Warriors Artwork

Here are some Warriors artwork made by us (if you want to send one in, see contact page):

Wordle: Warriors Quest Characters

Warriors Quest Characters Wordle by Amulya/Hawkheart [click picture to enlarge]



Manga version of Hawkheart, Amulya’s cat character. Made with Photoshop, and Dolldivine.com


A human Hawkheart. (That’s what she looks like in real life) Made with Action Heroin Maker at Dolldivine.com


Tigerleaf and Tangleclaw, Runningheart’s brother. (I (paperclip) drew them! :) but I think outlining Tigerleaf was a mistake… )


Rippleflower, killed by foxes. Drawn by Paperclip

P.S. This is a replacement of ‘Creative Pets.’ If you want them back, leave a comment saying so and I will bring them back if we all agree.


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