)
    Scareyes stood up. She suddenly felt the urge to go hunting. She pawed Runningheart awake.
    “Hm?” she mumbled.
    “Runningheart, do you want to come hunting?”
    Runningheart stretched as she stood up. This time, she wasn’t confused at all. She was worried. Tigerleaf hadn’t returned.
    “Nah. Sorry, Scareyes. I need to talk to Bramblenose.” She scampered out of the shadows. Scareyes watched her leave, slightly miffed. Fine. Scareyes padded away, nodding at the ShadowClan cats and Venomstrike as she left to hunt.
    Meanwhile, Runningheart padded over to Hawkheart, Venomstrike and Tigerheart. “Hi,” she mewed. “Do you know where Bramblenose is? I need to speak to her.

  8. “Thanks, Bramblenose.” Sootpaw said gratefully, plucking a mouse from the pile. He ate it quickly before Bramblenose could tell him to slow down. “I was too hungry to hunt.” He muttered, embarrassed.
    “It’s okay.” Bramblenose dismissed it with a tail flick, sitting down to wait for the other cats to arrive so they could get going. The faster, the better. Then this quest could finally be over and I can hear the sound of running water again and see my friends again and… Bramblenose paused. She didn’t really want to leave Hawkheart, Scareyes, and the rest behind. Okay, maybe Tigerleaf, but that was all. She didn’t even want to say good-bye to Venomstrike, even though they had only met yesterday. And what if something had happened? What if the entire clan is in chaos or in war with the other clans? What if I’m too late? Bramblenose couldn’t bear to think of what might happen with her friends.

  9. Runningheart looked around a bit and found Bramblenose after a while, with Sootpaw.
    “Hey, Bramblenose. Can I speak to you please?” she meowed, and blinked her soft blue eyes.
    Scareyes watched Runningheart walk away, a little miffed at her rejection. Scareyes frowned slightly as she padded off to do a bit of hunting. Soon, she scented a young thrush. It was hopping around, pecking at the ground. (hey, that rhymed! :) ) She got into a hunter’s crouch, tail held slightly above the ground to avoid stirring the fallen leaves. Carefully, Scareyes put one paw in front of the other, a soundlessly as she could. Just as she was a tail-length away from the thrush, it put its head up and glanced from side to side. The thrush suddenly fluttered upwards, but Scareyes leaped as high as she could and brought it down with the bat of a paw, claws unsheathed. Checking quickly that no one had seen her messy catch, she picked her fresh-kill up and buried it between the roots of a tree. Wanting to make up for her undignified leap, she scouted around to see if sh could scent any more prey.

  10. “Of course, Runningheart.” Bramblenose said. “Do you want to go somewhere else?” She asked, her eyes blinking from the early morning sun.
    Berrypaw finally woke up, yawning. “By the name of Starclan, why is it so bright outside?” She squinted. “Oh right, we’re in the middle of a field in the morning. Oh great.” She slumped back down again. “Get up, Berrypaw, stop being so lazy. Go hunt. Now.” Berrypaw forced herself up on her feet, padding around the area for any prey. After unsuccessfully scaring away a mouse, Berrypaw found a squirrel. A bit furry, but it’ll do.” She said, dropping down to a crouch. At the last second, Berrypaw pounced, killing it with a swipe of her claw. After having eaten and spit out the furry bits, she walked along, scenting Sootpaw. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Berrypaw asked, feeling a bit annoyed.
    “I thought you could use some more sleep.” Sootpaw said. Berrypaw looked at him skeptically. (Want to have Moonpaw join the apprentices?)

  11. Runningheart shrugged. “I don’t mind. Okay. Let’s go somewhere else.”
    Back at ThunderClan…
    The elders were taking Rippleflower’s body out for burial. Strangely, Lilysong was not tired after the vigil, and after making sure her newly named brothers, Tangleclaw and Creamfur, got to sleep, on Brambleclaw’s request, she offered to go hunting.
    “Alright,” Brambleclaw said.
    To her surprise, Swanfeather came up behind her and said, “I’ll come too.” Lilysong would have expected her friend to want to stay home after the vigil, and Rippleflower had been her mother after all, but she let the matter pass, as she was glad of the company. She said so, and Swanfeather gave a weak smile.
    “Sagenose, you take Rosepaw and go with these two,” Brambleclaw meowed at the dusky brown tom. He yawned, nodded and went to fetch his apprentice. Brambleclaw turned to the two she-cats and suggested, “Hunt near the ShadowClan border; we haven’t sent a patrol out there yet.”
    Swanfeather was silent while they waited for Rosepaw and Sagenose. Lilysong regarded her friend worriedly. Swanfeather was usually very talkative and impatient, but now she looked depressed, and her eyes were dull. Lilysong couldn’t imagine losing her own mother. She sighed and thought to herself She’ll adjust, I hope
    Just then, Sagenose arrived, Rosepaw trailing along behind him. The cream apprentice was just a couple of moons younger than Lilysong and her brothers, and Lilysong smiled at her. Rosepaw smiled back and the four cats padded out of camp.

  12. Bramblenose walked some ways to the rock she had slept on the night before. She turned to Runningheart. “You wanted to talk to me?” She implied, ready for whatever Runningheart needed to say.
    In the warriors den, Whitetail was woken up by a nightmare. A monster was chasing Bramblenose, and Whitetail was on the side, not being able to move. Right when Bramblenose plundged into a lake, Whitetail woke up, his eyes wide.
    In the heart of Windclan territory, Branchpelt was just waking up from a dreamless night. He decided to push on further, in case cats were looking for him. “What a horrible deputy I am, disappearing just like that. I wonder who the new replacement will be?” He said to himself, trying to avoid any dead bodies. Soon he came to a fallen tree, smelling the damp rain from two days before. Branchpelt leaped over it effortlessly, trying to track where Bramblenose and the apprentices went, but the rain had already washed their scents away. He decided to hunt, scenting a mouse nearby. After having caught it successfully, he sat down to eat it.

  13. Runningheart took a breath and said, “Yes. About Tigerleaf.” She watched closely for Bramblenose’s reaction to this.
    Tigerleaf padded around the copse where he had made his nest in search of prey. suddenly, a strange scent caught his attention. A rogue she-cat. Great. Just what he needed right now. Tigerleaf turned around and saw her- a skinny, dark brown tabby with bright blue eyes narrowed at him.
    “What are you doing in my territory, trespasser?” she hissed.
    “Territory? I apologise but where I come from, to have a territory you need to have scent markers on your borders. And I didn’t scent any.”
    The she cat crouched, as if to pounce. “Sleuth doesn’t appreciate trespassers. Sleuth doesn’t tolerate trespassers on he territory.”
    Tigerleaf’s head whirred. Either the she cat was talking about her self in third person or their was another cat who was her leader. Tigerleaf took a risk. “Then Sleuth can fight me herself.”
    As he had anticipated, the she cat leaped, but Tigerleaf rolled out of the way just in time. Sleuth hissed and turned to face him. Both cats were not hugely strong or well built; they were well matched.

  14. Bramblenose sighed softly. She knew it probably had something to do with that. “What about him?” She asked, her voice tired and weary of the subject of Tigerleaf. She knew that she was probably in debt of him, since he had saved Berrypaw from the storm, but she still didn’t think that he was her close friend.
    In the warriors den, Whitetail was on his side, his eyes wide open. He got up, deciding to go hunt. He ran as fast as he could out of camp, to the cluster of pine trees that Bramblenose always loved for some reason. He swore to Starclan that Bramblenose could easily pass for a Thunderclan cat, or maybe even Brambleclaw’s sister. He snorted, knowing that cats at gatherings got their names mixed up often. Whitetail crouched down, his gray tail with the white tip swishing on the grassy floor. (Got to go!)

  15. Runningheart shifted uncomfortably on her paws. ‘Well-‘ she stopped. She needed to choose her words carefully. ‘I suppose it’s obvious that you two don’t really get- get along,’ she tentatively began. She paused and glanced at the sun before continuing.
    ‘But if he doesn’t come-come back today, are you going to wait for him?’ Runningheart looked Bramblenose in her turquoise-green eyes that she found so incredibly unnerving.
    (For your reference, Tigerleaf is going to be injured by Sleuth and he won’t be able to walk for a day or so. It’s up to you whether Bramblenose decides to stay and wait or not. I’ve got a vague idea of what he’ll do either way, so… yeah. But y’know,it’d be more dramatic if we decided to leave, but it would also be more stressful if we wait, because of time pressure)
    Tigerleaf snarled at the she-cat. As she got up, he leaped atop her back and sunk his claws into her shoulder, drawing blood. Sleuth hissed in pain and shook Tigerleaf off. The ginger tom only just managed to recover from his fall when his opponent bowled him over and raked her claws down his back. He yowled and thrashed, just managing to throw Sleuth off. Sleuth was sprawled on the ground, but she was recovering. Tigerleaf took the opportunity to lick the blood off his wound. He pounced again, taking the wiry rogue by surprise, and bit her hard on the base of her tail. Sleuth growled and turned on Tigerleaf. Both cats were weakened by now. Tigerleaf didn’t want to fight to the death, but it seemed the rogue was planning to do so. Sleuth managed to dig her claws into Tigerleaf’s hind leg, causing him to collapse to the ground. She locked her jaws around the soft flesh of his side, and Tigerleaf gasped for breath. In a last effort, he used his fore paws to push her aside and turned. He was beaten, he knew. Before Sleuth could come to him, he dragged himself away,back to the his nest. There he lay, exhausted, blood pouring from his side.

  16. ((Yep, I think we’re going to leave him cause I have an idea that Branchpelt will find him, if that’s okay?))

    Bramblenose hesitated. She knew that Tigerleaf hadn’t shown up yet, thinking that it was probably because of their argument yesterday. She looked at Runningheart. “If he doesn’t come back by the time we leave, which is soon, well, hopefully he’ll know where we’re heading.” She felt kind of bad for saying this, but they couldn’t afford to lose any more time, with Mousepelt growing weaker in Riverclan and, well, she just couldn’t bear of failing Brambleclaw.

    ((Want to wait for Amulya? You can comment, I guess.))

  17. Moonpaw padded through the forest, careful to be light on her paws. She sniffed the air every few seconds, and finally picked up a scent. She tasted the air more carefully, and managed to pin point where the prey was located. Moonpaw recognized the rodent as a vole. She caught sight of it, and began to stalk it. Moonpaw neatly pounced on it, and quickly killed it by nipping the back of it’s neck. She gulped it down in the same spot.

  18. ((Okay, now do you want to respond, Paperclip? ‘Cause Bramblenose is waiting for Runningheart to answer her. :) ))

  19. (Oh, Sorry. I didn’t notice Amulya’s reply… actually, wait, I’m pretty sure I replied… must be my stupid iPad… grrr)
    Runningheart’s eyes narrowed for a barely noticeable moment, then she looked away with a slight sigh.
    “That’s alright,” her voice came out as a croak, hoarse, like there was sand in her throat. “I understand.”
    She turned to take her leave, not meeting Bramblenose’s eyes.
    When Scareyes finally finished hunting, she felt like she would do anything to be back in ThunderClan camp, to have her mouse-brain apprentice Ashpaw at her side, to have Brambleclaw and Featherstar’s calm authority leading her day, to have some sort of idea what was going to happen next, where she would sleep the next night, how she would spend the next day. She disliked the unpredictability of this quest, it brought out her nervousness that she had tried so hard to fight back. But she had been chosen by Brambleclaw, and she respected him and his choices and was honored, so Scareyes persevered.
    Once Tigerleaf had licked his wound clean, he gasped for breath. What would I give right now for Vinesoul, or even Cedarpaw to help me! Tigerleaf thought to himself. He didn’t even know whether he was safe in his makeshift nest, since, as he had pointed out to Sleuth, there were no scent markers present to identify the borders. The sense of insecurity, coupled with his helplessness and his failure in his fight, frustrated the proud warrior. He wasn’t sure whether he should stay where he was, in doing so saving his strength yet also risking an attack, or move as far as his wretched legs could take him, wearing himself out but getting somewhere safe. After a few moments of pondering, he came to conclusion. He would leave this stupid copse, and StarClan help him if he ever came back again. Tigerleaf knew that the best place to go to right now would be the place where the others were staying, but he was quite sure it was too far for him to go in this state. He looked down in disgust at his side once more, and beheld the cursed thing that was holding him down.

    The wound was long- three scars travelling all the way from just behind his foreleg to just before his hind leg. The scars were a light shade of pink, and at the slightest twitch started gushing torrents of blood again. He winced. How was he supposed to walk somewhere without dying of blood loss? After cleaning away the blood again, Tigerleaf carefully got up. His head began to spin, and he was about to buckle to the ground, but resiliently, he somehow managed to hold his ground. Slowly, the ginger tom managed to move a couple of fox-lengths. Breathing a sigh of relief, eyes narrowed in concentration, he proceeded to making his way out of the copse and into the sunshine. With only two or three stops, he managed it. But now his side was roaring with pain, his legs were demanding to have some rest, and his head felt as though something were repeatedly banging itself against it. Not being able to hold up any longer, Tigerleaf leaned against a tree and passed out to the sight of his own blood once again.
    Back in ThunderClan,
    Lilysong lead the patrol –her patrol, she reminded herself with a small smile- to the great sycamore. Nobody spoke much, and she assumed that this was because of the fact that Swanfeather was present. Nobody knew how the young silver and white she-cat would react to conversation, having lost her mother. Rosepaw kept giving the warrior nervous looks, and Sagenose was watching his Clanmate pityingly- that is, until Swanfeather turned around and gave the older warrior a death glare. Lilysong sighed. Well, life goes on. The Clan needed prey. She went into ‘business-mode.’
    “Right, I think, I can hunt here, with Swanfeather, and you two can go closer to the border. Featherstar was making everyone practise hunting in pairs, after all.”
    “But, Lilysong,” Sagenose began.
    “What is it, Sagenose?” Lilysong said, tail twitching. At times, though the dusky warrior could be helpful, at times, he had a tendency to be outspoken, not to mention arrogant.
    “I think it would be better if Rosepaw went with you, and I went with Swanfeather.”
    “And why is that?”
    Sagenose was ready. “Brambleclaw told me that we needed to practise with people we spent less time with, so we know their style and instincts as well as them.”

  20. Bramblenose looked confused for a second, but then she realized that Runningheart must have feelings for Tigerleaf. “By Starclan I’m dense.” Bramblenose growled softlyy, knowing it was true that she was hardly able to tell affection. She headed to the clearing again. ((Lets have everyone meet at the clearing so we can leave…I feel bad for leaving Tigerleaf…*sniffle* but Branchpelt will find him soon enough.))
    Berrypaw and Sootpaw stood, once they saw Bramblenose. “Are we leaving yet?” Berrypaw whined, almost like her old self. But she had long changed since then.
    “Soon, once everyone is here.” Bramblenose assured her.
    ((By the way, I really like how you described the Tigerleaf part, Paperclip.))

    After Branchpelt had followed the barely there scents of cats, he came to a huge, gaping gorge. He hesitated, then leaped to the other side, landing like he jumped across death-threatening holes for a lifetime. The tom cat hesitated again, scenting a cat stronger than the others. “Graypaw?” He cocked his head to the side, just like Bramblenose.
    After Whitetail had successfully caught a vole, he ate while sitting under one of the shady pine trees. He decided to wait until the other Warriors were awake before pestering Branchpelt to climb trees. Little did he know that the whole clan was awake, and that Branchpelt had already started a little quest of his own.

    ((After we finish this role-play, do you think we should do a sequel? Amulya already gave her opinion a few months ago. She thought that the role-play was getting kind of slow, so she votes no on the sequel. What about you, Paperclip? I personally think no for the sequel, but maybe in the future, if we wanted to we could. Or we could create a new role-play on something different. I have a few ideas floating around in my head…))

  21. (If we are randomly motivated to have another role-play, then I guess we could do one. But don’t you think we should try something else?)

    Moonpaw finished eating and started to head back to the other cats. On the way, she met Hawkheart.
    “What did you catch?” She asked.
    “A vole and a mouse,” Moonpaw replied.
    “Good. So your stomach is full, right?”
    Together, they padded back until they came upon a clearing where several of the other cats were.

  22. ((So we’ll just wait for Paperclip’s response. I think this role-play will probably take a few months or so to be finished, so once that’s done, we’ll just stop and leave this role-play by itself and just blog/post. And once we think of something that we want to role-play, we can do that! How ’bout that? Let’s just see what Paperclip thinks of first.))

  23. (I though I replied! Argh! (I don’t mind, either way. But what could we role-play on?)
    After finishing hunting for herself and finding something for Runningheart, Scareyes padded back to the clearing. On her way, she met Runningheart, whose eyes were stuck on her paws.
    “Hey, what’s wrong?”
    No answer.
    “I hunted for you.”
    This time, Runningheart looked up and took the plump squirrel Scareyes had caught for her. Runningheart ate in silence, and, swallowing the last bite she said, sniffling, “I asked Bramblenose if she was going to leave Tigerleaf behind if he didn’t show up.”
    Scareyes looked her friend in the eye and meowed quietly, “And?”
    “She said, if he wasn’t there by the time we left, we would go on without him. How could she, Scareyes?! I thout we were all a team, including Tigerleaf. What if he’s hurt, or lost?!”
    Though Scareyes’ heart was heavy as well, she comforted Runningheart, “No, we mustn’t think like that. StarClan will protect him if he’s hurt, though I doubt that there’s much that will hurt him. And they’ll guide him to us if he’s lost. And don’t forget, Tigerleaf is one of the most skilled trackers in ThunderClan. He’ll find us.” Scareyes ended confidently. “Come on. Let’s find the others.”
    The two she cats padded back to the clearing in silence.

  24. Bramblenose did feel bad for leaving Tigerleaf behind, but by waiting for Tigerleaf, it would only slow them down. She watched the cats file in. Bramblenose didn’t like being the only one to decide things, and she did admit she kind of missed Tigerleaf’s snappy responses. They motivated her. But her decision was decided, and now they were waiting for her to tell them.
    “We are going to leave today. Tigerleaf is nowhere to be found. He may have run away or something, but if we decide to wait for him to come back, it will cost us a lot of time and I am sure Tigerleaf will find us.” Bramblenose paused before continuing. She didn’t dare make contact with Runningheart, knowing she would probably glare at Bramblenose or something. Instead, her eyes silently pleaded for Scareyes or Hawkheart, knowing they would probably be on her side.

  25. ((Okay, so it is final. We will not make a sequel to this, unless we really feel like it in the future. Paperclip, we can think of something else to roleplay in the future, or if you ever think of anything, you can comment.))

  26. Noticing Bramblenose’s silent plea, Scareyes swallowed before saying. “Tigerleaf is one of the best trackers in ThunderClan. He will find us.” She glanced at Runningheart, who was staring at a beetle crawling around her paws, seemingly resigned.
    Back at ThunderClan…
    Lilysong wrinkled her nose. “Alright. You can go with Swanfeather, and I’ll go with Rosepaw.”
    Swanfeather glared at the tom and swiftly left, not giving him time to catch up.
    Lilysong sighed and turned to Rosepaw. “Let’s stay around here, by the Great Sycamore. Okay, what can you scent?”
    *time passing because I don’t want to write ANOTHER hunting scene.*
    After a while, Lilysong and Rosepaw had caught two mice and a crow. The young warrior was satisfied with their hunting, and the two she-cats were sitting, waiting for Sagenose and Swanfeather to turn up.
    “I can’t wait to move out the apprentice den,” Rosepaw sighed. “It’s only Blazepaw and me, and you know how boring he is. All serious. Can’t take a joke.”
    “You’re only a moon and a half younger than my brothers and me. Not long to wait,” Lilysong reminded her.
    “But still! A moon and a half with Blazepaw!”
    “He’s not that bad.”
    “He is that bad. Anyway, it’ll probably be more because I didn’t pass my last battle training assessment. I’m already eleven moons old!” Rosepaw huffed, sending a leaf flying.
    “It was your own fault, Rosepaw,” a new, muffled voice came. Sagenose and Swanfeather had returned, jaws full of prey.
    “It doesn’t matter. Did you remark the borders?” Lilysong queried.
    Swanfeather nodded.
    “Okay. Let’s get all this prey back to camp. It’s been good hunting for leaf-fall.”

  27. (Oops, sorry. I forgot about the role-play for like… a while. Alright, we need something more exciting here.)

    When Hawkheart heard that they were leaving Tigerleaf behind, she immediately had the urge to protest. “She moved forward, and mewed, “How can you leave Tigerleaf behind in unknown territory? He could possibly be hurt, or in danger!”
    Tigerheart agreed with Hawkheart. “Yes, and we should never leave a cat behind,” He added. Moonpaw had no input on the debate, so she simply watched. Hawkheart padded up to Bramblenose, and mewed, “I’m going to go find Tigerleaf. He may be the slightest bit annoying, and from a different clan, but he is part of our team now. I will never forgive myself if he is hurt, and we are leaving him behind.”
    “I’ll go with her too.” Tigerheart announced.

  28. Runningheart looked up suddenly at Hawkheart and Tigerheart. Her face betrayed no emotion, but for her shining blue eyes. Thank you she thought, hoping they understood.
    Scareyes flicked her eyes between the two cats, smiling.

  29. Hawkheart looked at all of the cats, and her eyes met with Runningheart’s. She seemed to be very happy that Tigerleaf was being searched for, based on how bright her eyes shined.

  30. “It will only cause us to lose more time, but the majority wins, so…” Bramblenose sighed. “Let’s go find Tigerleaf.” She had a feeling this would eventually happen.
    Berrypaw walked over to Moonpaw. “Did you think we should find Tigerleaf?” Sootpaw followed them.
    Branchpelt was getting closer to them. He sniffed the air. It smelled…Like…Blood? And…He sniffed again. Cats. He raced through the tall grasses, hoping nobody he knew was hurt…

    ((So let’s have Branchpelt find Tigerleaf first, then have the others find Branchpelt and Tigerleaf. Is that okay?))

  31. (Yeah, so we can have an argument over who gets Tigerleaf)
    “I didn’t really have a preference,” Moonpaw replied. “To be honest, it seems to me that nobody really listens to apprentices,”

  32. Runningheart smiled at the change of plan, glancing at Bramblenose more than once. She felt Scareye’s tail lightly brush against her flank, as if to say, ‘Told you it would be all right.’
    Tigerleaf was chasing a huge plump mouse in ThunderClan territory, near the stream. All of a sudden, the mouse turned in to a fish and began flapping and flipping in his direction. “What in the name of StarClan?!” He yelped as he started awake. Tigerleaf groaned at the pain after such a sudden motion. At least while he was knocked out then eventually asleep, he couldn’t feel the pain. Then, for a strange moment, Tigerleaf thought he could actually scent a fish coming in his direction. When he sniffed again, however, he realised it was a RiverClan cat. Could Bramblenose and the others be coming to find him? No, this cat wasn’t Bramvlenose, or even a she cat. So. A lone RiverClan Tom was hurtling in his direction. The ginger warrior struggled slightly, however, using the tree to lean on, he managed to stand up.

  33. Bramblenose sighed, bounding ahead. She tried to figure out where Tigerleaf was, based on only his scent. She really hoped he was okay, but a nagging part in her mind told her that he wasn’t.
    “Maybe it is because warriors have more experience than us?” Sootpaw suggested, shrugging.
    Branchpelt finally came across the cat. Thunderclan cat!? “Are you on a quest!?” Branchpelt asked, then saw the cat was highly injured. “I knew I should have paid more attention to when Bramblenose was teaching me about which herbs to use.” He muttered to himself.

  34. Tigerleaf, recognizing the cat, spat the deputy’s name. (He’s the deputy, right?) “Branchpelt. What are you doing here? Come chasing after Bramblenose?”
    Runningheart and Scareyes padded side by side, ears pricked, eyes scanning each place for a sign of their friend. The scent was strong; he had definitely come this way.
    “Thank StarClan it didn’t rain last night, otherwise his scent would be washed away,” Scareyes remarked.

  35. (Sorry, I had a lot of homework and could not find the time to respond)
    Hawkheart and Tigerheart continued to search for Tigerleaf, but were not successful. “Perhaps one of the others have found him already,” Hawkheart mewed.
    “Perhaps. Should we head back to the place we started then?”
    “I guess…” Hawkheart said reluctantly.

    Moonpaw looked at her paws and thought about all the events which had taken place the past few days. So much had happened…

  36. “Yes.” Branchpelt said, unaware of Tigerleaf’s hostility. “You’re a Thunderclan cat.” He tried to think of his name. “Thicket…Tear…Tigerleaf, is it?”
    Bramblenose suddenly stopped, her breathing quickening for no apparent reason. Or maybe there was a reason…”Is that…No, it can’t be…” She decided to wait for Runningheart and Scareyes, since she was so hesitant to confirm if the scent was Branchpelt or not.
    “I kind of want to go back.” Sootpaw admitted.
    “Well, I don’t. Do you, Moonpaw?” Berrypaw asked.

  37. StarClan, he really is a mouse-brain, how he made it to deputy, I don’t know! Tigerleaf thought to himself. “Well, fish-breath, you can just go scampering back to your safe little island camp, ‘cos I don’t want your help and Bramblenose isn’t-” the young tom stopped mid-sentence, his tracker’s nose scenting something odd. (cats don’t use this phrase, but I don’t exactly care) “Speak of the devil…” he muttered, under his breath. “Okay. I take back what I said. Not the fish-breath part, the bit about Bramblenose. Here she comes.” (I was really tempted to make him say, “Enter, Juliet, stage right!” but I think maybe that’s a bit much… it’s exactly what he would say if he was human though.)
    “Here,” Runningheart meowed. She bounded off to the right, where Bramblenose was searching, leaving Scareyes to catch up.
    Once the grey she-cat had reached Runningheart’s shoulder, the two stopped beside Bramblenose. Runningheart rested for a moment, but then her ears flicked forward and she sprinted off, calling Tigerleaf’s name, not even giving her slower, considerably more well-fed friend a chance to catch her breath.
    Scareyes stared ahead, then wrinkled her nose and turned to Bramblenose, wondering if she could smell what she could- the fishy scent of a RiverClan cat. (See what I did there… fishy.. riverclan… fishy… suspicious…ha. ha. ha. )

  38. Branchpelt’s ears perked when he scented Bramblenose’s familiar scent. He ignored Tigerleaf’s remarks and padded a few ways to where she was coming from.
    Bramblenose’s eyes widened, staring at Scareyes. “Is that Branchpelt?” She asked. “And Tigerleaf of course.” She added hastily. Bramblenose recognized the familiar scent of Branchpelt, and, she didn’t want to admit it–Tigerleaf.
    “I guess we can understand that.” Sootpaw said. Suddenly, Berrypaw lifted her amber eyes. “Looks like they’ve found them!” She exclaimed, bounding ahead.

  39. Runningheart, bolted past Branchpelt towards Tigerleaf, who was still leaning on the tree.
    “Tigerleaf!” she purred, “I’m so glad we found you!” She licked his cheek. “Bramblenose wanted to move on, but- Tigerleaf! HOW did this happen! You’re hurt! This.. oh, no, you were in a fight weren’t you? This needs to be treated! It’s probably infected! Who’s the best with herbs… if only Vinesoul were here!”
    Tigerleaf chuckled slightly and smiled at the she-cat, whose blue eyes were earnestly examining his wound. “Hi, Runningheart.”
    Scareyes nodded. “Branchpelt’s coming this way… I must go see if Tigerleaf’s all right!” And she scampered off, leaving Bramblenose to greet her approaching clan-mate.

  40. Bramblenose finally came into view. One glance at Tigerleaf and she knew what he needed. “I’ll go and find some cobwebs and whatever else there is…preferably some goldenrod…and I guess we could all use some chamomile.” She muttered, knowing she was probably the only one who paid attention to herbs and knew their uses. Bramblenose nodded curtly at Branchpelt. Did he not think I was capable of handling myself? But she didn’t say that out loud, not wanting to seem offending.
    Branchpelt watched the cats carefully, standing to the side. He finally saw Bramblenose, but when she only nodded at him, he thought it was cold and wondered why she wasn’t being friendlier. He almost wanted to go with her, but stopped himself, knowing she liked to find herbs on her own.
    Berrypaw came running, skidding to a stop when she saw Tigerleaf. “What happened to you?” She asked, unaware of the fact that she was intruding. Then she saw Branchpelt and hurtled herself onto him.
    Sootpaw decided to walk with Moonpaw, since Berrypaw was already ahead. He began thinking about Greypaw as they came closer to where the other cats were.

  41. Anyone? I guess school is very time consuming. Don’t worry about not responding as fast, all of us should be able to focus on schoolwork more than roleplaying. Only comment when you have time, nobody is rushing anyone. Just wanted to make sure. :)

  42. (I am back from the treacherous assignments of Ms.Ball’s Social Studies class!!)

    Moonpaw noticed Sootpaw walked next to her, and she looked at him. “Oh, uh…hi,” She nervously mewed. Smooth, now he’ll think your an insecure weirdo! Why was this cat making her so jittery? She barely knew him…and they’d barely exchanged a few words.

  43. Tigerleaf flicked his eyes towards Berrypaw and muttered something, then proceeded to look up and smile at Scareyes.
    Scareyes arrived just as Berrypaw tumbled into Branchpelt. She smiled, then she saw Tigerleaf. “Oh my- Tigerleaf! What in StarClan’s name happened to you?!” She ran to his side. “Fox dung… that’s bad, isn’t it?” she murmured as she grimaced at his gashes.

  44. Berrypaw was oblivious to what Tigerleaf had muttered, already rambling to Branchpelt nonstop.

    Bramblenose hurriedly left, not sure that she wanted to face Tigerleaf and the awkwardness, or vice versa. She immediately knew where to look, and wasted no time in collecting the medicine for Tigerleaf.

    Sootpaw nodded at Moonpaw in greeting. “What do you think about Tigerleaf?” He was curious, since everyone seemed to have different opinions on him.

  45. (I feel like I’ve missed my characters, for some reason.)
    Runningheart fussed over Tigerleaf loudly, grooming his fur and licking away the blood and muttering. She couldn’t help but worry like this- he meant the world to her. However, after much protesting, she stopped mollycoddling him. However, this didn’t stop she and Scareyes peppering him with questions, talking over each other-
    “What happened to it?”
    “Who did it? It was a cat, right?”
    “It must be cat, look at the claw-”
    “Alright, but why are you here? How did you end up here?”
    “Have you got any other wounds?”
    “Are you still angry at Bramblenose?”
    Once they were done, he answered them all quietly in a husky voice- but he deftly avoided the question about Bramblenose.

    • Back at ThunderClan…
      Swanfeather was silent as she padded beside Lilysong. Well, it wasn’t as if she could speak with her jaws full of prey, but Lilysong could definitely feel a kind of aura of silence from her. Once they arrived in camp, they dropped the prey on the fresh-kill pile. Lilysong was about to call Swanfeather, but the silvery she-cat simply stalked off into the warriors den and lay in silence beside her brother, Amberfang. For the moment, Lilysong decided to let her friend mourn.
      Instead, she walked up to Brambleclaw, who had just returned from a patrol as well. She felt that she should go to Featherstar to talk about this, but Brambleclaw had been her mentor and was far more easy to talk to.
      “Brambleclaw?” she approached.
      “Yes, Lilysong?” The deputy flicked his head towards her, amber eyes glowing, reflecting the sunlight.
      “Um, I need to talk to you.”
      “Go on.”
      “Um, it’s about Runningheart.”
      “Oh. Alright. Come with me.”
      As they walked out into the forest, he said, “I could be sleeping, right now, you know. This’d better be good.” But he did so with a smile, and she knew her old mentor was just teasing.

  46. “I think he’s a irritating little brat! We should leave him here.” Moonpaw responded sharply to Sootpaw.

    By this time, Hawkheart and Tigerheart had found their way to Tigerleaf and the rest of the cats. Both just stood back and observed. Hawkheart silently padded over to Bramblenose, who was collecting herbs at the moment.

    “Hi,” she mewed.

  47. (What happened to Venomstrike? I just remembered!)

    “Are you sure you don’t want to go back?” Branchpelt asked Berrypaw.
    “Nope!” Berrypaw exclaimed, jumping around him excitedly in circles.
    Branchpelt sighed, knowing he was never going to get her to go back to Riverclan. He didn’t know whether he should go back, as he was deputy and the clan needed him, or stay and look after Berrypaw and Sootpaw. And keep an eye on Bramblenose. He said in his mind.


    Bramblenose looked up, seeing Hawkheart. She had her mouth full with chamomile, so she couldn’t exactly say anything back. Her turquoise eyes glanced at the pile of cobwebs and goldenrod, hoping that Hawkheart took the hint to help her with the rest.


    “Shh, he might here us.” Sootpaw whispered quietly, seeing that they were close to Tigerleaf. “But I agree, although I don’t think we should leave him here. That’d be kind of mean, don’t you think?” Sootpaw added, his too kind-heartedness showing.

  48. In Riverclan…

    Things were as normal as it could get without the deputy, Bramblenose, or two apprentices missing. Whitetail ended up being the deputy-stand in, taking over the roles that Branchpelt had before he…left.

  49. (OMG, I forgot that Venomstrike existed, LOL. Just pretend that he was looking for Tigerleaf, and now he’s with everyone else)

    Moonpaw blinked and looked at Sootpaw. “I didn’t mean leave him here, by himself in the forest. We should treat him, and then take him back to camp. We wouldn’t want to take the risk of him getting more injured, or making us more vulnerable to…enemies,”

    Venomstrike watched as Hawkheart went over to that one cat…What was her name? That’s it. He decided to join her. By the time he had made his way to Hawkheart, both she-cats were gathering and sorting herbs.
    “Can I help with anything?” he mewed.
    Hawkheart looked up, and said,” Woah, when did you get here?” Her hazel eyes glistened in the sunlight.

    (Jenny: Could you start to make Sootpaw show a little affection towards Moonpaw? I wan to get this romance started. :) )

  50. (HAHA! To the Sootpaw/Moonpaw thingy: Sure, gurl. Watch and learn as the master does it. ;) XD But first let’s wait for Paperclip.)

  51. Tigerleaf growled and glared at Moonpaw, but said nothing. He was in no phase to deal with apprentices just now.
    Meanwhile, as Bramblenose was collecting herbs, the two ThunderClan she-cats set to hunting for Tigerleaf, who had told them that he had been attacked before he managed to hunt himself- and, consequently, had not had anything to eat or drink since before he had ran off.
    Scareyes padded softly in the copse, sniffinf about for any signs of prey. At one point, she came across a clearing with trails of blood around. Shuddering, she realised that this must have been the clearing where Tigerleaf had fought that other cat. Moving on, she noticed that looking for prey near the scene of the fight would be hopeless, as all the prey would have run away at the sound of two cats fighting. Sighing, she ventured further away.
    Runningheart had taken it upon herself to also supply Tigerleaf with water the way that they did for nursing queens and sick cats or elders back at camp, so once she had caught two plump voles, she buried her catch and headed back to the place where they had spent the night. She felt sick, being so close to the site of Greypaw’s death, but she quietly dunked the moss into the pool and headed back with it dripping from her jaws.

  52. (After Tigerleaf is good to go again, I think they should be like, “Oh, the mountains are right ahead” and have it be like, ‘After walking the rest of the way to the mountains’ You get what I’m trying to say?)

  53. Sootpaw nodded, ignoring Tigerleaf’s glare. “Although, Tigerleaf is is a good fighter and can probably defend us with his sharp tongue alone.” He joked, flicking his tail back and forth. Soon they came upon Branchpelt and Berrypaw.


    Bramblenose nodded her head at Venomstrike, setting the chamomile down. “It’s no use not being able to talk with a bunch of herbs in your mouth.” She said, sticking out her tongue, trying to get the aftertaste off. “Can you take the cobwebs to Tigerleaf? Hawkheart, the goldenrod?” She tried to manage a smile, but her thoughts kept going back to Tigerleaf. She tried not to blame herself, but she knew that it was probably her fault. Bramblenose sighed, picking up the chamomile again with her jaws.

  54. Scareyes returned with a rabbit to Tigerleaf. He smiled at her and began chewing up the meat slowly, as if savouring each bite.
    “Mm?” The ginger tom was busy chewing.
    “Why do you hate Bramblenose so much?”
    “I don’t hate her,” he swallowed, “I’m just perpetually annoyed at her constant perfection and self-confidence.”
    Scareyes looked at him disbelievingly as Runningheart padded towards them.
    “Here. Water.” She mewed, dropping the moss beside him. The two she-cats sat in silence as Tigerleaf drank, though Scareyes noticed her friend’s blue eyes shine a little too brightly as Runningheart’s eyes went from the wound, to Tigerleaf’s face, and back.
    Maybe she thinks it’s her fault for not going after him right away, Scareyes pondered.

  55. ((Oops…Uh, let’s just keep going for a bit. Amulya may or may not have forgotten about this, as I have…XD ……Wow, I don’t even remember what I wrote. O.o Grr, all my charries are with Amulya’s charries, and it’d be really awkward to have a one-sided conversation…I guess we’ll wait for Amulya to come back, then!

    I think that Branchpelt should go back to Riverclan, after having a talk with Bramblenose saying how he’s needed back there more than on the quest. Also because I don’t feel like having to control too many characters at once…XD #lazy

    I thought it’d be nice to have a Greypaw perspective from Starclan…Just a brief one, in italics…I’ll work on that.

    After this whole roleplay is finished, I was thinking that if you guys still want to continue roleplaying, we could do a Percy Jackson roleplay, or something that we all have knowledge about…Some fandom or other…It’d be nice to get a fresh start. Then we’d all be a bit more experienced and know what we’re doing, and POSSIBLY RECRUIT MORE PEOPLE.))

  56. You comment’s email notification just gave me a wake-up call. I forgot that was happening in the role-play…

    About the Percy Jackson thing, I’m not sure that I would have enough knowledge of that, because I dropped the series like a year ago. There are a lot of new characters and plots.
    You know what? Screw this! I’m having Moonpaw make a move on Sootpaw RIGHT NOW!

    Moonpaw flirtatiously swished her tail back and forth. “Yeah, he would be a good addition to our team if he was a little nicer,”

  57. (I love the Percy Jackson idea! But we’ll need more people if Amulya isn’t into it. Also, Amulya, did you stop reading after Heroes of Olympus or before that? Because then the roleplay can just be post PJO and HoO can be non-existent.)
    (I think your characters should come back now cos mine are getting worried)

    Runningheart fought back tears. It was all her fault. She should have gone after Tigerleaf, then perhaps he wouldn’t have been hurt or even gotten into a fight. She watched Tigerleaf as he lapped up his water. Maybe she cared too much, but it would break her heart if anything happened to Tigerleaf permanently.

  58. (Yeah. Don’t worry, we’ll have a lot of different fandoms, so everyone’s bound to find one or a few that they’re really into.)

    Bramblenose suddenly realized that they had probably spoken for two long. She left the two cats alone swiftly, merely waving her tail in a signal that she was leaving. She slipped away with the herbs in her mouth. Running the rest of the way, the she-cat finally approached Tigerleaf. Bramblenose noticed that Runningheart was nearby–of course–but she didn’t want to disturb them, only placing the herbs and cobwebs near Tigerleaf. “Sorry for making you wait so long.” She said hesitantly, her insecurities creeping up on her. Bramblenose didn’t feel a bit comfortable around Tigerleaf, and partially Runningheart…”And sorry for…everything.” She blurted. After that, Bramblenose quickly walked off to a vacant corner of the area they were in. Great. Now you’ve probably got two cats against you.


    Branchpelt looked between Moonpaw and Sootpaw, a bit amused. “I need to speak with Brambl-” He stopped short, seeing her in a dark corner, looking a bit glum. He walked over to her. “I’ve decided that the clan needs me more there than here. I should get going.”

    Bramblenose nodded slightly. “You didn’t need to search for me, you realize that, don’t you?”

    “I was worried. Whitetail and Silverpool are, as well.”

    “Tell them that I will come back.” Bramblenose said determinedly.

    Branchpelt nodded. He then proceeded to tell Berrypaw and Sootpaw good bye as well. The tom cat didn’t want to make his abrupt leaving a big deal.

    Bramblenose kept her eyes on Branchpelt as he ran and ran, until he was out of sight. She resumed in the corner, her eyes turning bright green. Anxious. Insecure. Worried. About everything.


    Sootpaw was a bit taken aback. “O-of course.” He stuttered. Poor Sootpaw was nervous. His ice blue eyes darted everywhere but Moonpaw, not sure what to say next.

    Fortunately, Berrypaw ambled to the pair. “There’s no fighting going on! I wish Tigerleaf would be less hostile, so then I could ask him how he got so beat up. I wish it were me instead of Tigerleaf.” She rambled on and on.


    Greypaw’s POV:

    My death was quick. I was grateful for that. Now, I walked and hunted amongst Starclan. I was grateful for that too. Starclan was my home now. I had become much wiser and less afraid. But I did miss my friends terribly. I was everywhere. Mostly keeping my eyes on the quest. It was like I had the ability to be in several conversations at once…Just not able to contribute. That didn’t matter anyway; I wouldn’t have anything to add. I let out a small laugh when I saw Sootpaw’s nervous expression that was interpreted by a small, gust of wind. I wanted to let Bramblenose know that it wasn’t her fault that I had passed away. That she should cheer up; return to her bright self. But I couldn’t. I only watched, as she spoke with Branchpelt. I stayed in the shadows. One of the things I wished the most was that everyone, besides Runningheart, Scareyes, and partially Berrypaw could see the good in Tigerleaf. He was brave. A fantastic fighter. I remember watching him as he fought that cat a while back. I admire him. But I could only make a difference not by words, but by actions. I helped his wounds heal a bit faster than usual, making the pain ease. He wouldn’t know it was me, but I was okay with that. I retreated back with the other cats of Starclan.

  59. (I forgot what was happening with Hawkheart and Tigerheart…)

    Hawkheart opened her mouth wide in a yawn, revealing sharp, white fangs. “What do you think we’re going to do with Tigerleaf?” He whispered in Hawkheart’s ear. “I don’ know,” Hawkheart shrugged. She scanned the area for Moonpaw, and found her chatting with two other apprentices. She looked a bit nervous, with her ears twitching awkwardly.

    Venomstrike interrupted her stream of thought by flicking her with his tail. “What? Oh, its you.” She mewed.
    “I don’t really get this clan stuff. How do they work? Are there certain rules which I should know of?”

  60. “Hey, Bramble,” Tigerleaf called out, interrupting Bramblenose’s conversation, “Who’s gonna fix me up if you’re skulking in a corner? Don’t just drop the herbs and be off. Nobody does that. And I’m no medicine cat!”
    Tigerleaf grinned widely as Scareyes rolled her eyes a little. Scareyes had definitely changed from the quiet cat he once knew. She had become more confident- more like Bramblenose. He wasn’t sure whether he liked or disliked that change in his friend. The ginger tom decided he would wait and see.

  61. Hawkheart took a deep breath and looked at Venomstrike. She noticed for the first time, that there seemed to be the presence of something different in this rogue. Something which other rogues didn’t possess. “Well, we seem to have a lot of time here,” Hawkheart said, glancing at Tigerleaf. She plopped down on a stone, and curled her tail around herself. “There are four clans. Shadow Clan, Thunder Clan, River Clan, and Wind Clan. Each clan has their own specialty. Except for those pesky River Clan cats. (Sorry Jenny, Hawkheart is supposed to be cocky, so..) I’m from Shadow Clan. Every full moon, all four clans meet at a an opening called Four-trees. The leader of each clan gives updates on events within their clans. There is a lot to tell you, but I think I should save it for later.”

    (Jenny, can you have Sootpaw say something?)

  62. (Sorry for the wait. I’m going to check the notify me box so this gets updated frequently…) (Moonpaw didn’t respond, I think.)

    Bramblenose closed her eyes to hide her resentment when Tigerleaf called her name. She walked over, her fur on end. “You’re lucky you’re injured and you’re definitely lucky that I owe you, otherwise I would have attacked you right now for calling me Bramble.” She begun treating to Tigerleaf’s wounds, trying not to look him in the eye. Bramblenose had been trying to avoid him…For various reasons. She placed the cobwebs on his wounds, letting the blood seep into the webs. “Chew and swallow these.” She nodded to the herbs, contemplating on whether he needed to rest a day or if they could continue their quest. “How are you feeling?” The she cat asked.

  63. (She didn’t? Oh well)

    Moonpaw glanced awkwardly at Sootpaw, and managed to stutter “So….how’s it going?” Ugh! How’s it going? He’s going to think that I’m a total idiot!

  64. (Oooh, new appearance. I like it!)
    Runningheart glared for a moment at Bramblenose. Couldn’t she just tolerate Tigerleaf a little?
    “Mph.” Tigerleaf mumbled in reply as he swallowed the herbs. Just because he was injured, that didn’t mean he couldn’t have his fun! In fact, he was set on taking advantage of it.

  65. “It’s going…Okay. I just hope all of us make it to and back safely.” Sootpaw said, referring to the quest in general. He definitely didn’t want any more deaths…
    “I’ll take that as a ‘yes, I can tolerate the pain’. I’ll tell everyone that we’re leaving as soon as possible.” Bramblenose said quietly, ignoring the fact that Runningheart was plaintively glaring at her. She stalked off, remembering that at one point, she actually liked Tigerleaf. Why would I even think that? She fumed, frustrated with everything.

    (I’ve been thinking about this for a while now: Bramblenose reminds me greatly of Reyna! Serious, leader-like, seemingly confident, yet alone.)

  66. (sorreee i had exams and stuff)
    Tigerleaf scoffed. Runningheart padded up to him and looked him up and down.
    “Do you think that she-cat is still around?”
    “The rogue? Nah. I probably scared her off.”
    Scareyes joined them. “Because you are so terrifying when you’re bleeding to death.”
    Tigerleaf glared. “It’s not like I was only on the recieving end of the attacks. I was pretty violent.”
    “More than usual?” Scareyes asked.
    “Shut up. If I wasn’t injured, I would be pouncing on you right now.” His face was straight, but there was a glimmer in his eyes. It seemed to Scareyes that he was going back to his normal self- the less irritating version, the one she had known before they left ThunderClan.

    • Oops, sorry guys. Hmm, I think we should end it since I think nobody’s really interested in this roleplay anymore, but what do you guys think? We have a few options, here.

      1. Start another roleplay.
      2. Continue this one.
      3. Just make posts and not roleplay.
      4. Leave this group blog if you want to, I know it’s sorta boring now. I can find a way to do something with this blog.
      5. Any other suggestions?

    • Okay! So I’ll basically just write a post in case other people besides us reads this blog…And to notify Lily/Amulya in case they don’t read this comment. (:

  67. All of the cats made it back to their own clans safely after the quest. Greypaw always watched from her place in Starclan, her heart aching a little when she watched Berrypaw, Sootpaw, and Moonpaw become warriors.

    As moons passed, she watched Runningheart tell Tigerleaf about her kits, and Whitetail being overjoyed when Silverpool told him about hers.

    Greypaw felt so proud of her sister Bramblenose when her wall of serious-ness fell away after she admitted her feelings to Branchpelt, and decided that she wasn’t going to give him up to be a medicine cat after all. She was so glad that her and Tigerleaf became friends in the end.

    The grey she-cat smiled, knowing that Starclan had intentionally brought Hawkheart and that rogue, Venomstrike together.

    And Scareyes became a great deputy of Thunderclan after Brambleclaw stepped down. She was kind and fair to everyone, and would be a great leader someday.

    The end.

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